I love how this turned out: short and sweet. Enjoy!

Freelancers were notorious for being very vengeful creatures, and when something happened to one Freelancer by another Freelancer, you could count on a full-scale war to break out on board the Mother of Invention. It had happened numerous times before; for example, when the guy Freelancers had stolen the girls' armor while they were in the shower and replaced it with lingerie. Now, it was time for the girls to exact their revenge.

"Man, today was rough," Washington groaned as he collapsed against the beaten couch in the Rec room, tossing his helmet onto the floor and burying his head in the pillow. He didn't protest when Wyoming nearly collapsed on top of him, trying to reshape his moustache to its impeccable curl from the sweaty rat's nest it was currently in. Wash did complain, however, when Maine landed on top of Wyoming and nearly squashed the first man.

"Hey, what's that on the table?" York asked, and they all looked to investigate the large plate of food that had been left on the table: A freshly made chocolate sundae with strawberries, marshmallow drizzle, a mountain of whipped cream, and several cherries on the top, enough for all of them to eat. A note on the side read:

We know that you had a hard day, so we figured that we'd give you something to cheer you up! Lots of love, the Girls

Maine went to grab a spoon on the table when North grabbed his hand. "Wait, it could be a trap," he warned. "Remember that prank we played on them with the lingerie?"

"That was two months ago," York protested, grabbing a spoon and a large amount of white-covered ice cream. "What makes you think they'll get back at us NOW?" Triumphantly, York stuck the entire spoon into his mouth and dragged it out slowly and with decisiveness. "More for me, then," he shrugged, taking another spoonful.

Throwing caution to the wind, the other guys grabbed their spoons and begin tucking into the humongous pile of sundae in front of them. It was perhaps the most delicious thing, ever. Of all time. The rich, cool flavor of the ice cream and the toppings reduced their taste buds to quivering sugary orgasmic masses as they relished in the sweet treat that their female counterparts had left them.

They should have listened to North.

Director Church walked into the Rec Room shortly after the Freelancers had finished their training session, hoping to grab a beer and retreat into peace and solitude in his office (which had mysteriously been broken into in his absence). Instead, he found five Freelancers curled up on the floor, desperately trying to open their puckered mouths that were dripping with melted chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, and "marshmallow topping."

"So that's where all my extra-strength glue went," the Director wondered aloud as he watched Wash try to pry his mouth open with his fingers and only succeeding in gluing his hands to his face. The Director slowly, deliberately, grabbed a cold bottle from the refrigerator and walked out as the men on the floor gave muffled grunts and screams for help.

Director Church, who no one had even seen crack a smile since the start of the Project, softly joined in the laughter of all the Freelancer women hiding outside the door. They stopped as he exited.

"Carry on," he consented, and they burst into raucous laughter and started snapping pictures as the Candy men continued to writhe around on the floor like grotesque, armored worms, paste still leaking from their mouths.

Ha, ha, ha!

Maybe terrible to you, but I like it. Don't you remember, when you were a kid, when you would eat art paste? It tasted so good...

Well, if you have any more ideas for me to do one-shots, give me a heads up.