It was opening day for Make Er' Spin game. On the inside, the characters could feel life flooding into them, and for the first time feel the world. Their programing initialized, their memory synced into the console, and their system lighting up.

The casino girls opened their eyes, and let the flowing boas around their necks flow over their body. Some had begun to serve drinks, others were dancing for the virtual men, and still others were asking men to place their bets.

Finally the last girl animated. Her blue eyes fluttering open and immediately she flung her yellow hair over her shoulder and looked at the screen, knowing nothing more than her programing. She watched as the man whom owned the shop placed a quarter into the slot and grabbed the handle of the game giving it a downward thrust.

The reels spun, and the bottom lights lit up.

She smiled, "Hey there player! My names Lady Luck! And speaking of luckā€¦. Are you ready to test yours?" she pointed to the screen, and the day had officially begun.