A/N: An angsty drabble following Yashiro Isana... [Character Death][Angst][hints of BoyxBoy]

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Isana Yashiro stared at the clouded sunset. Why did he get that familiar feeling that everything had happened before? The blinding white of the sun seemed to hold its arms out to Shiro. And the colourless flashes of his memory hurt his head. He knew that everything had happened before. So why couldn't he remember? He couldn't recall who he was before. All he could think when he tried to remember was a name- and nothing else. Kuroh Yatogami.

Why was it that when he stared into that familiar sunset, he could not remember a thing but the name, Kuroh Yatogami?
His eyes fought to stay open and tears threatened to slip down his cheeks. That name flashed with a whole new brightness in his mind, yet he couldn't remember who this person was, just that he owed something to that person.

"Kuroh Yatogami, where are you?" His broken screams scared away the crows residing in the nearby trees, they scared away the foxes and the rabbits dwelling in the bushes close by.

Choked sobs escaped through his lips, and his breathing was labored. He clutched at his hair, falling to the ground in despair. Flames of desperation engulfed his mind, burned away all his rational thoughts. The dark stains of his tears creating a beautiful composition.

"Kuroh Yatogami, wait for me." He whispered, curling into a ball.

As a few final tears collect at his chin, his eyes close. And in the yellow hued sunset, he fell asleep.

As a year passes, Yashiro remained sullen. It hadn't changed that he was drowning in a pool of desperation. He had considered ending it all, but he stayed for the person named Kuroh Yatogami.

"Kuroh Yatogami will come back for me," He told himself, even when he tried to move on.

And those times when he stared into the pinkish hues of the sunset, that name flashed madly in his mind. He had learnt to bear all that. And all that effort was for Kuroh Yatogami.

"Kuroh Yatogami, I've waited a whole year. But for you, I'll wait some more." He promised as he stared at that same blinding sunlight.

As the trees shed their leaves that Fall, Yashiro merely stares. He knows he can't afford to do something that he would regret. Yet he couldn't help but to chase after that person.

"Kuroh Yatogami, it's fall now... Tell me, how have you been?"

His own words echoed in his mind, it felt as if he was asking himself rather than Kuroh Yatogami. He smiled nevertheless, hoping that he'd sound at least normal for a bit. He laughs to himself, perking up. After all, if felt strange for him to be depressed. And as the bittersweet breeze sweeps through his hair, he feels normal for once, staring forward, he whispers the name.

"Kuroh Yatogami, let me thank you once."

Years go by before Yashiro remembers, and as the flashes of colour return to his mind, as the darkness of the night is replaced by that same white of the sun, an innocent smirk makes its way to Shiro's lips. He remembers Kuroh Yatogami flawlessly. His lips part to utter sickly sweet words, whispering them into the same forest path that he had first found himself.

"Kuroh Yatogami, I remember it now." He giggles to the wind as he speaks those syllables.

"Because..." With a gun to his head, he takes one last labored breath, and with the press of a trigger, he whispers, "...Kuroh Yatogami, I killed you."