Hey guys, I'm back from my break from writing. I finally got a new laptop for my birthday on Sunday and I'm itching to write! I not sure how long ago but I once read a fan fiction in which Cause of Death was set as a TV show which I thought was really clever so I thought I would do a one shot of CoD Bloopers. All the characters names are the same as their real names in the 'Show' so I hope you like it! :D

Kai:" Hello! Kai Kalaba here and welcome to the set of Cause of Death, I know you guys are really excited for the season finale of Volume 11 but for now; to satisfy your CoD needs, I present to you…..Bloopers from Volume 9 and 10. Miss Chen please roll the clips!"

Amy rolls the tape to show a scene from Volume 9.

Stage manager: "Okay quiet please, Volume 9 Chapter 1 Scene 3 Take 4 and ACTION!"

Lt. Charles Anders:" Now I may not have your cooperation but rest assured that I don't need it. I've got a list as long as my arm filled with allegations of your questionable conduct."

Mal:" Guess you have some pretty short arms, then. Kind of like a T-Rex I'm thinking?"

Anders tries to keep a straight face then bursts into laughter with Mal.

Lt. Charles Anders:" I'm sorry I really tired that time, I just can't I'm sorry."

Mal leans back in his chair laughing.

Mal:" I was doing okay until I looked at Charlie's face!"

Director: "Okay Charlie try to keep it together….ready for another take?"

Lt. Charles Anders:"Okay then let me see the script because I don't even know my next line is after Mal's."

Kai:" Hello again CoD lovers! Want more? No problem! Believe me we have plenty more clips for you, the cast are always forgetting their lines!"

Director: "ACTION!"

Natara: "Okay… now what is my first line?"

Mal:"Well we want to find the guy and catch him and….errrm I have no idea what I'm saying! I really don't!"

Director: "And Action!"

Blaise:"Not a clue! Mind's gone blank, sorry!"

Amy:"Ugh No! Can I see the script please!"


Amy:"Oh like you didn't mess up a hundred times before!"

Mal:"Yeah Kai!"

Kai fakes a shocked gasp and every one smirks at him.

Mal:"What do you mean a 'Dead End'?!"

Kai:"I don't know, I forgot my line!"

Kai:"Yes even me, as awesome as I may be; I also mess up my lines sometimes! But hey sometimes it's hard to stay in character!"

Oscar:"Natara Williams, Will you marry me?"

Natara looks down at Oscar and instantly bursts out laughing.

Natara:"Sorry guys sorry!"

Oscar laughs to as he stand up and looks to the crew then back to Natara.

Oscar:" I'll take that as a no then!"

Take 2

Oscar:"Natara Williams, Will you marry me?"

Natara looks off set and laughs; Oscar turns to follow Natara's gaze and laughs.

Oscar:" What are you looking at?"

Mal suddenly walks on set and playfully puts his arm around Natara's shoulder.

Natara:"Sorry I was looking at Mal!"

Mal:"Good call!"

They all burst out laughing then the crew reset.

Take 3

Oscar:"Natara Williams, Will you marry me?"

Natara breaks character again by laughing.

Oscar:"Oh come on! "

Oscar shakes his head and laughs.

Natara:"I'm sorry…okay breath okay I'm good!"

Oscar:" Okay? Ready?"

Natara bursts out laughing again causing Oscar to laugh too.

Natara:"Mal…I've been meaning to tell you. …Oscar and I are engaged."

Suddenly Kai runs across the set shouting at the top of his lungs.


Mal, Natara and whole crew all explode in fits of laughter as Kai walks back off the set, smiling.

Mal:"Natara, hi! I…I meant to return your call. I've just been busy…you know, getting my job back."

Natara:"Of course! Congratulations by the way!"

Mal:"Yeah… you too."

Natara:"Right…I know, it's sudden, and you must think I'm crazy, but I just…"

Mal:"I'm happy for you."

Natara:"Do you really mean that?"

Mal:"No screw Oscar marry me!"

Mal picks up Natara making her laugh and runs off set with her.

Natara:"Mal put me down!"

Mal laughs and puts Natara down.

Director:" Okay Mal, enough joking around! RESET!"

Kai stands dancing to the theme song of Lovely Kitty Paradise anime. While Jeremy and Blaise giggle, trying to hold in their laughs.




Natara:"Neha, we're in public. You can't scream like that every time you sample wedding cakes. People will think you're being attacked…"

Neha:"Attacked by chocolate-y goodness! This cake is so good Natara!"

Neha takes another bit and starts talk with her mouth full.

Neha:"If I knew you could get desert like this—*cough cough*"

Neha spits out the cake while laughing causing Natara to laugh too.

Neha:"That is too much! Can we try it again please?"

Director:" CUT!"

Mal hops out of a sleek black, late-60's roadster , walks towards Natara and smiles.

Mal:" So what do you think?"

Natara:" I'll give you my personal opinion. That is an absolutely beautiful car Mal. V8 engine. Cast-iron tailshaft. Staggered rrear blah blah blah ugh crap!"

Mal laughs as Natara becomes tongue-tied. Natara laughs too.

Mal:" Damn so close…."

Natara:" I know first mistake of the day and it's me!"

Mal:" So, whaddya say? Can we just pretend that all of this craziness never happened? GGoo Dammit! My first mistake!"

Natara laughs and Mal smirk at her.

Take 2

Natara: "That's just it Mal. I'm tired of pretending."

Mal and Natara look deep into each other's eyes and crack up as both start laughing.

Take 3

Natara: "That's just it Mal…*Bursts out laughing* that was Mal's fault! Stop smiling!"

Mal smirks and puts his hands up in defence.

Mal:" I wasn't!"

Take 4

Natara: "That's just it Mal. I'm tired of pretending."

Natara steps forward and pulls Mal into a kiss as the two hold each other close.

Director:" And CUT!"

Mal and Natara both pull away smiling and high five.

Mal:" Nailed it! No mistakes!"

Natara: "Ha-ha!"

Kai:" Well guys I hoped you enjoyed the Bloopers you beautiful CoD lovers you! Okay I gotta go; I'm gotta go shoot a scene for the Volume finale! Catch you guys later!"

Well I hoped you liked this one shot (but if you want another chapter let me know) also I hoped it made sense please review and tell me what you guys think! Jade xx