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Kai:" Amy have you got it?"

Amy:" Yes I- Kai! Let go!"

Kai: "I'm just checking that it's on."

Amy: "Kai, I know how to use a camera!"

Kai:" Okay okay!"

There's a muffling noise as Amy moves the camera, and then it finally falls on Kai.

Kai:" Ahem….Hello CoD Fans! Kai Kalaba here! And if you thought I was spoiling you with the Bloopers, boy are you gonna love me now! Because the lovely Miss Amy Chen and I are taking you lucky people on a tour around the CoD set! Let's go!"

Amy follows Kai through the studio building to the Bullpen set.

Kai:" The first stop on our tour is the Precinct Bullpen, we film most of our scenes here, you know working cases and- oh my god, look who it is!"

Kai jogs over the set to the desks, where Blaise and Jeremy sit reading through their scripts.

Kai:" It's Blaise and Jeremy, hey guys how's it going?"

Blaise:" Kai what are you doing?"

Jeremy:" Yeah what's with the camera?"

Kai:" Well, Amy and I are making a behind the scenes video for the fans. Say Hi!"

Blaise and Jeremy both wave at the camera.

Kai:" So your characters are romantically involved with each-other, is it the same in real life?"

Blaise and Jeremy laugh.

Jeremy:" No Kai, Blaise and I are just friends."

Kai:" That dear Jeremy I will take as a yes!"

Kai smirks whilst wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

Blaise:" Kalaba we have lines to learn, please go back to whatever the hell it was you were doing and leave us alone!"

Kai:" Right moving on!"

Kai walks through the set into the Crime Lab. Then turns to the camera and smiles.

Kai:" This is the Crime Lab, where the most talented, handsome and awesome actor does most of his scenes."

Amy:" I don't know Kai, Mal doesn't come in here that often."

Kai stops and glares at the camera.

Kai:" Oh that hilarious Amy!"

Amy giggles from behind the camera.

Amy:" Oh come on, you totally set me up for that one!"

Kai clears his throat and walks behind the counter.

Kai:" Anyway."

Kai walks through a doorway that leads outside to the San Francisco Street set.

Kai:" This is our street set which we use for, well everything! Whenever you see a scene in the street, chances are it's been filmed here. Sometimes we even use the rain machine for affect; like the magic Maltara kiss you kids have been waiting too long for!"

Kai flashes the camera a huge smile, causing Amy to giggle.

Kai:" Speaking of which, Amy follow me!"

Kai runs back inside the studio with Amy not far behind, when Kai finally stops and turns to the camera.

Kai:" I give you Maltara fans; the Fisherman's wharf set! Where our star-cross lovers met for the first time! But as we all know; they finally got their happy ending!"

Kai walks towards another set but stops in his tracks and points to his left with a smile.

Kai:" Amy look! It's Oscar! "

Kai quickly walks over to Oscar, who's sat texting on his smartphone.

Kai:" S'up Oscarito!"

Oscar looks up from his phone and smiles slightly.

Oscar:" Oh hey Kai, what's up?"

Kai:" Amy and I are making a behind the scenes video for the fans, mind if I ask you a few Q's and you can throw me some A's?"

Oscar:" Errrm okay sure I guess."

Kai clears his throat and takes a seat opposite Oscar.

Kai:" So, now that Osctara is over will we be seeing more of you in future episodes?"

Oscar:" Well, now Oscar and Natara are no longer together, obviously he won't be seen as much. But he doesn't yet know that Mal and Natara are together, so he may come back to deal with that and maybe stir up a little drama. Who knows?"

Kai:" Ahhh keeping the fans guessing and wanting more! I like it!"

Kai stands and pats Oscar on the shoulder.

Kai:" Well Amy and I must be on our travels, catch you later."

Oscar:" Okay bye."

Kai walks through the studio and passed some cameras, then stops pulling a man with grey hair and glasses into a hug.

Kai:" Ladies and Gentlemen, this is our awesome director, John Geller!"

John:" Hey guys, Kai's not bothering you too much is he?"

Kai:" Hey! I thought you loved me Johnny?!"

John:" When you remember your lines yeah; or remember your cues or came in on time or…"

Kai:" Okay! We should get moving Amy, lots of ground to cover…."

Kai walks away back through the Bullpen set. And goes quiet while Amy follows him.

Amy:" Err Kai you know, John had a point you're always late for rehearsals!"

Kai stops in his tracks and turns to look to Amy.

Kai:" Once, I was late once and now it's seems to be all anyone can remember!"

Amy:" Yes but Kai, you were two hours late and when you did finally turn up; you walked in right in the middle of a scene being filmed and knocked over half the set in the process."

Kai clears his throat awkwardly and quickly glances in the other direction.

Kai:" Hey, it's Mal and Natara!"

Kai walks over to the lounging area where Mal and Natara are sat talking.

Natara:" Hey, Kai what you up to?"

Kai:" Amy and I are making a behind the scenes video for the fans, care to answer a few questions?"

Natara:" Okay, shoot."

Kai:" Alrighty, three words, The Kissing scene."

Mal and Natara both laugh and smirk at each-other.

Natara:" Oh the kissing scene, that was a very interesting scene to shoot, it took Mal and me endless takes to get through it with a straight face."

Mal:" And the rain was terrible too, can you remember by the end of the day,we were soaking wet and freezing and we both caught the flu! But I suppose it was worth it in the end to get the perfect take the director wanted and we're happy with how it turned out!"

Natara and Amy both giggle.

Kai:" A lot of the fans might not know that the two of you are actually married in real life aren't you?"

Mal smiles and takes Natara's hand.

Mal:" Yes we are."

Natara:" We got married around the time we were filming Volume 8."

Amy pops her head from behind the camera and looks at Natara.

Amy:" How do the two of you do it? You're married but how do you handle kissing other people in the show?"

Mal:" I admit, I was jealous at first, you know because some other guy was kissing my wife. But at the end of the day it's just a job so you do it because you have too."

Natara:" It's a lot easier now our characters are together in the show, because when we have to be romantic or have any kissing scene they come as naturally as breathing."

Mal:" Plus it gives me an excuse to kiss her when I'm working."

Natara giggles and playfully slaps Mal on the arm.

Kai:" Oh gosh you're so cute, I'm going to explode!"

Mal:" Kai!"

Mal glares at Kai and he stands to leave.

Kai:" I know, I'm going."

Kai walks away and through another door leading to the Drunk Tank set.

Kai:" Well I don't really know what else to show you guys, maybe if we-"

Suddenly Kai's cut off by Amy's squeals, she quickly hands Kai the camera and runs to the other end of the room, where she spots Ken visiting the cast and crew.

Amy:" Oh my god! I didn't know you were coming today!"

Ken:" Well I caught an earlier flight, I was going call but I wanted to surprise you!"

Amy tackles Ken in a huge hug and holds him tight, then pulls him into a passionate kiss. Kai turns the camera on himself and sighs.

Kai:" And that would be Amy's boyfriend Ken Greene, even though he left the show he stills visits all the time to catch up with the cast and crew and of course to see Amy, he's currently working on a project in New York and flies back and forth to see Amy. Well I suppose this concludes our tour of the CoD set, I hope you enjoyed yourselves and thank you for your support! We love you guys, seriously you're awesome! I gotta go; we're starting to shoot Volume 12 soon. Don't tell anyone but I kinda took a sneak peak of the script and guys I'm telling you this next Volume is mind-blowing so don't miss it! See you soon CoD lovers!"

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