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Chapter 9-Percy

I was extremely relieved. As we all headed back in, I pondered over the extensions of my luck. Most of the time, the odds were never in my favor, but right then my luck just soared through the roof.

Annabeth was by far the best person I could ever think to help solve the conundrum we were in. Now, her presence wasn't helping me at all; I was too busy ogling her to be of much help. But man had she sure gotten prettier from the last time I saw her which is saying a lot because she had always looked pretty.

I was practically invisible to her though. When you get Annabeth around "amazing architecture" though, it's hard to get her to focus on anything but that. Plus Tony Stark was in the room. Most of the architects Annabeth liked were dead.

"Sir," JARVIS started, "there's someone at the door."

Annabeth's smile widened as much as her eyes did. "Wow! You must have that wired throughout the infrastructure—"

Tony put a hand up, cutting Annabeth off. He sure wasn't the nicest of gentlemen I've ever met.

"Who is it?" He asked the air.

"It appears to be Amy Walker," JARVIS replied.

"Who the hell is that?"

"She's works as a—"

"Yeah, yeah, never mind. I'll go down and check her out—I mean, check out what she wants."

Pretty much half of the other Avengers rolled their eyes at Tony's antics.

"I'll go with!" Annabeth piped up, a little too enthusiastically. "I mean, just in case, ya know, something happens."

I rolled my eyes at that.

"And everyone else wait in the back, just in case."

Tony and Annabeth went ahead to the front elevator, while I scowled at their backs.

"She hasn't seen me in months and treats me like I'm nothing." I say, turning to the rear elevators.

"Could be worse," Steve says with a frown.

I do not doubt that.

We got down to the first floor and waited patiently for a few minutes when we heard a commotion up front. Things clattering on the floor followed a startled yelp. Inhuman shrieking rose up from the raucous noise.

"Percy!" Annabeth yelled, but I was up and running long before that.

The scene that unfolded before me was a shocker, to say the least. Papers were strewn all over the floor mixed with the remains of potted plants and various office supplies.

Annabeth and Tony bolted around the reception area, trying to dodge the flying nails of who I presume to be Amy Walker. Though her last name wasn't fitting—she was a runner.

She donned the shoulder-length brown hair of a secretary, a professional-looking black pantsuit, and short heels that looked good on practically no one. She looked about forty or so.

And she was going absolutely berserk. She ran blindly around the room, swatting anything she came in contact with. Annabeth tried to come up behind her and hold her arms down, but Amy threw her hand over her shoulder and swiped her nails across Annabeth's face.

I brought out my pen as Amy changed direction and sprinted straight toward me, her arms flailing wildly. Just as I was about to uncap it, Amy knocked my arm, sending Riptide into… oh great—a pile of similar-looking pens.

Amy shrieked and jumped me, taking us both down on the floor. She raked her nails across my neck, which would've left me to bleed out if not for my invincibility.

I pushed her up and off of me. Then, she barreled straight into Tony, who mumbled something about wanting a suit, though I had to wonder why he'd want one of those hideous monkey suits.

My pocket suddenly got a bit heavier and I realized that Riptide had returned. I uncap it and my sword springs to life.

I raced over to Annabeth and Tony, who seemed to be having Amy more under control. Annabeth turned her head to me just as I was about to put my sword to Amy's neck.

"Percy, no!" Annabeth protested over the angry snarling from Amy.

I immediately stopped, never questioning Annabeth's logic. I helped Tony and Annabeth get Amy onto the floor and hold her down, though her head was still thrashing wildly.

I took Tony's place in holding down Amy's legs as he ran to get the others.

After the lengthy process of getting Amy to a more private area and into a chair with her still going insane, we all stood around her, just staring.

She was still lashing violently, but with the zip-ties around her ankles and wrists, she couldn't move.

"Alright, what the hell is going on?" Tony finally asked, voicing my thoughts as well.

For once, Annabeth looked miffed. "I… I think there was this one myth… but I can't really put my finger on it."

"It was Eris, wasn't it?"

Annabeth's head swiveled to face me. Her mouth was ajar. "How on Earth did you know that, Seaweed Brain?"

"Well we figured out a lot before you got here." I filled her in on all the things that were happening, the Avengers filling in things that I left out.

"That's… that's—" Annabeth started.

"Crazy, I know. But what happened with you and Amy? Did she not like your boring architecture talk?" I asked.

"No, she was like a normal human being at first," Annabeth explained, glazing right over my insult. "She walked in and introduced herself, then out of nowhere, she just went nuts an started terrorizing the place."

"Do you think—?" I started.

"Is she dead?" Clint asked, snapping all of our attention to the tied-down brunette.

She did actually look dead. Her whole body sagged in the chair, her eyes were closed, and her mouth hung open.

Bruce moved forward, to check her pulse, probably. Right when his fingers touched her wrist, her eyes snapped open and her body straightened. Bruce jumped away, but Amy didn't look crazed.

Confusion settled over her face when she tried to get up but couldn't.

"What? The Avengers? Why am tied down? How did I get up here?" Amy shot out questions faster than we could answer them.

"Miss, do you remember anything?"

Amy's eyes moved over to Annabeth, taking in her messy hair and the scratch now oozing blood on her cheek. "No," she said weakly, pleading. "What did I do? Just let me go."

We all exchanged looks. Should we just let her go? Could this happen again?

"Please," Amy pleaded. "I need to get back to my children."

Natasha sighed and walked over to Amy, pulling out a knife. Fear crossed Amy's face, but Natasha only cut the zip-ties off.

"Oh, thank you!" She stood shakily from the chair and wobbled down the hall.

"JARVIS, show Mrs. Walker out." Tony called.

When I heard the front doors shut I let out a breath and ran a hand through my hair. "This is going to be a whole lot harder than we thought."

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