Korra dipped her head down low, crouching as she crawled along, snuffling at the salty air that surrounded her. The icy field seemed to go on for miles behind her. Pine trees littered the completely white terrain, seemingly at random. To most, this would seem like an endless snow covered field. In actuality, it went on for many miles ahead, dipping upward to create small hills, that dipped down flat again, and after much travelling, the field ended in a wildlife, forest-covered expanse of mountains. It was here that Korra and her pack ran free. Many times, an animal would pass out of the trees, and try to make the journey across the icy sea. Yes, this icy wildland seemed like a field, but truly, it was a frozen sea that had been frozen for so long, that plant life had begun to take root in it.

Korra shook her chestnut fur, shaking frost from the recent storm off her dark pelt. Her pelt was what was considered valuable. It was a gorgeous umber color, streaked with shocks of a darker brown. She shook her mighty head, ears flicking for any source of noise from the particular thing she was hunting. Her older sister Katara had gone missing only hours before, she and her pack had been hunting in the mountains but it was as if she had disappeared entirely. She shared blood with Korra, she was kin and there was nothing a wolf, especially Korra, valued more.

The only thing that hinted at where she could be were the marks on the icy grass, the smell of burning fur and strangers. Humans from a distant land or an enemy pack? She wondered. Her Alpha Tarrlok had insisted that they move on and that they would stumble upon her anyways. She was disgusted by this…that he cared so little about his own niece. However, she kept silent and didn't directly confront the powerful shifter. When the attention had fully fallen from Korra and Katara, she took off to search for her sibling, but she had found nothing yet. There was a trail though, of smoke smeared ice and burning fur that left off on the edge of the ocean. It meant one thing; Katara had been taken away by a human.

She curled her lips with fury; Wolven kind like her had begun disappearing off the Icy Edge just like this. Tarrlok claimed it to be nothing, a myth told by mothers to keep their pups in the den but she was beginning to doubt his knowledge. She had no respect for him in the first place since it was he who attacked and killed her and Katara's parents for rights as Alpha. She grit her teeth, ears twitching. She refused to believe, didn't want to believe her sibling had been lost like this! She glared at the ice-cold ocean, what had once seemed like a sanctuary and a sight to gaze upon when the moon began to wake up, was now something accursed and evil. After all, how could she cross it to get her sister from human lands? Human lands she wasn't even sure existed…was she expected to seek out tales and myths for her entire life?

She dropped her head, this time not to scent, but in anguish for her lost kin. She would have to find a way. She trotted from the icy field, her fur blowing in the cold breeze. Her pads were cold upon the ice, and even colder as she accelerated, running as fast as she possibly could. She wished this was all a nightmare; she'd wake up curled against the warm comforting body of her elder sister, and be at peace once again. It was not to be so though, she couldn't deny the reality of the situation. One way or another she would have to get Katara back. As she leapt into the icy forest, her eyes burning from the blow of the cold wind, she cocked her head, darting into the shadows as she heard something strange and unfamiliar.

It was loud, extremely loud, and it hurt her sensitive ears. She burrowed a hole to hide in with her paws quickly, but the sound was increasing by the second. She lifted her head, eyes wide with fear at the sight that lay before her…something and unheard of, alien and strange…a legend. It was technology. It was a big silver thing, on a thin sheet of something beneath that skimmed the ice. There was what resembled Korra when she was in her human form on the top of it. Yes, she was part human, they all were, but people who were completely human…they were unheard of. She bared her fangs, and when the thing didn't turn, and the thing on the vehicle didn't turn away she hightailed it out of there.

She panted hard, dashing across the ice, the thing roared mightily, and then it was beside her. She growled, snapping at its heels, but unlike what a fellow wolf would do, it didn't slow. Instead it went even faster, roaring louder, screaming in her ears. The silver reflected on the ice as it turned, fast, Korra turned away as well and ran as fast as she could. Her ears rang. There was so much screaming from the silver beasts, it made her head swim. The thing was coming at her again…but wasn't it behind her a second ago? But there was still the roaring coming from behind. She snarled and snapped at it as it ceased to live in front of her. The sound died away ever so slightly. Her head rang still. The human stepped off of it, Korra howled her rage. These were the beings that took Katara away!

The figure was quiet as it clasped something around her neck. She didn't even have time to struggle, but when she did something harsh and painful shot through her body. Was it the mythical electricity that human's bended to their will? She didn't know, but it hurt. The figure called out something, it sounded like "Stop!" But in her confused and pained state of mind she couldn't clearly register anything. When the pain did die out, a person covered with extremely heavy fur, and a shiny thing that covered its head lifted her into its arms. She barely noticed how she had shifted forms in her agony. Her fur was gone…she was cold. The shiny thing was pulled off the human's head, and long ebony locks flowed out, bordering a perfect face. She had pretty eyes, Korra thought to herself. Like a forest when there's no snow. She imagined it to be the face of one of the Goddess' Tarrlok spoke of.

"Are you alright, I told him not to hurt you too bad," Fingers gently stroked her cheek. She growled deeply, baring her sharp white teeth that clashed with her now deeply tanned skin. She writhed and tried to push away. The girl grabbed her by the strip of blue and black around her neck, it gave a strange tinkling whisper, a strange gold device was on it that emitted the sound. "Just relax, I'm not going to hurt you," She reached into the fur that covered her and handed Korra a strip of meat. "Here, I bet you're hungry. Eat this and relax, you'll be able to rest soon. You're sleepy, aren't you?." Despite being mistrustful, her aching stomach became her will and she literally wolfed it down. She fell asleep to the pretty human gently whispering in her ear.


With a yelp, Korra slammed herself into the side of the room she was in. Pain filled her side but she roared and slammed into the side again. She felt hot all over with rage, strangely betrayed. The pretty human had promised her sleep and food but now she was hungry and her atmosphere was hardly one that welcomed sleep. Where was she anyways?! It was dark all around her, so dark she couldn't make out a thing, and she didn't like that. She was a being that lived under the sun, and ran in the darkness. But there was nowhere to run and there was no sun anymore. Not here. Not wherever she was. She was trapped in this tiny place, where she could barely breathe, where her body hit something when she moved but an inch. She screamed her rage, her body was weak in this state. A humans, the only thing she had now that she had previously was a pair of ears and a tail. Her hands slammed into the walls, tears bit at her eyes. It was all so frustrating!

She slumped, gripping the smooth ice-like floor, she sighed when she realized you couldn't grip it…she whimpered, pressing her face to the entrance of the tiny place. There was but a hole on it. She sniffed at it. She smelled humans and smoke and nothing at all wild. Korra trembled. She had failed. Failed to protect the only thing that mattered. Her sister. One of her last family members...She didn't quite remember what had happened. She had eaten the human meat. She had woken up in this dark place. She could hear the crashing of the waves outside against the side of the silver thing, and she could hear the loud barks and snarls of the beast. She howled her rage, and screamed in human tongue as well. But the human on the other side of her little cavern was completely silent, or maybe they didn't hear her. Regardless, she was being ignored and she was about to give up. She panted hard, before settling down and curling up in a ball.

She whimpered softly, she heard the person on the other side give a sigh. She whimpered again, long and drawn out, almost a howl, lasting until she ran out of breath which wasn't for many drawn out seconds. Once that died away, she called it up again, and spent another four or five minutes doing just that. Over and over she cried out for the loss of everything she's known and loved. The way the air tasted in the morning, the beautiful songs that the wind made when it played within the wings, the glory of the hunt. It was all gone. She slammed herself against the wall again, her energy depleted, and she once again saw darkness.


Asami sighed as they reached the shore. Ten days of traveling across the sea to the Wildlands had been exhausting and the journey back had completely drained her. They could rest along the way, but when she tried to sleep her little prisoner would act up and cry out for hours, before passing out. By the time it ended, it would be time to travel again. She pitied it, she really did. It seemed so sad, even so, the Wolfborn would come to enjoy life when it…she, was tamed and relaxed. It would live a glorious pampered life. Luxurious food, grooming, the right to share her bed. It would all be that strange woman's right. In return, she would only owe Asami loyalty. She smiled, she had finally gained a Wolfborn pet, and it was an eccentric one at that. One with both genders, the body of a woman, and the reproductive organ of a male. None could say they had one like her. A sense of pride tingled through her.

She turned off the engine on her Seagraze, a strange automobile about the size of a truck. The doors rose upward. It was completely made of metal. Two machines were attached to the sides, a type of snowmobile that was very easy to function upon the ice. She opened the doors, stretching as she got out. Her entire body was sore, and her head ached from both lack of sleep and from the sound of that beast barking. She glanced at her father as he got out from his own Seagraze, he gave her a big smile. Hiroshi was a proud and very wealthy man, and his fortune was to be passed onto her when he died. She didn't really like to think about it.

"Can I go get her, she hasn't eaten a thing," Asami asked quietly, her emerald eyes were full of worry. She had tried to give the shapeshifter food but he insisted that the best way to tame an animal was to manipulate their hunger. He nodded with a smile; she hurried to open the back doors of the Seagraze, the girl inside was whimpering softly. She smiled, "Hey there, I'm going to let you out, but you have to be good alright?" She stared into the darkness. Silence greeted her; she licked her lips, swallowing. She undid the locks on the side of the cage, and opened it. There was a growl as the girl inside leapt out. Her back hit the cement floor of the Sato House's garage hard, her head knocked off the floor, not hard enough to bleed but enough to make her see stars for a moment. She gasped, the feral girl gave a snarl, her eyes were bloodshot, raging, she glared with complete and utter hatred at Asami, staring down at her. She was panting; Asami stared into her eyes, before raising her hand and resting it on the girl's cheek; she flinched. She wondered why the girl hadn't torn her to pieces yet.

"Are you alright," She murmured, the shapeshifter swallowed hard, bearing her sharp teeth. They glinted dangerously. They could rip her throat out...yet the wolf didn't. Instead she stared down into the human's forest green eyes with her own shockingly blue gaze. She blushed when a tongue snaked across the Wolfborn's lips, and her fingers curled around Asami's shoulders. A growl rumbled in the tan creatures throat, whose face was now close to Asami's. The pale, slender girl felt her cheeks burn and she hesitated.

"A...are you hungry?" She smiled weakly. "You didn't eat anything along the way."

"I'm not hungry enough to eat the human food that makes me pass out" She said slowly, her eyes burned into Asami's who giggled despite herself. The creature's face was simply too cute when it was annoyed. She cocked her head. "What's funny?"

"You're cute," The human whispered, "Not all human food does that. We just needed you to relax is all," She traced her fingers through the girls long and wild chestnut hair, "My name is Asami Sato." She ran her hands down the beast's bare shoulders. The wolf panted slightly, suddenly, her shoulders pressed eagerly into the human's who rubbed some more, encouraged.

"Korra," The wolf girl said simply. Her eyes squeezed shut. Her hips shifted. She nuzzled into Asami. Asami was uncomfortably aware of something hard pressing into her lower abdomen. She figured she knew what that was, an erection if she had to guess. She blushed. Korra licked her wrist casually, "Did you take me away to mate with you," She asked cautiously, "and then when you're finished…and I give you pups, will you take me back home and give me my sister?"

Asami flushed bright red. Korra was rather...large, down below. She had to be at least six inches by the feel of her. "I took you here to keep you of course," She mumbled in embarrassment, "I took you here to be my pet." She bit into her plump bottom lip, troubled. Korra gazed at her with annoyance and her blue eyes narrowed.

"Pet? What is that?" Korra asked seriously.

"A… companion," She tried.

"Then you bring me back, after you no longer want me?" Korra tried again, not seeming to understand the situation she was in.

"No…not quite. You'll stay here with me," She said softly, she ran her fingers along the collar she placed around the girls neck when she captured her. Dark, thick brows furrowed and a rumble began in the wolf's throat. "Good, it seems you understand now. You be a good girl and you'll come to like it," She whispered softly, Korra bristled, baring her teeth.

"You can't just take me from my home! From my family! I...I have everything there, females I want to mate with a pack to hunt with!" She shook with rage.

"This is your home now," Asami said shortly, eyes flashing dangerously. Korra glared daggers into her eyes. They stared for a very long time; her dad told her this was one of the most important moments in taming an animal. Making them submit. She didn't shift her gaze even for a moment. And eventually the rebellion in Korra's eyes died down. Then her ears flicked, her growl trailed off, becoming slightly like a whimper. Her ears turned flat, her tail flicked between her thighs. Then she pulled away, avoiding Asami's eyes. Asami wiped herself off as she stood, glancing at her father who had busied himself with unpacking their supplies from their Seagrazes. "Father, I'm taking Korra into the city," She said calmly, grabbing the Wolfborn by the arm and dragging her.