Korra yawned, pulling the woman next to her close, nuzzling her. Asami was silent. "Is what I did so wrong," the tan werewolf asked sleepily, eyelids heavy with weariness. The black-haired girl shrugged, she was a terrible human being…she had been taken by an animal…Korra ran her fingers through the girls hair, smiling lazily, cutely, Asami noticed. "Why are you so upset? It's not much different then what you did to me the night before. I know you've wanted it. I can smell it Asami."

"You're an animal..." Asami whispered.

"I'm part human too, you know, and you can tell just by looking at Azula that she does it with Yue," Korra mumbled. she wrapped her firm, muscled arms around the human woman, and pushed their bodies together. She loved the feel of the girls soft, round breasts against her chest. She brought her hand up to squeeze through the cloth, Asami arched into her. She said it was wrong but her body reacted so pleasantly, curved into her so easily. She was incredibly weak to Korra's touches...

"Korra," She whispered. The wolf slid her tan hands up Asami's chest to lightly grip Asami's face. She cupped her slender, pale face in her hands and smiled slightly. She didn't understand why the girl was so afraid, why she was trembling. She straddled the girl's hips, and grazed her mouth against her lover's. "Korra, I want you to stop this before it gets out of hand," Korra stopped for only a moment, a smile twisted her mouth upward. She chuckled.

"Why does this bother you so much," She asked softly, nuzzling into her neck.

"I don't want to become addicted to you," She brought her hands up, to pull Korra down to her mouth. She willingly accepted the woman's kiss, their warm, wet tongues slid together gently, playing lightly. "This is wrong, this is so wrong, this is wrong, Korra!" She insisted. The wolf shushed her with a kiss. Her tongue slid between plump lips. They kissed hard, roughly before the tan half-wolf retreated.

"I love you," Korra mumbled, "I...don't know why. Since I met you, all I've wanted was to be your mate. I even abandoned my sister, my search for her...it may be wrong, but it doesn't feel that way, and Asami," she cupped the girl's cheek, "I want to find her; will you please let me do that?"

"Why are you so insistent about this if you have me now, you won't find her!"

"I'll try anyways. It's worth it. I told you. I want to be your mate. And then I want to find her. Haven't you ever lost someone important!?"

"Of course I have," Asami said quietly, her brows threaded together.

"Then you should understand! Please, come with me, search with me! Just me and you and my nose," Korra ran her fingers along her cheek. She licked the girls mouth open. Asami opened her mouth wide, allowing full entry. They kissed sloppily, and then slumped together. Korra rested her forehead on Asami's. "If not I'll go alone."

"Don't leave me," Asami whispered, pushing her face into Korra's neck, tears wet her eyes, "I need you. I...want you."

"Then come with me."

"It's not that simple."

"I just want to find Katara."

"How do you expect to find her, you idiot!?"

"I think you know where she is," Korra snarled softly in her ear, her tone was slightly dangerous, "don't pretend like you don't. She was taken the day you came. She looks almost exactly like me. I know you're keeping her from me. You said that friends were visiting you yesterday, and said both had pets. Only one showed up, along with her three mates. There's another. Where is she!?" Asami's eyes widened with surprise, no way…Korra was stupid, she couldn't figure that out! She avoided the Wolfborn's eyes. "I've known all along, before you ask "how long". Like I said I abandoned her but only for a tiny bit. I needed time, and I wanted you."

"I won't tell you," Asami whispered.

"Why?" Why? The human closed her eyes. She...didn't want...she opened her eyes slowly.

"Because I want you here with me, not with some other girl," Asami snapped back. Korra recoiled. She seemed shocked.

"Y...You're that controlling?! Some human has my sister and you're worried because you're what, afraid I'll spend more time with her?!" She growled, "Tell me where she is Asami!" The wolf clenched her shoulders painfully. Korra wasn't playing. "I don't care if you're jealous. This is my sister."

"I'll come with you. You'll see her! You'll see she's okay! Then we'll leave okay! Please!"

"You're jealous. You want all my attention on you!" Asami didn't deny it. In fact, she didn't say a word. She simply lay beneath the tan woman and waited for her rant to be finished. I never knew you were so selfish!" She grit her teeth. She wasn't being selfish! Korra was hers. Asami payed for her. Asami loved her! She wasn't going to let the girl get stolen by her sister... "But fine, Asami. As long as she's happy and okay so am I." There was a long moment of silence. Asami hesitated, before she snuggled into the other woman. "I love you Asami. I want you to be my mate."

"I know. I love you too."

Asami kissed her, "We'll get her first thing tomorrow morning."


Asami waited until her mate was asleep before she slipped out of her warm muscular arms, she looked behind her. Korra's sleeping face was so serene, She blushed, "Cute…"she grabbed her cell phone off the nightstand, walking out naked onto her balcony. She shut the glass doors shut behind her silently, dialing a number on her cell. She smiled when a voice picked up on the other end. "You've just arrived from the Wild Lands today correct?"

Straight to the point…as always. Yes I have. Do you need something? It'll cost you of course.

Asami smiled without humor, "Of course Jun. You got one didn't you?"

"One? No, I got three. Triplets, can you believe it? How lucky am I?

"Very lucky," Asami narrowed her eyes, "Listen to me Jun. I'm coming over tomorrow morning. I want you to act as if you got back when I did. My pet knows that two Wolfborns were taken, I don't know how. She thinks…knows one is her sister. I already admitted I did in fact take another. "

And let me guess, you want me to pretend that one of mine was the other werewolf taken.

"I'd appreciate it, yeah."

It's alright with me. The price will be pretty high and I don't really understand why you're doing this but I already know what I want. And if you don't give me that and more I'll have to pay a visit to your new pet and tell her about this conversation.

Asami grimaced, "H…how did me asking you a favor turn into you blackmailing me?"

I want more pets, twenty of them to add to my 30 That makes 50. All female, all about teens, maybe some a little younger or older. I lost a lot of money on my trip there, so I want you to fund it as well. Jun completely ignored her question.

"That's easy enough." I'll have her killed. Azula's good at that stuff. This is far too much... "Be prepared for my arrival. Make one of your little pets act like they arrived twenty or so days ago."

Sure thing. Bye, Asami.


Asami crossed her arms against her chest, leaned against the balcony. "Sorry Korra," She whispered, 'I'm the only one who can have your eyes on them... I don't want to hurt you but...I know you won't want me anymore. I know you'll leave me for her. It's the way you are. I know it is." She froze when she heard a smash. Glass shattering? It was Korra...and her fist was pouring blood, it had shattered the glass of the balcony doors...Her teeth were set in a snarl, bared and glistening with saliva."Now you've done it Asami...what in the world is wrong with you?!"

"K…Korra..." Asami's heart threatened to burst from her chest.

"I'm a werewolf. My ears are sensitive. I heard everything. Honestly...are you truly that selfish?"

"You need to keep your nose where it belongs! Yue had the right idea! It's simply not possible for a monster, a Wolfborn, to dominate a human," Korra bared her teeth wider, flaunting her teeth and gums, Asami's emerald eyes were like a fire as she gazed into the werewolfs eyes. "I'm going to have to teach you a lesson in humiliation you'll never forget." Korra burst into laughter.

"Ha the day that hap-"Korra collapsed as Asami's knee met her groin. She clutched her damaged goods, "Oooh Gods, it hurts..." She squealed. Asami clutched her back, buried her face in the wolf's neck.

"You may think you've dominated me Korra. But you haven't. Tomorrow. I'll kill your sister. You'll be fixed. And then this will all be like a distant memory."

"Why would you kill her? And... what does fixed mean?" Korra's eyes were clouded with confusion and pain. Asami's head swam. What...what in the world was she doing-saying!?

"I'll kill her because you belong to me entirely. And you'll think of me only..." She narrowed her eyes. As for what I mean by fixed?" She trembled. "Let's just say that this was our last time together tonight Korra. From now on, you'll never mate again." Korra's eyes widened. This was...horrific.


"What…what's wrong with you," Korra panted, clutching her package as she stood, "Why can't you just stop trying to control me...I love you, why isn't that enough?" There was no proper explanation for this. She was in an incredible amount of pain, her voice a bit too high for her liking. She steadied herself with her hand against the wall. Her eyes glinted sapphire in the night as she met the cold gaze of the girl across from her. "If you…fix me, then I won't be able to give you pups. We won't be able to have babies."

Asami glared with burning emerald eyes, she crossed her arms. "If I had your pups you'd walk around like you owned me..."

"It's the same thing you do to me, why would I want that. And I do own you. I took you in all your holes! You're my mate! I filled you with my seed!" Korra argued in annoyance, "Asami," She rested her hands on the other girl's shoulders. The girl bristled, hands clenched. "How about we both stop. In my pack while the males dominate the females sexually, there are cases where the females dominate the men. And most of the females are dominant outside of loving! And, sometimes there is no dominant or submissive so let's just stop with that okay? Let's not fight anymore…let's be equals. or something..." Asami met the Wolfborn's dark sapphire gaze, and then looked away. She could tell the girl was making it up. She swallowed. There was so much hope and sincerity in Korra's eyes…Korra cautiously touched her face with her hand. "I've loved you since that time I attacked you. You were so kind then. I want that back. I can spend time with my sis and you."

Asami trembled as she turned her gaze back, "It's not possible. You're a beast; you'll leave me for the next girl that suits you. You….you're a…boy. At heart. A male." Korra blinked with a sudden realization. Asami truly believed she was going to leave her! But she wasn't going to! However, she understood it. She had seen many times in the wild, a male leaving a female for another female, or making them accept each other. "Once you get Katara," Drops of water fell from emerald orbs, "Once you get Katara you'll leave me," A sob burst from Asami's throat and she collapsed into the werewolf. She loved Korra. Sure the girl was strange and constantly horny, but she could be so nice too. The feeling of the tan girl entering her, spreading her, her mouth on Asami's neck, it was ecstasy. And being held by Korra? She had never felt something so incredibly warm.

Korra wrapped her arms around her lover, pushing her body close to the other girls. "Don't be a fool. I love you Asami. Where do you think I'll go?"

"Back to your pack!" Asami cried, "I know I'm so selfish and I've treated you terribly, but I want you with me. You said you'd go back!"

"And I want to be with you Asami! I was just angry...p...perhaps it's time the Wolfborn packs and humans merge anyways instead of this underhanded thieving you humans have taken a liking to," She smiled deeply, and Asami gazed into her eyes. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. "I just want to see my sister, I love her too, but that doesn't mean I want either or. I can have both of you, Katara as my family and you as my mate! Wouldn't you want to see your dad if you lost him?"

Asami nodded, blushing deeply.

"Then you should understand. It doesn't mean I'll spend every second of the day with her. I bet she's happy where she is. I don't know how many times I have to say it. As long as she's happy, I'm happy. But the same goes for you. As long as you're happy, I'm happy." Korra leaned down, and lightly pushed her lips against the other's soft mouth. The raven-haired woman pushed her body close, and rested her face in the crook of the brunette's neck.

"What happens if Katara is unhappy then? What about the hundreds of other Wolfborn we've taken who are suffering at the hands of cruel owners?!"

"I'm not worried about it. We need to bring all the Wolves here. Tell me Asami, how rich are you? Rich enough to lead a whole group to the Packs and give a proper introduction. Of course, things will be hostile at first! But eventually we'll get along. Okay? And that girl I'm sure will get the fifty mates she wants if she's a good catch."

"Let's just leave Jun out of this," Asami sniffled, "That woman is the biggest bitch. But appearance-wise and fighting-wise, she's quite the catch."

"It's lonely Asami. Even with you. It's lonely. I feel out of place here! Just like humans need other humans, Wolfborn need other wolves. Do you understand now?"

"Well…then you need to understand me," Asami said grumpily. She crossed her arms. "You have to see it how I see it. All I see is horny werewolf who talks about making babies and fucking all the time! Sure you have your sentimental moments but all you think about it sex." Korra blinked and she sighed. "I thought you were just going to give me a baby and leave. I'll do anything for that not to happen."

"I assure you it won't."

"Then fine…fine fine fine, we can stop this useless power struggle," Asami snuggled closer," and I'll take you to your sister."

"Yes yes! Thank you thank you thank youuuu!" A big goofy grin worked its way onto Korra's face. Asami rolled her eyes. The werewolf buried her face between Asami's breasts, who blushed crimson.

"Jeez Korra. I take it you want to have sex now?"

"Nah, I'm cool. My meatie still hurts.

"Don't call it a meatie!"

"I'll call it what I want!"

"I'm telling you not to call it that!"

"Well to bad cause mmmph….." Her mouth was smothered with the other girls, she dropped her hands to Asami's waist and pushed her back. She growled hungrily and nipped at her tongue and lips, "Mm, now I'm in the mood." Her blue eyes were smoky with lust. "Let's make babies Asami." Before the raven-haired woman could respond fingers were buried in her hair and her back was slammed into the wall. Korra pushed the broken glass of the door to the side, and then turned her lustful gaze back to Asami. Their mouths connected hard, and both parted their lips to explore. Asami felt Korra hot and swollen against her upper leg.

"You're so overdramatic Korra," She murmured as she wrapped her legs around the other female's waist, pushing herself up. Korra slammed her harder against the wall and groaned, Asami's breath hitched as their tongues met.

"You're overdramatic. I'm a female not a male. I'm just a female that can give other females babies! There are plenty of those in packs!" Teeth chewed at Asami's tongue and she mewled desperately. "Plus you were going to kill my sister and make it so I couldn't have pups with you!" Korra's calloused hand slip up her thigh and pushed her robe aside. They glared into each other's eyes, kissing as they did so. Asami gasped as the wolf girls lips slid down her chin, down her neck, and then onto her breasts. A warm mouth enveloped her breasts, and then, Korra's incredible girth slid inside. She arched into the girl, her mouth open to let out a sigh of pleasure.


"Damn, you're so wet. It smells incredible. I might go down there for another taste," Asami whimpered needily as Korra's tongue flicked out to tease her nipple. It sent heat down farther. Teeth dug slightly into her flesh, Korra suckled hard. She pushed her head back into the wall, practically drooling with delight.

"Korra, harder please!"

"Mmmm, you say you don't want me to dominate you yet here you are," She resisted the urge to smack the smug grin off of Korra's face. She shifted her hips and Korra woofed with desire.

"Are you gonna keep talking or are you going to fuck me Korra," The Wolfborn chuckled deeply.

"Mm, I live to please."

"Keep moving, mutt!" Korra drove inside her, barking with approval.


"Korra!" The wolf could barely believe it! Her elder sister was here! Her owner stood behind her, pale and muscled arms crossed in annoyance. Korra raced at her and they met in a fierce embrace, yipping lightly. They nuzzled each other, kissed lightly, snuggled. "I've missed you so much, jeez!"

"What are you wearing in your hair Katara," The taller tanned woman muttered, arms on her hips, "Why's your hair in weird ringlet things?" The older sibling rolled her eyes and raised a slim brown brow.

"Cause it can be. And Toph likes it," Katara blushed.

"Toph," Korra turned her eyes to her sister's owner, a young girl of maybe fourteen at most. Her hair was jet black, her eyes cloudy and white.

"Aye," She raised a hand in greeting.

Korra growled, "You fucked?"

"Excuse me," Katara interjected, "what the heck is wrong with you? That's none of your-"

"Ooooooooh yeah," The small girl grinned deeply, "I made Sugarqueen scream."

"You better. You got a meatie?"

"Stop calling it that," Asami snapped somewhat playfully, pushing her pet lightly with a frown. Toph looked confused.

"What's a meatie?" Katara and Toph inquired.

"A baby maker," Korra answered as if it was the most simple thing in the world. Asami and Katara facepalmed in unison. Toph's mouth fell open, as if the term was the most genius thing she had ever heard. She nodded eagerly with a massive grin.

"Hell yeah I got a meatie!"

"My meatie's probably bigger."

"What!? Never," Toph muttered. Asami gazed at her with surprise.

"You have a penis? How come you never told me!?"

"Why don't you tell me when you have your period? Cause it's just too much information." She then continued her fierce argument with Korra.

"Oh god," Asami shook her head, then smiled at Katara. "Nice to meet you Katara, I've heard a lot about you! I'm Asami."

Katara smiled and leaned close, her eyes were sparkling. She lightly touched Asami's stomach, and then smiled wider. "Congratulations, don't tell Korra yet, but you're pregnant." Shock filled Asami to the core. She was pregnant? She couldn't believe what she heard, then she bristled and narrowed her eyes.

"H…how the heck do you know that," She whispered.

"Let's just call it...sister's intuition," Katara laughed lightly, "Take care of my sister okay? Come on Toph, I wanna go home!"

"Not until this beast admits that my meatie is better!" Toph was pressing her forehead angrily to Korra's.

"Oh my god shut up about meatie's," Asami yelled in frustration.

Azula watched in silence from a tree a couple yards from the area Korra and Katara had reunited. She crossed her arms, smirking. "Everyone knows my meatie is biggest," She said smugly.