So, I went and saw Skyfall tonight with my mom, and oh my gosh…all I have to say is that I think Daniel Craig is one of the best Bonds I have ever seen! So, naturally, I was given instant muse, and, well… you go. (:

"Bond – What's your twenty?"

Silence hung on the other end of the radio as the man slowly inched forward through the shadows step by step, gun held tight in one hand before peering around the corner with narrowed eyes, his gaze hard. A tense finger twitched slightly on the trigger, itching to pull just enough to release the bullet harbored in the barrel, but as the soft voices spun webs through the air of the small quad, a smile on the face of the small man as he slowly strode towards the women standing between the two guards, he hesitated.

Not yet.


No answer was given.

The small man's laugh echoed across the small space as he watched the woman being dragged away down a side hall and into the ancient stone arch structure built in front of the Old Italian home. Her few kicks were in vain, and as he watched the three figures disappear into the shadows he gave all thoughts of the young woman away, instead turning his focus back to the small man.

He was of average stature, although his waist band stretched a bit farther than typical of most men at his height. He was clean shaven enough, although the tussle of brunette which sat atop his head certainly threw off the look in a certain aspect. Regardless of the fact, the dark, worn grey suit he was currently wearing seemed to set things straight. The fabric stretched slightly around his waistband, obviously due to the girth of his waist, but he looked normal enough if one were to see him at any time of the day.

"I have Favaloro in sight."

Diego Favaloro.

A well-known manager of a local technology company, he often dabbled in various forms of computer technology, and one could say he was quite fluent in the language of the technological world. He had a wife and two children, a daughter nearing her age of maturity and a son who would soon be on his way to such an age as well. But that was the side the public only had a glimpse of by day, and like many people, there was a secret side of the well-loved man.

A family man by day, things changed quickly once night fell. Diego was well known on the back streets and alleyways for his talent with viruses. He could be found on a shadowy corner or a side street selling said viruses for a price much too high for any common man. But his costumers weren't normally any common man.

MI6 had been tracking his movements and interactions for months, but there had never been anything to serious to worry about. His costumers were simply men wishing to take down a rival local company for nothing more than a small fortune, and therefore that left British Intelligence out of the picture until a much higher alarm was raised. Now that time had come, for tonight had been the night he was scheduled to do a transaction with a rouge agent of a small country. The exact reasons for the created virus were unknown, but according to anonymous tips, it certainly wasn't going to be used to crash a single computer.

"Apprehend him, Bond. Nothing more. Orders from M himself."

He scowled slightly at the statement but said nothing more as he suddenly raised his gun, taking the two large body guards out in two swift shots. Favaloro spun around, wide-eyed with surprise, obviously much too caught up in his own little world to have even noticed the shadowy figure standing not even twenty feet from him. But as the British operative moved towards the round man, he sprang into action.

As a fist was swung at his head, the small Italian man ducked then suddenly struck out, his own fist colliding with the middle of James' stomach, knocking the taller man back some with a small huff of breath. It hardly fazed him for more than a second though, because in a matter of minutes he lunged for the smaller man, his head colliding with his legs as he forced him to the ground in an attempt to knock him off balance. He was certainly going to be much more trouble than he was worth.

A tussle occurred between the two as a struggle for an advantage began between the two men, Bond one moment having the advantage, soon followed by Favaloro finding an edge of his own. This back and forth exchange went on for several minutes with no clear end in sight.

A fist suddenly swung and a crack resounded through the air as a jaw was cracked, sending Diego Favaloro tumbling to the ground. Body heaving slightly with quick breath, James Bond stood slowly and brushed off a few bits of dirt from his black stripped suit, placing his gun back into his waist band as he glanced over at the unconscious form of the small man lying sprawled out on the stone patio of the little quad.

"Favaloro has been subdued."

"Good work, Bond. Bring him back to headquarters, and we'll see what we can get out of him about that virus."

James gave no response as he moved towards the small man, ready to pick him up and place him somewhere secure in order to retrieve his car so he could return to London that day. But a sudden movement out of the corner of his eye suddenly set him on alert. His gun was removed from his waistband once more in a blur of motion as he spun back towards the arch, his finger itching on the trigger once more as he was prepared to down the stranger in a heartbeat.

But it was the woman.

She stood leaning against the ancient stone with her arms across her chest, her dark green eyes gazing almost teasingly at him with locks of her brunette hair falling past her face. The grey dress shirt which she wore was stained with blood, although whether it was her own or someone else's he couldn't tell. Her pants were in a similar state, although they were more cut up than stained with any sort of liquid. All in all, she didn't look to be in the best shape, but she did certainly appear to be in a better shape than most.

"Good to finally meet you, Mr. Bond."

A small smile pulled at her lips as she spoke in her soft voice, the sound echoing across the silent quad. He tensed, unsure of how to answer her as his finger itched to pull the trigger once more. The smile never once left her lips as she straightened herself, brushing off a bit of dust from her clothing before slowly striding towards him.

"Q, we've got -"

"Don't be alarmed James. She is a new agent, a trainee."

Q's voice came over the com to the aged agent, and after a moment he glanced up the young woman as she stopped a few feet away from him. He kept her gun trained on her for a moment before he slowly relinquished his aim and placed his gun back where it had been a few moments before. The young woman smiled just a bit more as she held her hand out, her body straight as waited for him to return the shake she was offering him in greeting.

"Agent Shaw. Emma Shaw."

James was reluctant to take her hand at first, but after a moment he reached out and took her hand, returning the shake with a slow movement. The moment their hands dropped away her arms crossed back over her chest, watching him and waiting for a moment. He watched her in turn, and after a moment he was about to speak. But the Q spoke again.

"Agent 007, meet your new trainee."

So….yeah! I hope you guys like! I feel like it might be a crappy first chapter, but whatever. It will get better, I promise! (:

~ Selena