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"MATSUMOTO!" the angered yell of Toshiro Hitsuguya, young prodigal captain of the tenth division to the 13 court guard squad, echoed throughout the tenths barracks. Said person in question, Rangiku Matsumoto, the busty blond lieutenant of the tenth division, was laying sprawled out underneath her desk, sake bottles littered all about her. The yell emitted from her short white haired captain didn't do anything to disrupt the well endowed woman's sleep as she gave an un-lady like belch, scratched at her stomach from inside her barley there uniform, and continued sleeping. Toshiro's hands clenched into tight fists, a vein in his forehead coming into full throbbing view as he slowly counted to ten in his head before walking to the desk of his lazy, and now drunk, lieutenant. Even though she was older than him by a great many years, he was still the more responsible one and thus was constantly chasing her to get her paperwork done.
"Matsumoto, wake up." Toshiro said in a strained voice. When again Sue ignored him Toshiro let a burst of cold air rip through the room.
"MATSUMOTO! WAKE UP!" This time the drunk lieutenant woke with a start, sitting straight up and smacking her head off the underside of her desk.
"Ouuch, taicho, you really should be more gentle in your methods! I am a lady after all.." she whined, rubbing the back of her head as she sat up from under her desk. Losing his temper Toshiro jabbed a finger in her direction.
"I tried! I called for you twice before I resorted to the last method! But that's beside the point! You still haven't finished your paperwork and you were sleeping on the job! Again!" While he was busy ranting at her, the still drunk lieutenant eyed the finger pointed at her. She found it rude that he would point at her, and in her inebriated state she thought it was a good idea to quickly lean forward and bite him up to his second knuckle. Shocked by her reaction he didn't jerk his finger away for a few moments.
"What the heck was that!?" He shouted as his sense returned to him, rubbing his finger on his captains' haori to remove any spit.
"Any offendin' appendages that dare to stick in mai face *will* be bitt'n... off if poss'ble." Rangiku slurred matter-o-factly at her captain, watching with amusement as his usually pale face turned bright red at the implication.
"Aww, twicho, why is yer face sa red?" She cooed at him.
"... Matsumoto?" Toshiro said, turning his back to her.
"Yessa?" She replied, a smug smirk on her lips.
"Go back to sleep." And with that her taicho took all her neglected paperwork and left the room, slamming the door behind him. Laughing, Rangiku laid back down underneath her desk. "*And that's how I get my taicho to do my work.*" she thought happily to herself as she fell back asleep.