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Description: Matthew Williams is a single father to his two children. He is completely alone and deeply wishes for comfort. However he soon meets a handsome albino who also is a single parent in need of some love. Sparks fly even more when they both realized their daughters are in the same class. PruCan.. All Human.. Some story I came up of during a dream. Each chapter based off of different songs.

Pairings: PruCan, USUK, Spamano.. the more ;)


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BTW POV (Point Of View Is Matthew/Canada)

Chapter One:

Hold On Till May

(Pierce The Veil=Hold On Till May)

Blood… So much blood… Why is there so much blood? Doctors rush into the room like ants on a picnic. There in the hospital bed lays my beautiful wife. Her face content with a soft loving smile, eye closed in a peaceful slumber. However something in the pit of my stomach told me that I knew all too well what the outcome will be.

Machines beep in a fast pace almost matching the beat of my heart. This is a cruel dream right? A horrible nightmare that is doing nothing but playing a hurtful, sorrowful, game… I could only stand motionless as all the color from Julian's face slip completely drained of life. Her body lay motionless the rise and fall of her chest long gone as the machines confirm my worst fears. Gone… completely and utterly gone. Tears cloud my vision threatening to make a tedious fall. How could I allow this to happen to her? What will become of our beautiful Parker or our new born son? Could we survive without her? The hospital scene before me slowly is dissolved into blackness the sound of an all too familiar 'beeping' pulling me out of my slumber.

Only a dream… A reminder of the day of my, beautiful, son's birth and the death of my wife Julian. Oh how I loved her so, however it has been two years since her death and she needs me to be strong for my-our-children.

Shutting off the annoying alarm clock back to 'dismiss' I reluctantly find myself climbing out of bed. Eww cold sweats no fun. Taking a quick look at the clock it only read 5:00am so luckily I still have time to hop in the shower, dress, make breakfast, wake the kids, and get Parker off and ready for her first day of kindergarten.

After a quick shower to rid my body of its 'bed' smell I quickly dress in a dress shirt and pants for work and prepare waffles for breakfast. Finishing this sticky breakfast I set the table and climb the straight staircase up to the second floor. Once up the stairs I make my way to my daughter's bright pink bedroom making my way to the curled up bundle hidden under the sheets.

"Sweetie.. Parker, It's time to wake up for your first day of school." I gently shake the bundle only to get a grumble in response. Oh dear.

"Come on dear you don't want to be late on your first day!" I attempt again.

"Yes I do!" The bundle squeaks in a high pitch, yet soft, voice.

"But I made you and your brother breakfast! Let's go eat before they get cold eh?" I smile pushing up my glasses higher up on the bridge of my nose. Op looks like that did the trick.

At the mention of breakfast Parker's head shoots out from under the blankets her bright, pale, blue eyes land on mind full of excitement.

"Really?" She asks rubbing her eyes with her little fist attempting to wake up more.

With a bigger smile on my face I nodded. "Yes only if you get up and out of bed!" I stand going to her dresser picking out her 'first day of school' outfit we picked out at the store the other day. With a little bit of patients I achieved helping her dressed and got her started on her breakfast.

"Slow down you are going to choke!" I sputter seeing Parker eating her waffle in large (big as a six year old could bite) pieces.

"Sorry daddy…" She says a soft blush rising on her cheeks.

"It is okay. Just be careful, I am going to go get your brother ready and then we will get going."

Nodding she continues to eat her breakfast as I once again climb up the stairs –boy these stairs are steep thank goodness for baby gates!- I go to the room right next to Parker's. Unlike her bright pink room, Brandon's room is a light blue. White clouds cover the wall adding some 'décor' to the crib placed in the middle of the room. There in the crib, a sleeping baby boy lays on his tummy his face completely serine. Hmm too bad he will have to wake up.

I gently pick up the baby boy propping him up so his head rest into the crook of my neck. By picking up Brandon, he gives a whimper of protest fussing a tad. With a sigh I run my free hand through Brandon's tuff of dark brown hair comfortingly.

" Shh.. Brandon… It's okay baby.. Good morning." I coo softly getting him dressed out of his pajama's and into a small, bright green, tee shirt and brown pants. Near the end he continues to fuss the sound of a gurgling stomach.

"Ah let's get something in that tummy of yours hmm?" I smile, his half lidded eyes staring up at me curiously. Those hazel eyes and full of wonder to an innocent child oh how he looks so much like his mother. Once back in the kitchen I cut up another waffle for Parker and have her finish up her breakfast while feeding the fussy child in my arms.

"Daddy? What wif ta other kid downt lwike me?"(1) Parker ask quiet the small little curl falling in her face as she avoids eye contact with me by staring into her lap.

"Parker I am positive the other kids will like you! Just be yourself and you will be just fine. I reassured her ruffling her hair in a comforting matter. Her eye meet mine, sparkling with hope and joy.


"Really really" I smile at her taking a quick look at the time. 6:30 am the clock read. Already? Time sure flies. Placing the dishes into the kitchen sink- crap looks like I will have to do that when I get home from work- I usher the six year old out to the car buckling her up in the back seat in a child booster seat and set Brandon next to her buckling him up in his car seat. After double checking that they are both buckled safely in their seats I 'fly' into the driver's seat of the rundown, silver, Toyota, and make a mad dash through traffic towards the elementary school just a few blocks away.

Through the rear view mirror I could easily see the nerves flashing through Parker's eyes as we arrive closer and closer to the school. Soon enough we made it into the school parking lot kids and their parents leading them to their classes while the older kids waved good-bye to their mothers heading in on their own. Getting out of the car I unbuckle to two kids, Brandon already fast asleep again, I take Parkers hand leading her into the large, maroon, brick building. With every step we take I can feel the death grip she has upon my hand nervously. Closer and closer, to the point eventually we stand in front of her teacher's classroom. The door, happened to be propped open so you could see and hear the other kids playing together.

"Okay Parker I hope you have a great day Mrs. Izzy will pick you up after school okay? She will come to this classroom so you do not wait outside. Love you." I kneel to her level smiling at her brushing her long blonde hair away up and out of her face. It almost hurt to leave, her wide blue eyes filled with fear and anxiety. Nodding holding her head up high she hugs me walking further into the colorful, welcoming, classroom clutching her little Barbie lunch box in tow.

"Hello~ I am Mrs. Smith and I am your child's kindergarten teacher! Pleasure to make your acquaintance." A middle aged woman with a very kind smile introduced herself while approaching me.

"O-Oh yes… Hello my name is Matthew Williams, Parker William's father. I am just making sure she gets to her class. She seems okay now though." I smile sneaking a quick glance over to my daughter playing with a few of the other kids on the other side of the room.

"Everything seems to be going smoothly Mr. Williams! She will have fun interacting with the other children just fine. I hope to see you and your wife at meet the teacher night Friday evening?" She calmly says her green eyes looking straight into mine as we talked.

Sorrow fills me in the pit of my stomach at the mention of the word 'wife' tugging at the bottom of my lip nervously lowering the volume of my voice so only Mrs. What's her name again? Smith was it? Yes Mrs. Smith! "Um a-about that Parker's mother passed away a year ago… It's still a touchy subject for her… Parker is so strong even though she grieves inside she attempts to go about the day without a care.." I say sullenly rocking Brandon gently in my arms now suddenly interested in my shoes rather than holding on to a conversation.

"Oh my! I am so sorry for your loss. Well um I will see you Friday then at meet the teacher night." She shuffles her feet as well her tone of voice dropping to match mine.

"Alright.. thank you Parker's baby sitter Miss. Elizaveta will be picking her up here after school since I will be working. Here's her number and mine just in case anything happens." I hand her the note cards with the information and with a last nod I take one last look over to my bubbling daughter, I let out a well needed sigh heading out the door back to the hall. Just as I rounded a corner my eyes widen as a pale figure with white hair accidently bump into Brandon and I out of nowhere. Thankfully the force was not enough to knock me off down.

What in the world? Ugh that was close! But ugh I think I just twisted my ankle the wrong way it really hurts. Fuck.

"I am sorry are you two okay? Oh I am so so sorry!" A rush mix of an unfamiliar voice engulfs my ears while my eyes refocus to a breath taking man with panicked red eyes staring into me looking for any sign of injury.

"Y-yeah I am alright… Oh Brandon shh it's okay" I recover rocking a now wailing Brandon his face flushed red as tears run down his plump little cheeks. Soon enough –Quicker than I'd thought- I look up my face warm flustered to see that the albino man still stood before me his hand holding a young child. Her hair long as silky rope, her eye-red eye- glancing back and forth between me and her father.- I am guessing? Wow he does not look that much older than I am…Maybe even younger? - Looking into his eyes something deep within me wanted to keep searching those pools of crimson.

It was then when someone clears their throat that I am released from this hypnotized state.

"Um w-well I am terribly sorry for running into you like that. That was seriously unawesome I have to get my daughter to her class before we are even more late. See 'y-you!" The albino nods giving me a toothily grin. I nod my cheeks warm, my mind clouded making me completely forget about my ankle.

His voice… so smooth yet it has that ring to it… I lik- wait wait wait. Hold on there Mattie! What is with this all of a sudden! He's a dude! With a child! He probably is married or at least has a girl friend. Wait. Why am I thinking about a complete stranger like this?

With a sigh as the stranger makes his way forward, his daughter in tow disappearing around the corner where Brandon and I came from. Could his daughter possibly be in same class as my Parker? Hm. No wait back on track. What in the world is wrong with me? With a long sigh, allowing air to refill my lungs, I continue on my way in a haze. Soon enough I drop off Brandon with Miss. Elizaveta, kissing the top of the small boy's head saying my goodbye while making my way to work. Luckily enough, I just made with little to no time to spare.

Sitting down in my small office, I stare at the manuscript to some clients work trying to get his face out of my mind.

It was just that those vivid eyes held mine and my emotion by a suspended string. Just waiting for someone to save him or looking for someone to save.

Sigh I am not getting anything done today.

-End of chapter one!

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