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The sound had snapped him out of his thoughts. He was, he was no longer in bedroom or study. This time, he was in a room he didn't recognize. All he knew was that Inuyasha was standing right in front of him, his red robe of the fire rat torn slightly. He could see cuts in it.

Next to him was Sesshomaru. He was frowning at Inuyasha, and well, that wasn't all that unusual. Misora was also on his other side, clutching the book he had become accustomed to seeing with her with to her chest and he noticed it. "Even though the four of us got together, the situation hasn't gotten any better. We're still trapped here, and that fucking monster is still after our asses!"

What was going on? Didn't breaking them clocks give them memories of things that had already happened? This was a room that he had never seen. This much he was sure of it. 'If only I could hear your voice. Is the distortion still that strong?"

"Inuyasha, stop being such a loud mouth fool." Sesshomaru coolly remarked. "Someone will eventually take notice of our absence and come search for us." Inuyasha wasn't having any of it.

"And how long will that take? This damn place has weakened us too much! That damn thing will kill us before then!"

This wasn't right. Inuyasha was like him, too stubborn to admit defeat.

He took notice that Misora wasn't trying to stop the fight like usual. That was her nature alright, she didn't like violence, but something was odd about her. He probably knew her better than most of the other characters because of his willingness to befriend people, and something was up with her. She was silent, and unusually come for her character. He couldn't quite place it, but she was unusually quiet. Her school outfit was cut up and shredded, she was covered injuries but she wasn't crying. In fact, not once had he witness her flee during the battles. That calm stare of hers, something was held within her eyes. Looking closer he noticed that there was some sort of inner conflict.

"Fool, enough with your incessant barking!" Sesshomaru exclaimed, jolting his eyes over to him. He saw Inuyasha recoiled slightly, but just as defiant as ever. "There are still many other ways to get out of here!" Sessohomaru was annoyed, and he turned those cold eyes of his onto his brother. "Once we manage to break the source of the creature's ability to damper our power I will cut it down with my own claws."

"Fine, Teme, go and get yourself killed!" Inuasha barked. " he paused, sighing. "Though, if we were at full power it would make things a lot more convenient."

Suddenly, Misora took a step forward, and then seemed to falter a step, going backwards. She had a determined look on her face, but also a sad one on her face as well.

"Inuyasha-san." It was a statement, not a question, but it made the man turn to her

"...It's...It's okay." She faltered, the smile vanishing for a moment before coming back. "You will be okay. You'll...You'll be able to get out this time."

This time? What in the world was she talking about? Misora looked down at her feet sheepishly. "And...And if you get straight ahead." she said seriously. "Don't ever look back, no matter what."

Misora was cut short by the door behind her bowing in and slamming off its hinges, and Misora raised her head to look at Inuyasha, Then Sesshomaru and finally his eyes. Behind Misora stood the ferocious monster that they had all come to hauntingly know so well. Its claws were stained red.

"Misora!" two voices exclaimed. A sad smile formed on Misora's face.

"Arigato, for protecting me everyone. Please don't cry for me, live! And promise...promise me…" Misora stated. The three of them wouldn't be fast enough.

"Misora!" her face whiter than a sheet. Her smile burning into his brain.

"...Promise me...You'll..."

He watched in horror as the monster launched itself forward, its red claw poised to slash right through Misora.

"Promise'll live..." he could hear her mutter as the claw struck her from behind.

"MISORA!" The scream erupted from Naruto's mouth as for the first time in years, a precious friend died right before his eyes.