Hetaoni: Anime Chronicles
Pairings Undecided
Story Start

Naruto found himself in another room. To his surprise the door was unlocked It was a bedroom, with two beds, a sofa, and a table. Then, on the table, something caught his eye. It was a small scrap of paper, he walked over, picking it up and looking it over. It was torn in half, with a green and blue rectangles on it. Naruto couldn't help but sigh, he wasn't good at puzzles or stuff like that.

He quickly forgot about it when he noticed a level on the wall. "What's a lever doing in a bedroom?" he wondered a loud. He walked over and took a look at it. It had three slots with a plaque next to it.

Up is Heaven

In the middle is Earth

Down is Hell.

In a place like this, choosing Heaven was probably bad so he chose hell. One of the beds, as if on a pulley system, moved to the side, and there was a large hole in the wooden floor. Naruto walked over to it and observed inside the hole. He saw nothing but whiteness, a floor maybe? He was given long to think when the floor gave out from under him and sent him tumbling down to the ground below.

He did a spin and landed on his feet. He let out a grunt, finding himself slightly dazed from the fall. He looked around the room until he noticed a large and black Grand Piano in the center of the room.

He walked over to it and looked over the keys. They had some numbers painted on them. He examined the keys for a few moments more, before moving to the door. It was locked from the inside, so he merely unlocked it and headed out, finding himself on the third floor.

He made his way to another room. So he fell a single floor? He came across another room filled with nothing but title-less books. He quickly scanned one book from the next. Nothing of interest and he scowled. Why couldn't he find something relevant to the situation on hand? He was so engrossed in his thoughts he didn't notice the sound of the door at the end of the room open. It was then Naruto sensed something coming towards him and on instinct he drew a kunai and let it flew.


Naruto gasped, he couldn't believe his luck. "Misora-san." he exclaimed. "I'm sorry! I didn't know it was you."

"Naruto-sempai!" she exclaimed, her face brightening considerably. "You're Okay!"

Naruto smiled, relieved that he had found Misora. She wasn't a combat type of character after all. If her abilities were as hampered as his and the others were. No, there was no sense in thinking about it now.

"Yes, indeed." he replied. He couldn't help but notice Misora was calm. He was use to her being giddy, but something was different.

"Right after you left, a ghost suddenly appeared from the hallway and attacked us." Misora explained, clutching a book to her chest. It looked like a bible. "Sesshomaru-sama and Inuyasha-san chased after it. It was really scary so I ran and tried to run away...leaving you behind." Misora's face twisted into regret. "I'm sorry, Naruto-sempai...But the front door wouldn't open no matter what, and we split up while running away."

"That's okay Misora-san. Still, what on earth is going on? Most of the doors and none of the windows will open. I don't understand this place at all Datteboyo. Not to mention our phones or anything will work." not that he had much luck with cellphones anyway.
Misora's face grimly brightened.

"Yep. It looks like we're locked up." We were both silent at that. Such a thing was depressing to think about. "But!" Misora suddenly exclaimed, "I'm so glad I found you, Naruto-sempai."

"I'm fine. But...you're surprisingly calm about this, Misora-san." Naruto pointed out as Misora diverted her eyes. "You were even wandering the house, too!" Misora was quiet for a while.

"Well..." she started to say, then seemed to search for the words. "When that ghost appeared all of a sudden, I wanted to cry and cling to Naruto-sempai...but...well, Naruto-sempai was already gone and Inuyasha-san and Sesshomaru-sama aren't the comforting type so I had to remain strong. Even I was amazed at how calm I felt! And then I began to look for everyone so we could get out of here as soon as possible!"

"Oh, I get what you're saying. I was startled at too at first. I found Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, but you know how impossible it is to get them to listen most of the time. Let's go and reunite with them." he said, taking a glance at the bag at Misora's side. Did she always have that? "Not to mention we'll have to check out the piano room later. I found something strange in there." he remarked as Misora suddenly paled.
"Don't stay in the piano room for too long, okay?"

Naruto was confused, wondering what Misora was talking about.

"Well, I might have to..."

"No! Promise me! Promise me you won't stay in there for too long!" Misora cut him off, panic was plastered on her face and Naruto found himself stunned. The forcefulness of her words had almost floored him.

"I...okay, I promise not to stay too long." after stating this Misora seemed at ease.

"Let's go join the others then. We can discuss what's happened in the mean time." Naruto had explained everything from his first encounter with the Oni all the way to falling through the hole in the switch room. They arrived in the room only for Misora to let out a scream.

"The THING! It's the Thing!" she cried out, almost sobbing.

Inuyasha was cornered by the large grey creature, and Sesshomaru huffing at the side.

"You have no sense of timing Uzumaki Naruto." Sesshomaru called out, as if he wasn't happy to see us. He looked over, and took notice that he had Misora with him, and frowned. "Uzumaki, take the girl and run, you two will only get in the way.

That seemed to get Inuyasha's attention, and he looked over, a look of relief washing over his face for a moment before it went back to being strained. He was holding the creature off with Testuaiga.
"You two get out of here! Me and Sesshomaru will take care of this."

"Sorry, I've never been good at listening." Naruto remarked as he began walking over.

"I...I can't follow that suggestion! I will fight too!"

The other characters were almost floored. The monster finally decided to toss Inuyasha back. "Alright purple-teme, I'm going to pay you two-fold for all those ambushes."

"You two are fools. Just don't get in the way." Sesshomaru remarked as all four characters were joined side by side.
"Yakimono..." she suddenly chanted as an a bright red aura ensnared the monster. Whatever magic Misora cast resulted in the monster being slowed down. Naruto was easily able to dodge the creature's strike. "Agemono!" Misora continued to chant, a bright golden aura enshrouding Naruto. He felt power surge through him. He charged forward as he rammed a Rasengan into the creature's gut, causing it to fly back and crash into the wall.

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru didn't waste time and slash at the creature. A crooked X shaped grooved appeared on the head of the creature. The creature then vanished into thin air. With the aid of his friends, that was so much easier.

"The hell?" Inuyasha exclaimed, taking my shoulders."You totally ignored what I said!"

"Idiot! I don't abandon my allies, besides, we need to stick together."

"I thought the two of us alone could do something about it..." he said, his voice...unusually soft. "I guess getting out of here should take priority, now that that thing is dead."

"I don't think so." Naruto shook his head. "I already fought the thing and it vanished than too. I don't think we can kill it just yet. It might be one of those things where a special method is needed to kill it."

"We will find a safe location and gather our bearings." Sesshomaru ordered. No one wanted to argue, it was a good idea.

"I found a room with a switch. Its the only one I hadn't fully explored yet. We should check it out first." Naruto pointed out. They entered the room, exploring the area. "Over there the floor is rotten!" Naruto stated, pointing out where he fell true.

"...this room is above the piano room..." Misora muttered.

"Huh? You say something?" Naruto asked, hearing Misora muttering something.

"No, nothing Sempai." she remarked, once more refusing to meet his eyes.

"Let me set the setting to Earth." Naruto remarked as he walked over to the letter. The bed moved back over the hole, and then there was a clinking noise.

"Aah!" Misora exclaimed. "Its a key," she looked it over. "It says second floor key. So we can unlock a new door."
"The perfect place to hide from that thing hopefully." after all, they would have to just lock the door behind them and they should be okay. They made it to the locked room. Entering it they saw it had a large table in it and a fire place. It was a rather empty dining room. It also had some beds. After everyone piled in Naruto locked the door behind them.

"I knew we should have brought more food." Inuyasha grumbled. They only brought a few snack items and that would last maybe a day, two at the most.

"I'm a little cold..." Miosra muttered.

"This house is indeed cold." Naruto noted. Naruto eyes widened as he suddenly remembered one of the items he found. "I have some matches."

"Do we even have anything to burn?" Inuyasha questioned.

Sure enough there was a few logs of fire.

Naruto lit the matches, and soon they had a nice fire sparking in the fireplace. The fire made for a warm and content atmosphere.

"Inuyasha, you and Sesshomaru have encountered all matters of demon right? Does this thing seem familiar?"
"Tch, its just a stubborn creature with a tough hide. I'll kill him soon enough."

Naruto turned his attention to Misora. "Did you find anything?"

"No, I searched the house for a way out...but there really isn't any. All the rooms I encountered were locked."
"So if you can not find an exit, make one." Sesshomaru finally spoke up. "If all the exits are locked, why don't we just make our own?"

He had a good point. It wasn't like the blond didn't have experience in getting out of hands. "We'll we should rest up and began anew in the morning." he said as he looked at his watch. "What the hell? Why is it still the same time. I think my watch is broken." he said as he looked at Misora's watch, which was a different, yet incorrect time. "What's with your time?"

"...I...don't know..." she muttered. "...I never noticed..." she then changed the subject. "Who's going to take the first watch?"

She was right, it would have been dangerous for everyone to go to sleep.

"I'll take the first watch." Sesshomaru surprisingly volunteered. "I don't require sleep as much as the rest of you."
This of course resulted in Inuyasha lashing out at his brother, taking the comment as an insult.

"Naruto-sempai?" Misora suddenly asked, and he turned his head to look at her.

"Yes Misora-san?"

"...will you promise me one thing?" she asked after a moment, and he could feel Inuyasha raise his head to look at them, his argument with his brother forgotten. "You too Inuyasha-san and Sesshomaru-sama."

"What is it?" Naruto added. "Depends on if it is something I can do." Misora was silent again for a moment.

"Please don't die."

Naruto's eyes widened in surprise. Why did Misora asked them not to die. It wasn't possible, considering what they were. Sure he was surprised he bled, he thought it wasn't possible outside a world of his medium, but that didn't mean they could die right?

"What are you talking about, we can't d..." Inuyasha started to say but was cut off.
"Promise me!"

They were stunned into silence by the forcefulness of Misora's statement.

"Child, what's the matter with you?" Sesshomaru asked, making his way over to them. Even Sesshomaru was concerned, and for him, showing concern for someone not named Rin was something major.

"Please...just...promise me you won't die..." she seemed on the verge of something, but what?

"I promise I won't die." the others, despite annoyed, agreed for the sake of calming down the girl.

"Okay!" she exclaimed. "Thanks!"

"Now, Misora-san. I have a favor to ask you." he suddenly said, causing the character to look at him.

"What is it sempai?"

"...Don't you die either. I can't have a friend promise me that without them promising in return."

"...I..." Misora stuttered, floundering. She was obviously caught off guard by what he said. After a moment she finally nodded. "...I...I promise..." she said. Sesshomaru walked over to the table, sitting on it facing the door...the others went over to the bed. Naruto found himself quickly fading off.