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This is deppresing I thought as I took a look of the people around me. Mom didn't like black, she had always been a vivid and colorfoul person.

We were gathered all listening to father Mark talk about losing our loved ones and how we should pray God for their souls, weep a little and then move on. But, could I do that? Nope, It wasn't that easy.

How could I? If I had had none other than my Mom for the last six years of my life. Dad had left us when I was twelve, he had his reasons.

I just wanted to scream. Most of these people had always been talking behind Mom's back, it was really annoying that they were here.

My jeans and simple black T-shirt didn't match with what everyone else wore, but I was sure Mom wouldn't have minded, so neither did I. She was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago, but it had been too late for her.

If only Dad was here... I snorted at myself, Dad? Dad must be enjoying his life somewhere. I had no one, Geez, I didn't even have friends. My condition didn't allow me to have them, and I preferred to be left alone.

As soon as the whole thing was over, I fled back home. There were a lot of things that needed to be done before the social worker came tomorrow. The plan was to show her I could manage to survive the next two months without foster parents.

Here we go.

I was in the attic, rummaging through boxes and boxes of memories, toys, books and dust. The point was to get rid of as much as possible. I knelt and started classifying.

After hours of digging in the pile of trash I found it.

The only photo I had of my Dad.

We had been in the park, and he was trying to teach me how to make a flower grow with my Summer glamour. Which was funny because my name was Summer -Mom's idea.

I ran hand over it. He didn't look fatherly, he looked like an older brother. His physical appearance was that of a seventeen-old boy, with bright red hair and green eyes, like me.

My father was quite famous in his world. Of course he was, he was Robin Goodfellow, Oberon's jester, aka Puck.

I sat down with the photograph on my lap. What was I going to do now with my life? I would graduate from high school, and then what? I was invisible, whether I wanted it or not. I had no friends, and that hadn't bothered me before, but without Mom, I realized I was totaally alone.

That's when I made my decision, I had nothing to live for here -as deppresive as that sounded -but I could find him, I could find him and then...

Yeah, and then what genius? He will smirk, tell a joke and you will be a happy family again? Don't think so.

It's worth trying.

I took the photo and ran to my room.

I grabbed my backpack and emptied it from my school books, I filled it with energy bars, water, two knives from the kitchen, and three totems -Dad had explained me how they worked -which I figured would come in handy if I was in trouble. Fey loved to trade.

I left the house, and though I intended this to be a short visit. I had the feeling I wasn't returning back.

"Fangs, Hey" I waved to the owner of "Magic Tatoos" who also happened to own a portal to the Nevernever.

"Summer, kid! How you doin'? I heard about your mom, sorry." He was just a couple of years older than me, but he was like a father to me, only not too much. He was a half-blood too.

"I'm fine. I came because I need a favor, I want to use the portal"

He blinked several times and cleared his throat. "I... don't know S, you know I'd help you but we're being watched fromthe other side..."

"Then make it a bargain, I'll give you a totem."

He did as if he was thinking about it. "Okay, but be careful." This is what I meant by not to much.

He guided me to the back of the store, to the basement, where there was a door.

"Sure you want to do this?"

"Yep " I gave him one of the totems I had brought with me.

He ran a hand through his messy brown hair. "Your mother would kill me if she was alive" Fangs muttered.

I laughed "Probably."

He opened the door, and with a final wave, I stepped through it.

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