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The drive to the restaurant wasn't too bad, other than the fact that Connor got carsick about six times. No exaggeration at ALL. When we finally got there I had to ask the hostess if she had any anti-acids for the queasy Assassin.

Once we all got settled down at a table placed in the middle of the entire restaurant, lucky us, we are greeted by a slew of stares from all around. I shrink down in my chair and thank the good lord that the restaurant has low lighting so that they can't see my blushing face. I breathe out heavily and open my menu; I've always loved Red Lobster so I know exactly what everything tastes like.

After the waiter brought us our cheesy-bread, I look over at the three Assassins and see that Altair and Connor have set down their menus while Ezio is still struggling to read his, which is understandable considering he is holding his menu upside down. Rahl notices this and snickers as the Italian continues making faces as he tries to read his menu. "Ezio," Rahl says with a snort," do you need help?"

"No," Ezio snaps, "I just, I guess my ability to read English diminished overnight because this does not read normally to me."

With that being said, Connor takes Ezio's menu, flips it over, and then sets it back in Ezio's hands. "Oh…"

Altair rolls his eyes and rests his chin on his hands. "So, now that we discovered that Ezio's brain isn't fully functional," enter a cold glare from the aforementioned Italian, "when are we going to get our food?"

"You have to order it first, when the waiter comes back with our drinks we can order our dinner." I say, taking a quick bite out of my cheesy-bread.

When I look over at Connor I see that he is tapping the table and this does not go unnoticed by a certain Altair, "would you please STOP?!" He growls.

"I'm sorry," Connor looks down but his fidgeting doesn't stop.

"What's wrong?" I say.

Connor looks around then leans over, his voice low. "I have to umm…use the restroom."

"Then go," I snort.

"But I don't know where the bathroom is." He looks around again.

Rahl gestures to a sign above the bar that has RESTROOMS painted on it in bright green letters. I look and see Connor's face flushed red as he stands back up and heads to the bathroom.

I look over at Altair to see that he is messing with the steak knives on the table. "Altair," I say, eyeing the possible weapons in his hands, "could you maybe, uh, set those down? You're making me nervous."

He looks up from his toys and snorts. "You really think I would kill a lady?"

"Yes," I say bluntly, I know he really won't but his attitude puts me on edge.

"Well, would you like to test that theory?" He holds up one of the knives between his index finger and his thumb.

Oh boy, what did I just unleash? "No, no, please don't, never mind, I believe you!"

"Good," he sets the knife down and interlaces his fingers together then simply starts to stare.

I eye the Master Assassin a moment longer before turning my attention to Rahl who appears to be, staring at me? "What?"

"Uh," he jumps out of his trance, "your uh, dress, it's uh…" he clears his throat and makes a pulling up gesture on the collar of his shirt.

"What?" I say softly before looking down, I forgot how low the top of this dress was and I blush when I see an extreme amount of cleavage protruding out the top. I quickly pull it up as much as I can then nod a thank you to Rahl. I am a little weary though, I don't know how long my dress was like that and I don't know how long Rahl was staring. I shake my head then stare down at the empty space on the table where my food will be. Where is that waiter?

I hear a slight scuffle on the other side of the table and I look up to see Connor and Altair pushing on each other and sending each other the scariest of glares. I then look over to Ezio who is shrunk back in his seat and is holding his hood over his face. Man, this was a wonderful idea. "Hey guys," I say softly, but the two Assassins keep shoving and Altair even begins cursing in a language I have never heard before, "GUYS!"

Suddenly they all freeze and look up; I even managed to capture the attention of a couple in the booth beside our table. I drop my voice low, "you better sit your butts down and settle whatever dispute that started this or so help me I will ring your pathetic necks!"

Connor and Altair slowly sit down, their faces reading fear in every way. "Now, what happened that caused this?"

"Well, you see," Altair begins, "I set my knife down on Connor's chair for just a second to clear off space for it, and I planned to remove it before his return, but I didn't predict his time of return properly because next thing I know, Connor sat on it and jumped out of his seat."

"Lair," Connor shouts, pointing an accusing finger at the Master Assassin, "you set that knife there on purpose!"

"In a way yes, I did put it there on purpose," Altair says dryly. "But I did not put it there to harm you."

Connor silences himself, although his eyes remain narrowed in a suspicious way. I need to think of a way to calm these two down.

"Are you ready to order?" I look up to see our waiter standing in front of our table with a pen and blank receipt paper.

I look over at all the Assassins and I decide to take over this Popsicle stand. "We will all have endless shrimp and we will start out with the parmesan shrimp and the spicy Cajun shrimp." I close my menu and grab the others before handing them to the waiter. "Also, to drink we will all have Dr. Pepper."

"I will have your drinks right out to you." He smiles then starts towards the kitchen.

I look over at the three Assassins before looking over at Rahl who is happily munching on a cheesy roll. "You don't mind that I ordered for all of us do you?"

He shakes his head and smiles. "Nope, I wanted endless shrimp."

I smile before turning back to the three Assassins who are staring at me. "What?"

"What is endless shrimp?" Connor asks, leaning forward.

"It's where you get to eat as much shrimp as your heart's desire for a very modest price." I say.

"And what exactly is shrimp?" Ezio speaks up next.

"It's a small crustacean that lives in the sea. They're very delicious when made just right." I say, picking up another roll.

"Is it dead when they serve it to you?" Altair asks.

I blink several times. "No, and they give you a hammer and knives and you just have to kill it and eat it raw!"

Altair cringes. "Sounds a little barbaric, don't you think?"

He actually believes it! "You actually believe that?!"

"Well, yeah, I guess." He gives me a curious look.

Rahl laughs beside me but doesn't speak a word. I give him a glare and he covers his hand and snickers softly. "Well, it's not true and yes, they are dead when they cook them. I was being sarcastic."

"I knew she was all along." Ezio says smugly.

"Of course you could tell Ezio." Connor snorts.

The Italian sends Connor a glare while Altair sends a glare in my direction. "What?" I say.

"You lied to me?" Altair says, as if I actually hurt him. I know I didn't though.

"Not necessarily," I say with a wave of my hand. "I simply gave you a sarcastic remark, but I wasn't expecting you to believe me."

Now I may not be able to see under his hood, but the way his head is down tells me that he is blushing from embarrassment. This does not go unnoticed by the other two Assassins who are both smiling harshly at Altair.

"Awwww, is the poor master gullible?" Connor says with a snicker.

"I could've sworn that being a Master Assassin would make you smarter, but I guess I was wrong." Ezio laughs harshly.

Suddenly, Altair snaps his head up, grabbing Connor and Ezio by their necks then slamming them down on the table. "Do you really want to be killed?"

I hold back a laugh when I see the two potential victims' fearful expressions. "Altair, would you mind calming down real fast? People are starting to stare again."

I watch as he reluctantly releases the two idiots and I release a slight giggle when they scramble back to their seats in complete silence.

The heavy tension on the other side of the table becomes prominent when Ezio starts flinching every time Altair moves, and when the waiter brings us our first order of shrimp he seems a little eager to leave as he swiftly and not-so-gracefully sets our plates down on the table.

I watch the waiter leave before taking a bite of my parmesan shrimp. Delicious as always, perfectly seasoned and juicy, I have never tasted anything like it. I look over at Rahl who is enjoying his shrimp as well, but I can't say the same for the Assassins. When I look towards them they are all just staring at their plates. "What's the problem now?" I say; maybe bringing them here was a bad idea RAHL!

"I don't know what to make of this." Ezio says, poking his shrimp with a fork.

"Just eat it you half-wit!" I growl and then look to Connor and Altair. "I'm talking to all of you."

Connor jumps when Altair grabs his knife to cut a piece off the shrimp and I can't make myself not laugh at his fear. "Just eat the shrimp please."

Altair looks at Ezio then to Connor and they both wave at him to take the first bite. Maybe they are hoping he has a reaction or it's poisoned, who knows. If it is then that would be one less idiot to mess with. Wow, I'm cruel.

I watch as Altair slowly puts the shrimp up to his mouth then stop. "What if it's poisoned?" Was he reading my mind?

"If it is then I wouldn't have to put up with your inane questions. Now just eat the stupid thing!" I say harshly. I hear Rahl snort beside me and I notice he is on his second order of shrimp. He sure eats like a typical male.

Altair sends me a dirty look before shoving the shrimp in his mouth. I laugh when his eyes widen and he begins shoveling the rest of the shrimp in his mouth. "Slow down! You're going to kill yourself."

Altair stops and I look over to the other two Assassins who have also discovered the delectable tastes of the shrimp. "What do you mean?"

"I mean," I say, popping another shrimp into my mouth, "that you need to go slower or you might accidentally swallow your fork."

"Yeah," Connor stops and laughs harshly, "what a tragedy that would be."

Ezio snickers beside Altair who is giving Connor the coldest of glares. I'm surprised he isn't frozen. "Spare me your petty insults Connor."

Connor shrugs and goes back to his shrimp, but not before Altair gives him a good cuff over the head.

After six more plates of shrimp, the three Assassins are all sluggish and somewhat, cranky?

"Would you stop looking at me?" Connor growls at Ezio.

"I wasn't looking at you, I was using my mind powers to choke you," Ezio spits, "but unfortunately they didn't work."

I look at Rahl and he just shrugs then gestures to Altair. Oh boy… I look over and I see him slowly nodding off and within seconds his face makes contact with the table. This doesn't calm down the other two Assassins who have begun an argument over who knocked Altair out.

I raise my eyebrow and then gesture for our waiter. "Check please, NOW!"

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