crazy part 1

One day, King Dean and his little brother Prince Sammy (who was actually much taller then the king but thats not important) were riding along on their horses, named Impala 63 and Impala 67. Their court jester Castiel was riding in front of them, telling them jokes to keep them entertained on their long journey across the new country of America, and back to their kingdom of Winchestin. Castiel was telling a joke that ended with the phrase, "I learned it from the pizza man."

Suddenly, there was a great flash of light, and a man with blue wings on his back appeared out of nowhere. The King,Prince and jester were instantly on their gaurd, having been trained to fight monsters by the late King John Winchester and his wife Queen Mary (who used to make the best pie in the kingdom but thats not important) "Who are you?" Asked King Dean. The creature spoke.

"Hello. I am John Oberon Watson, King of the Fairies, and I've come a long way to ask your help. My friend Sherlock is a very powerful warlock. We live in London, and we were trying to solve the case of the missing magic wand when he disappeared , and I havent seen him since. A gnome named Ash told me you three could help."

Then King Dean said "what do you think Sammy?" Prince Sammy sighed "It's Sam", he muttered before saying aloud,"I think we should help. What do you think Cas?" "Sure I'm always happy to help" Cas said straitening his trench coat (an odd outfit for a jester but he never left home without it).

"Okay we'll help you", King Dean said. Watson replied "Thank you all!" "Where was the last place you saw him?" Prince Sam asked."Well we were on the case of the missing magic wand and we were at the museum looking for clues when the evil Professer Moiarty, who is Sherlock's arch enemy-" "People don't have arch enemies", King Dean pointed out. "Yeah, but Sherlock dose". Watson said. "Okay, so if we find Moriarty, we find Sherlock," Prince Sam said."Yes" Watson agreed. "Alright then i guess we're off to find the wizard!" Dean exclaimed excitedly. "I can get us there," Cas said, taking off his trench coat to revealthe big black wings hidden underneath it . "Your an angel!" Watson gasped "I thought you were human!" "Yeah thats why i wear the trench coat," "do close your mouth please you are not a codfish", Cas replied, "Right sorry" Castiel reached out to touch them, transporting them all to London England 221B Baker St. Where Sherlock and Watson lived. Everyone was a little dizzy, traveling "Angel Airways" always did that to a person. They all walked in and were suprised to find Sherlock lying on the couch.

"Sherlock how did you escape?!