A/N part 2 includes harry potter characters "Well Watson after you left to get help something strange happened a man appeared out of know where as if by magic and he started singing I'm sexy and I know it" "What?" "Yes and he certianly wasn't sexy".

"Oh yes Sherlock this is..." "King Dean, Prince Sam and Castiel who pretends to be a court jester but is really the angel of Thursday that was sent to watch over them" Sherlock finished

"how did you know that?" the others asked shocked "well looking at your clothes it's obvious you two are royalty you stand in front of him as if to protect him your too young to be his father so that means you're his older brother" he said to Sam and Dean he turned to the angel "you wear an overcoat that is slightly too large for you meaning your concealing your wings underneath it" "the only royal brothers who have an angel watching over them are the Winchester brothers." "Wow does he do that a lot?" Sam asked Watson "yeah" Watson said.

"So Sherlock how did you escape" "Watson asked getting back to the subject at hand. Well as I said a man appeared out of know where singing I'm sexy and I know it" "what did he look like?" Dean asked "he was very pale and his eyes were glowing red and he didn't seem to have a nose he wore black robes" "he was obviously the dark lord Voldemort" everyone gasped for they had all herd of Voldemort's evil deeds "then a time portal opened and a younger version of Voldemort or Tom Riddle as he was called stepped out of it and they started fighting shooting spells at each other left and right Moriarty disappeared in all the madness. Tom Riddle defeated Voldemort freed me and left so I came back here then you all showed up" "why would tom riddle just let you go?" "I think he must have found out what a monster he's become and decided to fix his future" "he probably assumed I was one of Voldemorts victims" "Huh well thats stange" Sam said "Yes it certainly was oh and Watson Ive learded the whereabouts of the elder wand" "oh where is it?" "after tracing it through history I've found that the last owner of the wand was Albus Dumbledore" So his wand should be in his office"

"Great ill tell harry potter the good news in the morning " The Harry Potter" Sam asked yes "hes he hired us to find the wand". "What did he need it for? Castiel asked "he would have used it to defeat Voldemort once and for all but Tom Riddle seems to have taken care of that". "Alright then it was good to meet you two but since your ok" he said pointing to Sherlock "we should get back to our journey home cas can you take us back too the horses"

"Yes thank you for coming" "no problem" Dean replied Castiel took off his trench coat spread his wings and grabed sam and dean by the shoulers and they flew away

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