Ultraman; Advent of Darkness


Jim was walking down the hallway to the bride's room. He had something important to tell her, and he needed to get it out of the way before he can do anything else. The door was coming up, he was going over everything he needed to say in his head before he said it to her, making sure it sounded like how he wanted it to sound. He stopped in front of the door, and knocked. He said it over again under his breath, and nodded in satisfaction. The door opened and Krystal's head poked out. "James," she said, sounding a little bit surprised. "Uhm, now probably isn't the best time right now,"

"Krystal, I need to say this. So please, just hear me out,"

"Krystal? Who is that?" came a voice from behind.

"It's just Jim, Fara. I'll be there in a minute."

"Okay, but hurry, I need your help with this wedding dress! I still don't think it fits right!" Krystal looked back at the human, Jim wearing a smile.

"She still has the premarital jitters?" he asked.

"Like you wouldn't believe," Krystal replied with a grin. "But what is it that you wanted to say?" she asked. Jim cursed in his mind. What was he going to say? He had, perfectly thought out, and now it's gone, as if it never existed. As he tried to recall what it was, even turning away from Krystal as he tried to remember, he heard a giggle from the door. He turned and saw Krystal holding a hand to her mouth, trying to hide her smile. "Yes, James. I would really like that," The human had a puzzled expression on his face as he looked sideways, wondering what had happened when Krystal laughed again. "Don't tell me you've also forgotten who the mind-reader here is, have you?" She leaned forward and kissed him gently before going to his ear. "When this is over, I'll take you up on that offer." Krystal still smiled as she closed the door. He heard a female voice say that the dress felt a little too tight along the chest, but he didn't care. Jim felt a smile creep on his face, and it felt like it was going to be there forever as he practically ran down the hall to his own room to try on the tux that General Hare had gotten for him.

It has been several month since the team returned from Earth. Breaking the news that Fara was still alive was going to be difficult, and more than a little awkward. They settled on Fara being away on an undercover mission inside enemy territory, and that the whole her being dead was just a ploy. It would probably be offensive and insulting, but it was the best they could come up with. When Fara got home to her parents, needless to say her family was happy for her to be home, though not in the way that the team was expecting. For some reason, the Phoenix's thought she was away, rather than being dead. Even General Hare, and everyone else who was affiliated with her(aside from the rest of the team)also seemed to think that she had been away on a trip or something, and that even the upcoming wedding between Fox and Krystal had been forgotten, if not totally wiped from their minds. They were at a loss for the behavior, except for Fara and Jim, who had a strong feeling that Clouse and King were involved. Needless to say, once they arrived home, Fox and Fara broke the news that they were to be wed. The whole planet seemed to celebrate at the announcing. Plans were made and invitations were sent out every corner of the Lylat system. Bill Grey arrived, as did Katt Monroe and Dash Bowman, who had been working with scientists on Venom to get it habitable again, with the aid of the Anglars, of course. As the wedding drew near, it was on the tongues of everyone. It was to be broadcast live across the system as the famous war heroes were to be wed in less than a couple of weeks. And now, the day has arrived. As James put on his tuxedo, he inspected himself in the mirror. The white undershirt in contrast with the black dress-shirt and pants, with black dress shoes and a bow-tie on his neck. His blonde hair was combed and his face shaved. He heard a knock on his door and went to answer it. A rabbit in a suit and a clipboard looked at him with a slight smile. "Just an hour until magic-hour, Mr. Hoffman," Jim nodded and the rabbit left. He looked over himself once more, and with a deep breath, left the room and went down the hall to Fox's room. He heard voices from within, one was louder, almost frantic, than the others. He knocked and waited a moment before it opened, and frog-like head popped out and looked up at him. "Fox ready yet?" Jim asked.

"Uhhhh," Slippy started before he was interrupted from inside the room.

"Where's the ring, WHERE'S THE RING?!" Jim saw something get thrown in the background, and two forms going to and fro in the room. Jim pushed his way past Slippy, and saw Fox and Falco on their hands and knees, turning over chairs and tables, looking for something. Fox looked on the verge of insanity as he looked around.

"You alright, Fox?" Jim asked. The vulpine's head snapped up.

"I can't find it!" he replied.

"Can't find what, your mind? 'Cause it certainly looks like you lost it," Falco snickered at that, as did Slippy while Fox was far from amused. Fox glared at the human, then turned back to resume his search. Falco stood back up, dusting the dirt and dust from his suit.

"Foxy here lost the ring," he explained. "It was sitting, supposedly, on the dresser when we were fitting ourselves into our penguin suits, and now he's busting an ulcer looking for it," Fox ignored him as he searched the floor, turning over anything that looked like could conceal a small, ring-sized object. James looked around, and saw something next to his shoe. It glinted in the light and when he held it up, he saw it was a golden ring with two diamonds set into the band, yin and yang style.

"Is this it?" he asked. Falco saw it, and chuckled in response.

"Hey, yeah. Where'd you find it?" Fox looked up when he heard him, and bolted at Jim and snatched the ring from him, holding it close to him as he inspected it, making sure it was undamaged. Fox, Jim and Slippy looked at him in a concerned way as Fox put the ring back in his pocket. Fox looked at Jim, much more composed now that he had found the wedding ring.

"Thanks for that," he replied.

"No problem, 'Gollum'," the human said with a chuckle. "If you ever need to find your precious again, just let me know. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that the ceremony is starting in about an hour,"

"Is Fara ready?" Fox asked.

"Last I checked, she was having some minor issues with the wedding dress," he replied. "But other than that, everything's going like clockwork."

"It should!" Fox replied as he paced the room. "It's only the most important moment in my life! God, I hope cake is here already. And what about the guests? Are they all here, or are they still arriving? Is Peppy here as well?"

"You know, I've heard of 'crazy as a fox', but this…" Falco nodded at Jim's statement as Fox continued to pace around the room.

The hour arrived. All the guests were at the church, filling the pews as Fox, with Falco as best man, fidgeted in his suit while Falco tried to straighten it out. Jim sat next to Slippy and Mrs. Phoenix, while he looked up and saw Lucy, Katt, Amanda, and Krystal as the bride's maids. There was a soft buzz of voices as the guests talked amongst one another as General Hare stood at the head of the steps. Jim saw Fox actually shaking with nervousness, and even fidget a bit. He shook his head slightly and looked up at Krystal. 'You'd think that at this most important moment of his life, Fox would be more composed',

'Well you're not the one getting married, now are you?' Krystal replied with a smile. Jim had to smile back.

'No, but it's not like it's the end of the world,'

'In a way, it is,' Jim raised an eyebrow at her. 'It's the end of one life, and the start of another,' Jim chuckled at that.

'Fine, good point,' he replied in defeat. Krystal giggled and looked down the aisle and a hush fell over the crowd as they looked back as the organ started playing 'Here comes the Bride'. Coming first from the entrance was Cody, dressed in a small tuxedo while a flower girl tossed petals on the floor in front of them, and following close behind was Fara, in her mother's wedding dress with her father holding her arm. Jim heard a sniffle, and looked next to him to see Mrs. Phoenix holding a handkerchief to her eyes as she wiped the tears away as she smiled at her daughter. The organ continued to play as they walked up the aisle, and Fox, finally stopped fidgeted as he saw Fara walk up towards him. He was hit with a sudden realization of dej'a vu. He had seen something like this before, and it hit him; he'd seen a photo of his mother when she was holding Fox when he was a newborn kit, wearing a dress that looked like the one that Fara was wearing. His jaw nearly drop as he watched her come up the steps, and stood in front of him, wearing a loving smile as she gazed at him with her sea-green eyes. General Peppy Hare, dressed in his red uniform and white gloved with his glasses on, nodded in satisfaction and opened the book on the altar in front of him.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…" Jim couldn't take his eyes off of Krystal as Peppy spoke from the book. However, the vixen gestured with her face for him to look at the pair getting wed. He saw them look into each other's eyes, lost within them as nothing else, not even him nor Peppy as he spoke, seemed to exist. A sharp sensation flared in the back of his head, and the sound was muffled by something as he lowered his head and shook it, trying to clear it. He looked up, and saw that Peppy was still speaking but he was barely audible. He looked out of the stained glass window, and felt more than saw something coming. He was so transfixed to it that nothing could tear his gaze from it. Krystal noticed, and spoke to him.

'Jim, what are you looking at? The wedding is over here.' she said with an amused tone in her mind. Jim acted like he hadn't felt her. She frowned in puzzlement. 'James?' He could see it, as clear as day. His hands tightened into fists and his breathing became heavier. Slippy looked up at him, and saw him looking away, but thought he couldn't watch because it was too emotional for him, so he just patted his arm. He could see them coming closer to the church, and Peppy's voice became audible again.

"…speak now, or forever hold your peace." Jim stood up at that moment.

"Everybody DOWN!" Everyone took a brief second to look at the human as he shouted, then the stained windows started to burst inwards. People screamed in panic and fear while Fox and Fara ducked from the flying glass, Fox shielding Fara as best he could while Peppy took cover. Everyone ducked for cover while the glass flew inwards, the shards cutting and slicing where they went. When the glass stopped flying, Jim got up off of Mrs. Phoenix after trying to shield her with his body. He looked down at her, concern on his face. "Are you alright?" he asked. The fennec nodded.

"I'm alright, just a little shook up," he can hear the terrified voices of the people around him when the glass stopped shattering. He saw Slippy next to Amanda, making sure she was alright while Fara and Fox stood back up.

"Are you okay?!" Fox asked, concerned. Fara nodded in reply.

"I'm just fine, Fox. Really. But, what on Corneria just happened?" she asked, looking around. Glass shards littered the aisles and people as they brushed off the pieces of glass. Jim got up and moved to Fara and Fox.

"Are you two alright?" he asked.

"For the most part," Fox replied as he brushed himself off. "What about the others?" he asked as he looked down the aisles. The guests were either picking themselves off of the floor or making a mad dash for the exit before something else happened. Krystal and Lucy were helping some elderly people out, while Falco and Katt helped people out of the aisles. "Just what the hell happened?" Fox asked. Jim looked out one of the shattered windows, and bolted out of it. "Hey, where you going?!" he shouted. Soon, he and Fara followed him while Krystal looked back to see them leave.

He was running down the street, the area looked devastated. Vehicles were either upturned or demolished while craters in the road pockmarked here and there. People ran in the opposite direction that the human was going, trying desperately to get away from the thing that was approaching. From the smoke, they came; The hulking forms of the Dark Beasts he destroyed on that derelict ship, in what seemed like a lifetime ago. He felt his heart stop at the sight of them. "What are they doing here?" he asked outloud.

"It's simple, really," a familiar voice said. He turned and saw a hooded figure look right at him. At first he thought it was Andross, and brought his right arm up to his chest, his Spacium Brace forming when the figure raised a hand to him. "Stay your hand, old friend. You wouldn't want to do anything hasty, now would you?" The horde of the Dark Beasts walked right past them, as if they were non-existent. Then, the ground rumbled and burst upward as a massive clawed hand rose and fell to the ground, a misshapen humanoid head with pale flesh emerging just behind. The Dark Brute rose and lashed out at the buildings surrounding it, shattering them and sending debris to fall on the innocent bystanders below. Jim felt his nails dig into his flesh as he clenched his fists and whirled on the cloaked figure.

"Alright, Andross, I've had about enough of your little game!" Jim raised his arm, the Brace glowing a burning red.

"Really, you think me to be that charlatan?" the figure asked. Jim paused, and raised an eyebrow in puzzlement. "Surely you know me better than that," Jim recognized tha deep, gravelly voice, and felt his eyes widen in recognition. "That's more like it," the cloaked figure replied.

"What the hell is all this?" Jim asked.

"This? Well, this is just a vision," it replied, gesturing to all around them as the Dark Beasts swarmed and attacked all those in their way. "Just a little glimpse into the future, to show you that my return to power is immanent. Soon I will return to this Realm, and I will lay waste to everything until there is nothing left but rubble, and ashes." The human glared at the cloaked figure. "It's just a matter of time. I will return, and I will crush everything that you have fought for, and kill all those you love, saving that little blue and white furred whore for last, as I take her right in front of you, body and soul."

"Don't count on it, Gorzul." the human replied. The cloaked figure laughed and raised its arms to the sky, and everything turned to white. Jim shielded his eyes from the glare, and when he opened his eyes, he saw that he was back in the church, Peppy Hare still reading from his bible and the crowd looking up at Fox and Fara. He saw Krystal looking at him, a worried look on her face. Jim smiled up at her, but she didn't return it.

"If there is any here who believe that these two should not be wed, please speak now, or forever hold your peace," Peppy said as he, Fox and Fara looked at the gathering before them. No one spoke a word. "Then by the power vested in me by the council and people of Corneria, I hereby announce you Man and Wife. You may kiss the bride." Fox and Fara leaned towards one another and kissed, a large cheer erupting from the crowd as this happened. Mrs. Phoenix look as though she were going to burst into a sob as she wiped her eyes, with Slippy not far behind. Jim put on a smile as he clapped his hands along with the rest of the crowd and stood up. Fara and Fox walked down the aisle, hand in hand and walked out of the entrance with the crowd following. The red carpet lead out of the church and to an awaiting arwing with a 'Just Married' sign attached to the back with several cans attached to wires hanging off of the stern and wings. Fara turned around and threw the bouquet, Lucy and Krystal jumped up, and it was the vixen who caught it. Fox and Fara climbed into the arwing, and Fox fired up the thrusters as the engines came to life, the blue plasma flame burning bright. Jim walked up next to Krystal who put her nose into the bouquet, inhaling the fragrance of the flowers as she felt an arm wrap around her shoulders. She looked up, and saw the smiling human and smiled right back at him as both watched the arwing take off into the bright blue sky above.

Ultraman; Advent of Darkness

The End