July 4, safari zone, Kanto:

Field report:

The local tauros population appears to be infected with an unknown disease, the disease causes coughing, dizziness, and strange growths along the body. We will start looking into a cure, but for now it doesn't appear life threatening, and it only affects tauros, so it is a low priority. We will monitor the situation.

July 24, Dark's apartment, Unova:

"People arrived at the safari zone this morning to a ghastly sight. The growths on the tauros have actually exploded whipping out the entire herd, and spewing the contents of the growths across the park and into the air. The safari zone's officials had this to say…" Trailed off the news reporter, But the 14 year old boy had stopped listening.

"Well that is just terrible, I already can't ever sleep but now how am I going to even rest with that on my mind." Said Dark, he had this apartment, the one team plasma once used, for about 7 months and trying to sleep was hard.

"Maybe you should have gotten an apartment that actually had a bed! Heh heh" Joked Lucky the dewgong, Dark's first pokemon, and one of the lucky one in a million pokemon that can talk.

"Once I make enough money at the battle company I'll spring for a bed." He answered his travelling companion. Before this they were adventurers challenging Leagues and even befriending Giratina. However he had to now settle down, as he never became a gym leader or champion, but in his job as Mr. Momny's personal bike courier he still did a lot of battling, as he carried some valuable data, and had to act as his representative ocasionaly.

The sudden beeping of his computer meant that someone was video calling him. When he went to check he noticed that 3 people were calling. "A conference call well that means something." He stated as he clicked accept.

"Hey man what's up! Not heard from you in like forever! So what's new man." Said his tall, short blond haired friend Collin over the video chat. Also in the chat were his friends David and Logan. He had to crack a smile his friends could always cheer him up.

"Naw man same old same old, been a bit busy lately, because I'm battling a representative from tomorrow and Mr. Momny had me doing extra training. What's new with you?" He asked, batting some of his messy black hair out of his face.

"Meh boat going out to Shino tomorrow, think I may go with it check up on my folks." Answered David, David and Dark were both from Shino, Dark got Lucky when he as an 8 year old, he was on a trip to Kanto fell off the boat and Lucky the seel saved him. They had been partners ever since.

"I am doing nothing." Answered Logan, he and Dark had meet in the Shino league semi-finals were Dark narrowly beat him, it came down to Giratina vs. Rayquaza. Logan didn't have to settle down and get a job as he won the lottery 3 times!

"Oh! Me and Alexa are having a trade tomorrow, my Manetric for her Flareon!" Collin answered excitedly. Alexa was a strong trainer, she once a rep for the sliph co. company, he beat her in battle Dewgong vs. Charzard, after losing she quit and became the security detail for the science team from cinnbar island.

"Well I hope that goes well I have to try to sleep now." Dark said and hung up on the conversation.

"You still don't have a bed." Mocked Lucky from the other room.

July 35, Dark's apartment, Unova

The TV was still on and the news was only getting worse. "The aptly named Kanto Tauros Flu has some how evolved the flu now effects all, no deaths yet, but the nation is on alert and the Kanto National Guard is on stand by. Prof. Oak is currently leading an investigation for a cure. We will update you as the situation progresses stay tuned to the Unova News Network.

Author's notes:

Finally I'm doing pokemon.

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