Poke hazard: Chapter 1

July 5th Castelia city Unova region

"Wake up dip shit. You'll be late, and why are you sleeping on the table? The floor at least has carpeting." Said Lucky with his large tong causing him to have a lisp.

"Uhhh, 8:00 ok I'll just have break fast then we got to go." Dark said obviously suffering mild back pain.

"Alexa quit so we aren't battling her today, so who will we battle?" Lucky asked as Dark hurriedly ate his peanut butter and jam sandwich.

"That's a good question, Sliph co. is from Kanto so most likely a Kanto trainer, with Kanto pokemon. Kanto has some strong trainers, a few of the strongest actually, but we most likely won't face one of them.

The rest of the morning was uneventful; all he did was finish eating and walk to work.

"Ah Dark good to see you I see you may have slept tonight, the regional manager and their representative will be here soon. The field is ready as you can see." Mr. Momny said gesturing to the standard league field kept on this floor of the Battle company.

"So what are we battling over this time." Dark asked his boss, In the world of pokemon rights to things between companies were settled with representatives battling each other.

"Just a multi million dollar oil field near the sevii islands. Oh here the Sliph co. group comes." Said Mr. Momny, and Dark looked to the elevator and he didn't like what came out.

"No, this isn't fair, you're kidding me, fuck me!" Was Dark could say, but there he was, Red of palette town. He wasn't a sore loser, and he loved tough opponents, but losing one of these types of battles was a big deal. People would lose their jobs now because he was life times behind his opponent here.

"Hey are we going to battle or are you just going to stand there with your mouth hanging open?" Red asked obviously trying to get a rise out of Dark.

"Ok, let's cut the crap, and get this started!" Dark said snapping out of his stupor and hoping the railing to the battlefield below.

It the two trainers took up opposite positions on the field, and readied them selves, even though they all ready knew it was 6 on 6 single battles the referee sated it any way. Mentally Dark remembered his party; Galvantula, Steelix, Girantina, Darapion, Lucky the Dewgong, and Ninjask. When choosing his team he tried to avoid the Kanto and Johto pokemon a Kanto trainer would be able to read like a book with a predictable ending. However Lucky being able to talk definably trips up most opponents, and his Steelix was from Shino which meant it was worlds away from a Johto Steelix.

The battle began. Dark chose to go on an early offensive and chose to go with Spiderish the Galvantula, the move paid off as Red had chosen to go with Poli his Poliwrath. "Ok Spiderish Thunderbolt now!" Dark commanded already trying to press every single advantage possible, rather than the strategy he normally used. Anything Red said was drowned out by the explosion of impact. The dust cleared and there was no Poli, but there was a Snorlax. Great now he was fighting another pokemon and had no idea on the condition of the other. "ok, it's slow and very defensive. So, Spiderish, use bug buzz and stay moble!" Dark called out.

"Body slam on the ground now!" Red suddenly called, the attack hit the field and shook it, an impromptu earthquake. One that knocked out Spiderish. Dark was not one to get stunned, and acted quickly, "Ninjask swords dance, Spiderish return!" Snorlax was still getting up from impact so Ninjask was able to set up the swords dance, and get the speed boost bonus safely. "Ok now slash rapid fire go!" Dark said now trying tactics, Snorlax unable to retaliate quickly lost. "Pika let's turn this around Thunderbolt!" Red called and Ninjask was down and out.

"Steelix go get them!" Dark called.

"Wow that a rather predictable move there, Pika can use more than just electric moves and can dodge that lumbering hulk with ease." Red taunted sounding rather disappointed about this turn of events.

With that Pika unleashed a hail of lightning quick iron tails on Steelix. "let's se if you predicted this, Rock Polish!" Dark retorted, Red was use to steelix, but only Shino Steelix could use rock polish, and Red probably didn't have much experience with super fast Steelix. "Now this is a real iron tail, rapid fire Steelix!" Dark called, and Red could only stare in shock as Pika was decimated.

Before the dust had settled a blue aura enveloped Steelix, picked it up and pile drived it through the floor. Dark waited for the dust to clear before calling out his next, and his jaw hit the floor at his opposition. "m-Mewtwo? Um uh ok legendries, Girantina let's rock!" This was his ace in the hole, not only was it powerful but also Girantina was unpredictable. The Master ball opened releasing only black smoke. Girantina had a habit of using shadow force when called out. Before it knew what was happening Mewtwo was slamed into a wall by the smoke which then materialized into a giant six legged spirit dragon.

Now the fight was truly on. The 2 trainers called out attack after attack for 20 more minutes. Mewtwo had shadow ball which it used to bombard Girantina from a distance, while the physically based Girantian had to charge it's opposition. Giratina fell and it was all down hill from there.

"Drapion use toxic." Dark said preparing for a long battle, and Drapion was the best fit to weather out mewtwo's attacks.

However before the attack was completed Red made his move. "Flamethrower!" It turns out the poison of toxic was highly flammable.

"Well this is it, Lucky we're not going down with out a fight!" Dark called.

Lucky hit the field ready, and saw a mewtwo charging and aura sphere to launch at him, so he reacted like anyone would. "Holy shit wtf!" the dewgong said, now it was Red turn to stare in shock. Also mewtwo lost focus and with it the aura sphere.

"Now signal beam!" Dark called using his opponets faltering as an opening. The beam cut down the already weakened mewtwo with ease. But before there was any time to celebrate, Lucky was punched in the side of the head and sent flying into the wall by, Poli. "So Spiderish didn't even K.O. it." Dark said glumly as this meant he lost his entire team, while half of his opponent's team was fine.

"Hey your good, maybe I'll drop by for a battle sometime." Red said in an upbeat tone as he left the room.

Mean while in Dark's apartment his T.V. brought his electricity bill ever higher, as it was still on, and the news was absolutely terrible now. "Today we morn the life of Prof. Oak. He is the firt death directly attributed to the Kanto Tauros flue.