Celebi frowned sadly her blue eyes filled with sorrow as she gazed down at the small form cradled in her arms. Amber eyes gazed at her head full of dark curls tilted to the side in curiosity.

"Oh little one," She whispered "You will have a hard life ahead of you." She turned and faced the man next to her. "Aaron are you completely sure you wish to do this to your child?" She was unyielding as she questioned the aura guardian before her. If there was any sense on indecision she wouldn't agree to this, no matter how much she owed him. A pained look flashed across the handsome face before he nodded.

"It's the only way...Without me here; the hunters could and would kill him easily. I...he's my son...he's the only thing I have left. I would do anything to protect him, even if it means sending him away." Celebi nodded hearing the resolve in Aaron's voice.

"Very well then though know this; even if you survive I will not bring him back to this time. Usually I would never even consider doing this. But we Pokémon and I myself owe you a great deal. Consider my debt to you fulfilled Aaron Knight of Cameron." The man nodded once again understanding and sorrow filling his features. "I understand, Lady Celebi." The fairy like Pokémon nodded sharply.

"What is his name?"

"Ashura." He paused for a moment, thoughtful, considering.

"Ashura Aaron Cameron."

"Samuel, Samuel Oak...Come to me...I am in the forest. Come to me Samuel." Pokémon Professor Samuel Oak jerked upright with a startled gasp heart slamming frantically against his ribs.

"Celebi?" confusion clouded his mind as he fought to remember what had awakened him. "You came back!" He almost yelped it, hurrying to dress in the pre-dawn darkness. He practically flung himself down the stairs, barely remembering to be quite as to not wake his grandchildren who slept across the hall from him. Opening the front door he didn't pause as he hurried into the forest surrounding pallet town.

"Celebi!" He cried joyfully seeing the small fairy like Pokémon appear before him, a bundle cradled carefully in her arms.

"Samuel." She greeted her voice somber. "I have a task for you, my friend."

"Anything." He whispered vehemently "I would do anything for you, Celebi." The Lady of Time smiled a little sadly.

"I know you would."

"So what do you need from me?" Celebi slowly floated forward until there was only a foot or so of space between them.

"This." And with careful use of her Psychic powers she drew back the blanket showing him the face of a sleeping child.

"Who...?" He breathed out shocked into speechlessness.

"He is the son of a very dear friend whom I owed a favor...He is no longer in this world, but before he went he asked me to take his son away from his enemies. I agreed, Samuel I need you to find someone to care for him." He gaped her in shock and a little bit of despair.

"I will do it. But why me, my friend?" She smiled at him thoughtfully for a moment before answering "Because Samuel, I trust you," She murmured handing him the child "Now then his name is Ashura Aaron Cameron, you can tell no one of my involvement. Remember that, Samuel Oak. His life will be in danger if his origins become known" And after she spoke those ominous words to him Celebi disappeared into the into the shadows of the forest without a backward glance.

"Live well youngling, until we meet again."

The wail of a child broke the silence of the forest.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

"Hello, Delia Ketchum speaking."

"Delia, its Professor Oak I've heard that you're looking to adopt a child, and the strangest thing happened this morning. I found a boy abandoned out by the corral, and if you're still interested I could pull some strings with the league, as long as no one is looking for him..." She gave a cry of delight and Oak smiled staring down at the black haired boy asleep in his lap.

"I take it that's a yes then?"

Updated: Tuesday, October 13th 2015