A/N: Lucario never pushed Ash out of the way when they where saving Mew and it caused...unexpected results.

Pain, and unimaginable agony tore through him. He cried out wanting the blessed darkness to take him, but knowing if it did Mew and the tree of life were doomed. Just barely clinging to consciousness, Ash forced more of his aura out of his body doing the best he could to help Lucario save Mew. Pain like molten lava tore through him again causing his body to shudder, and a whimper of pain to squeeze past clenched teeth. Hearing Pikachu and Kidd's concerned cries he smiled bitterly through the pain. Glancing up with his brown eyes slowly fading to blue as he met Lucario's gaze. The the black and blue jackal like Pokemon's teeth were bared and he concentrated on giving Mew as much energy as he could, the light of his aura giving him a silvery-blue glow. Ash felt his resolve strengthen and with a dual of screaming cries he and Lucario put every thing the could in one last burst of energy. And then it was over, and the drain on their Aura was gone. The watery blue light surrounding Mew flashed and, rippled turning green as the red decay that had been killing the Tree of Beginning disappeared. Ash crumpled to the ground as if he was a puppet who's strings had been cut, then a sigh of relief passed through his lips. Lucario sunk down onto his knees next to him red eyes weary. Both glanced up and taking in Mew's rejuvenated appearance they smiled. Ash shuddered, whimpering as a ripple of electric blue Aura pulsed over his form Lucario quickly following suit. "Mew?" Ash looked with now bright blue eyes at the pink cat like Pokemon floating above him watching curiously with a hint of concern.

"It's good...to know your...alright...Mew..." He whispered gasping and pulling in pained breath's. Small whimpers burst from his lips as he slumped on to the ground.

"Pika!" He turned his head smiling softly at the electric mouse Pokemon.

"Hey buddy..." Worried brown eye's blinked at him

"Pika..." Another seizure like shudder tore through him and, Lucario seizied up in the same way a few moments later. They both knew they where about to die they could feel the warmth seeping from their bodies, and the darkness slowly encroaching on their vision.

"...Mew..." Ash smiled.

"Don't be sad Mew...we chose to help you...it was our decision..." And with that his eyes slowly slipped closed. Lucario gathered what remained of his strength and spoke as well.

"Ash is...correct...you didn't make us do this...we did it voluntarily...Goodbye...Pikachu...goodbye Mew..."

And his eyes closed as well. Both his and Ash's breaths becoming shallow and weak before stopping all together, neither noticing the brilliant flash of light that appeared after Lucario finished speaking.

"I will not allow this." A furious echoing voice spoke.

"I will not allow my chosen one to die! Not again!" Kidd, Pikachu, and Mew looked up and in Kidd and Pikachu's case stared in awe at the being before them while Mew looked on not a bit surprised. Arceus the god, The Original One. He who brought Pokemon and humans into existence, Stood before them fury etched into every pore of his being green eyes glowing brightly.

"Icreated you! And as such I command you, live! Draw in your breath and with it your lives! Ashura! Lucario! AWAKEN!" And with those words the God roared, and with his roar the Tree of Beginning shuddered and the world shook tremors shaking the ground under their God's anger. Pokemon all throughout Kanto and all of the other regions turning as one to face the Tree of Beginning and adding their cries to the echoing roar flying across the globe. With bright flashes of light the other legendaries appeared surrounding the Tree of Beginning. Silence fell everything went deathly still, and they waited. With a weak groan Ash shifted slightly his head lolling to the side as his lashes fluttered and slowly parted showing brilliant blue eyes before they slipped closed once again, beside him Lucario shifted and groaned but did not awaken. Arceus watched them carefully for a moment before he nodded.

"They will live. But," He said focusing his attention on Pikachu "He will be changed. Humans, even my chosen were not meant to have so much of my power go through them at once. It will not change Lucario, except possibly making his aura capabilities stronger. But Ash...I believe I may have left part of my soul in him," Noticing Pikachu and Kidd's worried and shocked looks, he elaborated.

"Unlike humans if a Pokemon loses part of their soul it will regenerate over time. When Lucario and Ash were using their Aura to save Mew they used it all up, and near the end and started to draw on bits of their soul instead. Drawing on parts of your soul is never a big deal because it's almost always Pokemon who do this and they have the ability to regenerate it over time. But Ash is a human and not a Pokemon so when I called their souls back, my own noticed the void in his immediately, and I was unsure what would happen if it was left alone. Being who and what I am I gave up part of my own soul to fill this void because, my own would regenerate almost instantly. When this happened I felt something in the structure of Ash's body change. I am not quite sure what but well...be prepared for anything." Arceus finished looking down on their stunned forms.

"Any questions?" At his words Kidd snapped back to reality

"Err...About how much of Ash's soul is yours, and why did his eyes change?" The God Pokemon hummed thoughtfully.

"Almost exactly half of it I would say but, that could be a bit off I suppose. The reason his eyes changed is simple, all human aura users have those brilliant blue eyes. It signifies their ability to use aura." Kidd nodded in understanding her eyes unfocused obviously trying to process everything that had happened.

"I will leave now, do not worry of informing them of this they will know it all when they awaken. Pikachu," He said focusing his attention on the worried form of Ash's partner "Guard my chosen one well. He will be weak and disorientated when he wakes." And then for Pikachu's ears only

"My legendaries will be watching out for and doing their best to protect him," He smiled "They have grown fond of him. Before I forget give this to him when he wakes." A large wicker basket appeared before Kidd.

"Goodbye." And with a blaze of golden light he was gone. The other legendaries following after him a moment later.

Ash's P.O.V.

Silence, Darkness. He was floating, drifting, and the pain was gone.

"Ash come to me, Ashura." Light appeared before him a pinprick small but bright. He drifted closer.
"That's right little one, come closer." Light surrounded him growing brighter forming into a larger snow white hall. Marble pillars soared high into the air meeting the graceful curve of the roof. "W..Where am I?" Never noticing the form behind him.

"You are in the Hall of Origin. The home of Arceus, and the meeting place of the legendaries." Ash whirled around and his mouth dropped open in shock.

"I knew it. I'm dead." Because standing before him grinning blue eyes alight with laughter was Sir Aaron. His grin widening he shook his head "Your not dead Ashura, or at least not anymore." Ash just blinked at him.

"Not anymore?" Here Aaron's expression became somber.

"You were dead. You used all of your Aura, and then began drawing on your soul to sustain the Aura sphere you and Lucario made." Ash made a light hum of understanding his eyes thoughtful. "Arceus was furious." At the boy's raised eyebrow and Aaron elaborated. "You are his chosen one, the one whose birth he planned from the beginning of time. Then once again gave up your life, and this time the only way you would be able to come back would be by his intervention." Ash looked startled for a moment but then he nodded in understanding.

"Alright I get that but why am I here." He questioned waving a glove inclosed hand at the hall to show what he meant.

"Ahh well..." Here Aaron grinned sheepishly. "I needed to explain some things to you. We're not actually in the Hall of Origin, we are in your mind I just manipulated it to look like the hall." Ash raised a eyebrow at his confession.

"Okay then have at it, I guess." Aaron grimaced slightly at the younger boy's statement.

"You might want to sit down for this." His poor eyebrow trying to escape his face Ash settled onto the ground and got ready for a along conversation.

"Alright first things first. When Arceus brought you back to life, he ended up giving you part of his soul in the process. So at this point almost half of your soul is a Pokemon's, and not just any Pokemon's but Arceus himself. He did this because it was the only way to revive you, a human cannot survive with anything less that a complete soul. Because of this we know there were changes to your physical makeup, we just don't know what they are. You need to be on guard for anything odd like being able to understand Pokemon, or even read peoples thoughts. The only thing we truly know is that you're not human, or at least not completely human anymore. So at the very least you won't need to worry about accidentally killing yourself by drawing on your soul anymore when you use aura, because you are know capable of regenerating it like any Pokemon. So technically you just beat the thing that affects all human aura users." Ash blinked in startled surprise at the rapid influx of information but nodded in understanding

"Good now onto the important things." Aaron drew in a deep breath and then preceded to challenge everything Ash knew.
"You're my son." Ash blinked rubbed his eyes poked a finger into his ears and asked if he could repeat that, and Aaron frowned.

"You are my son Ashura, Celebi took you into the future to protect you. Your mother died in childbirth and the Tree of beginning and Mew were already failing at that were born the day I died and Lucario was sealed away. It was the happiest moment of my life when I first saw you." Here Aaron's expression grew faraway as he remembered one of the happiest moments of his life. "You where so small and delicate with your black hair and brown eyes. I was so worried about you, The Tree of Beginning dieing had somehow triggered an early birth. I honestly thought I would lose you too, and then as my duty as a aura guardian I had to save Mew and I knew I would not survive the process. I begged Celebi to take you away to somewhere you would be safe, and thankfully she agreed."
While Aaron spoke Ash had been watching his face intently scanning it with his light blue eyes.

"You're my father." Ash stated, in a tone that made it apparent that this was no question.
"Yes." Ash tilted his head back his eyes glazed over with thought and shimmering with a veil of tears. Drawing in a deep breath he gasped and shuddered his chin sinking down to rest upon his chest, tears trickling down his cheeks.

"That's why we share the same Aura?" He got a nod from his new found father.

"What was my mother's name?" Aaron smiled gently at him his expression soft.

"Ayleth, she was Lady Rin's cousin. Her hair was the color of moonlight and her eyes were like amber drops. You inherited those from her although they are gone now." Aaron smiled sadly at the memory of his lost love.

"Ashura it is almost time for you to leave. But you need to know I will always love you my son, my little aura guardian. Lucario will be there when you awaken and he will know all of this as well. Stay safe my child, I love you and I wish I could have raised you, but it wasn't meant to be. One last thing, when you leave and go back to the palace ask Lady Ilene for my staff. If she refuses to give it to, you claim right of inheritance." Ash nodded in acceptance of the request and Aaron smiled gently at him.
"May the aura be with you, my son." Aaron smiled his face bright as he gazed upon the seated form of his son one last time.
"And you as well, father." And with those words the world dissolved in to white.