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'Rota is beautiful.' Ash decided gazing at the buildings as he and his friends walked down the cobble stone streets towards the palace in the distance silhouetted by the rising sun. The low buzz of conversation washed over him and Ash smiled softly relaxing slightly. Some of his vexation washing away although not all of it. 'If May hadn't whined about how her feet hurt, We would have been here last night.' Doing his best to ignore the bickering going on behind him Ash internally sighed. The twinge in his back caused by sleeping on the ground without camping gear wasn't helping matters either.
"Ash?" turning his head slightly to the side he peered at Kidd through slitted inhuman blue eyes. She shuddered mentally, Ash was a nice kid but those eyes were unnerving.

"Yeah, Kidd?"

"I think it is time I leave you guys to your own thing. I have to report back to Banks and I haven't talked to him since he agreed not to tell anyone about Mew or Arceus..." Kidd's voice trailed off at the end but Ash just nodded his head understanding on his face.

"Sure, Kidd thanks for coming with us this far." Kidd nodded lightly

"No Thank you Ash because of you I got to see Arceus I never thought I would see a legendary. So thank you goodbye Ashura."And with a light smile Kidd turned and walked into the crowd vanishing quickly. Ash sighed unhappily it was always sad to see friends go. Shaking his head he smiled slightly she was probably right they would meet again.

"Come on guys." He said peering at his friends from the corner of his eye smiling when he felt Pikachu's warm weight settle on his shoulder and Lucario come to stand next to him. Hearing the others low murmurs of agreement, he began striding across the bridge not paying attention to whether his friends were following him or not.

Cameran Palace

"Lady Ilene." Ash greeted bowing slightly to the blonde haired woman who smiled back at him gently. "Ash Ketchum. Your brave actions have saved Rota and as such I am in your debt, thank you. Lucario," she said staring at the aura wielding Pokemon

"My offer still stands if you need a home, Cameran Palace is always open to you." Lucario smiled lightly at that but shook his head.

"No Thank you my Lady. I intend to travel with Ash for the time being." The queens lips parted into a surprised 'o' not having expected that answer but, she recovered quickly and gave a small nod of agreement.

"Of course Lucario, just know that you will always have a home here. Now Ash is there something you needed?" She questioned softly sending the slightly nervous boy a curious look.
"Actually,Yes." He admitted sheepishly grinning at her tightly.

"I was hoping that you wouldn't be opposed to giving me Sir Aaron's staff." Ilene stared at the boy blank faced, while internally incredulous that this boy thought that she would just hand over one of the only remaining things Rota had left of their Aura Guardians. It wasn't going to happen. She quickly grew still a tight controlled mask over taking her usually soft features. She frowned at the black-haired child silently wondering in the back of her mind if his eyes used to be blue.

"I cannot do that Ash." She snapped coldly ignoring the boys hurt look and cutting him off when he opened his mouth to speak.

"Sir Aaron's staff is a relic, one of the last things we have of the Aura guardians. I will not hand it over to you just because you feel entitled to it after saving Rota. It is an artifact of a almost extinct people and it is not meant to be some child's toy." She felt guilty when she saw Ash's startled and taken aback expression and continued on more gently this time.

"There are replicas in some of the shops, good ones that are almost impossibly to tell from the real thing if you want something to signify what happened here. I can have one made for you Ash." Ilene was almost positive at this point that Ash's eyes used to be brown.

"How dare you," The boy's voice was cold and angry as he glared at her. She was startled to see his fascinating blue eyes practically glowing. "Treat me like a foolish child who just wants to play hero, Queen Ilene. I claim right of inheritance, As Ashura son of Aura guardian Sir Aaron and Lady Ayleth Queen Rin's half-sister. Who will back me in my claim?"
Ilene began to feel as if she was out of her depth. Sir Aaron had lived and dies over a hundred years ago and all records showed that his wife and child had died the same day. Ayleth, to birth complications and the child due to being born to early. But here still stood standing in front of her, was a boy claiming to be a dead man and his son.

"I will back you, Ashura son of Aaron." she gaped at Lucario in shock as the jackal like Pokemon stepped forward while making that vow. Although in retrospect she should have seen it coming.

"As will I, Considering I was the one who took you away to begin with." The young queen quickly repressed her urge to break down sobbing. Because in front of her floated a green and white fairy like Pokemon, Celebi the Voice of the Forest. The time traveler.

"Will you deny my claim, My queen?" Ash's voice was soft and polite but it was easy to pick up the dark sharp edge to it. She knew she only had one option for this situation internally she sighed this wasn't going to be fun.

"No. I will not deny your claim, Ashura son of Aaron. I apologize for insulting you before." The dark haired teen nodded once sharply not ready to forgive her. She stood and began speaking.

"Follow me Ashura, we keep all the things we managed to salvage after the battle in one of the towers."

Walking swiftly down the dais her long skirts swirled around her as she approached a large tapestry of the legendary dog trio hanging on the wall and pushing it gently aside revealing an old weathered wooden door.

With a quick twist the door creaked open, and she ushering the small group into the platform at the base of the staircase she noted that Celebi had seemingly left. Holding her skirts aloft from the dusty stairs she ascended quickly reaching another door at the top of the stairs. From underneath the bodice of her dress she produced a tarnished gold key on a matching chain. Slipping it carefully into the lock she turned it to the left, and waited for the almost silent click that signified that it was unlatched. When it was heard she promptly curled a hand around the handle and allowed the door to swing smoothly inward.

Warm sunlight streamed through the large dusty windows lining the room, highlighting the dust particles dancing through the air. Ash immediately noticed there were very few things in the room, a low table held small things on it watches, necklaces, and bracelets of all sorts. A small trunk with detailed carvings along the sides and top, and propped in the center of the room in its own stand was Sir Aaron's staff. Ash's fingers twitched and itched with the urge to pick it up. The only other thing besides his gloves that belonged to his father. He was so absorbed in his thoughts he didn't notice how Lucario's entire attention was focused on the trunk in the corner of the room.

"Go ahead Ash." Ilene murmured gently seeing the longing on the boy's face. Not needing anymore encouragement he crossed the room with swift strides his dark cloak billowing out behind him. Reaching out, he hesitated gloved fingertips scant centimeters above the dark colored wood, before reaching out and carefully touching the sleek wood of the staff. With one quick powerful movement he lifted it raising it high into the air above him, Instinctively knowing what to say.

"I Ashura son of Aaron claim you who my father created! My blood is in you, bow to my will!" A brilliant flash of bright blue light came from the crystal on top of the staff and temporally blinded them .When the spots cleared from the others vision they saw the crystals in both the staff and Ash's gloves glowing with a soft inner blue light. Lucario smiled happily, that his master's weapons had accepted their new heir. The others gazed at Ash in shocked surprise but he didn't acknowledge them. His head was tilted back and his brightly glowing blue eyes slitted as he panted heavily trying to regain his breath.

"Congratulations." Ilene murmured dryly.

"Since your already taking the staff, you might as well the trunk too. It was Aaron's as well although, only an Aura user can open it." Ash nodded shakily shocked that he was getting something else of his fathers. The young queen saw his shock and felt a bit guilty there's where the boys fathers things and she was being unnecessary cruel not giving them up. While she was lost in her thoughts Ash, Lucario, and Pikachu had moved to crouch over the trunk and converse in low tones.

"Aura can...specially keyed...might be able to open it...Aura ..." After another minute of conversing Ash gave a decisive nod and reached out a gloved and laying it in the exact center of the trunk. The group consisting of Queen Ilene, Brock, Max and May moved forward to hear the quiet instruction that Lucario was giving Ash.

"You must extend your Aura, you've done it before and now it's time for you to use it without a life or death situation." A light blue glow shimmered into being around Ash almost invisible but causing the others to draw back in shock. Lucario nodded pleased with the boy's progress. "Good, now begin to focus it into your hand the gloves will help." Ash nodded once sharply and after a moment a bright blue shade of aura appeared around his hand and lower arm.

"Very good and now for lack of a better description, twist it." A quite click echoed through out the room and Ash and Lucario stared at the trunk in apprehension. Seeing movement out of the corner of his eye the dark haired boy turned to look at the small group behind him staring intently at the trunk. "Please, leave." he uttered firmly but calmly, this was a private moment that only Lucario and Pikachu had right to be there. The others seemed to understand and left the room without protest, even May. When the door swung shut he glanced at Lucario and got a nod of agreement. With a shaking hand he carefully pushed open the lid. The first thing he saw had him quickly blinking beck tears.

A small portrait about six inches long, by four inches wide, with two faces smiling brightly up at him sat within the box. Aaron stood tall and proud with a smile curling at his lips and a arm curled about the shoulders of a beautiful wispy white haired amber eyed woman who was about a head shorter than him.

"That's your mother." Whispered Lucario gently.

"Lady Ayleth, Aaron loved her more that life itself he was so excited when he found out she was pregnant. Aaron...he always wanted a child...when..." Lucario paused sadness over taking his features. "When the tree triggered an early birth and your mother passed he was devastated, he thought he was going to lose you too. You were so small and delicate, you didn't cry when you were born just stared silently. And then he figured out what was wrong with the tree...he sent you away...I thought he sent you with Lady Rin's daughter, to protect you. I am so sorry Ashura..." Lucario turned away from where he had been staring intently at Ash's face and looked back at the portrait.

"It was not your fault Lucario." Staring sadly at it before picking it up and cradling it against his chest he said nothing before setting it carefully on the ground next to them.

The only other things where a small and elegant silver locket along with a deep burgundy wooden music box that Lucario said had been his mothers and that the locket open the box. There was also bag made from special cloth infused with Aura, so it would be extremely durable and anything in it would not break along with being water proof.

Apparently it had been standard for an Aura guardian to have one. The last item was Aaron's journal. Ash stared at the scuffed blue cover before carefully placing it in the dark blue bag along with his mothers things and the portrait and standing.

With Aaron's now his staff clenched in his hand and all that was left of his mother and father's belongings on his back, He and Lucario stood and walked out of the room. Pikachu clung to his shoulder with a worried expression on his face. Locking the door and descending the stairs neither said anything as they saw Ash scrub roughly at his face before opening the door and entering the throne room.

Queen Ilene was once again sitting on her throne and Ash's group stood off to the side looking uncomfortable and out of place.

"Thank you, Queen Ilene. I appreciate your generosity." The young queen appeared startled at Ash's blank mood and formal speech but followed protocol.

"No, Ashura it is I who must thank you. For your actions and those of your father before you, your bloodline has once again saved Rota and all the people within it." Ash just nodded in response not bothering to deny it.

"I will take my leave of Cameran palace and Rota now, my lady." Ilene nodded and spoke having expected this response from the solemn faced boy.

"Farewell, Ashura son of Aaron." Ash ignored his friends cries of outrage turned on a booted heel and strolled from the room cloak flowing behind him.

Rota: Bridge outside of Cameran Palace

"Guys," Ash began the quite tone of his voice causing the other to stop whining about leaving and turn to stare at him.

"You don't have to leave today if you don't want to. But I am and you are not coming with me." The small group gaped at him in stunned shock mouths open and gaping before May started to screech about him being a 'Stupid child' and that he 'Shouldn't joke about things like that.' while this went on Brock gazed at Ash's face studying it intently.

"May," Brock murmured interupting her ramblings, shocked "I don't think he's joking."
The brown haired girl stopped dead in her rant and Max wailed out in despair that his friend was leaving.

"I am not joking, Brock." Ash confirmed quietly expression bland as the gave him horrified looks "Aura training is private, only for other Guardians and Apprentices. You can't come," He said sadly to his friend. "As it is? I am putting my journey on hold, maybe even quitting it entirely depending on what happens."
Brock frowned sadly at the boy he had known for over three years.

"So this is it, Just like that?"
"Just like that."

"I'll miss you, Ash."
"I'll miss you too Brock," He looking down at the boy sniffling before him Ash smiled gently

"And you, Max." The boy sobbed slightly before looking up with teary eyes.

"Thank you for all you managed to teach me Ash. I will never forget you." He smiled lightly "No I don't suppose you would after all we went through together, would you? Just be the best trainer you can alright, Max? Good luck and good-bye." And without once glancing at May who still stood gaping after him. Ash soon to be Apprentice Aura Guardian strolled into the crowd, with Pikachu on his shoulder and Lucario at his side.

End note.

I Don't really like this chapter that much...Things jump around and it's rather depressing. Ash's feeling's about leaving his journey and whatnot will be most likely be addressed in the next chapter.
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