All aboard the Teen Wolf train. So I just finished the first season and I'm watching the second and I needed to get this off of my chest…especially since I have this thing for Derek. This is AU though—I mean there's OCs in it—and I'm having way too much fun with it.

There is an added smut warning to this chapter, just a warning.

WARNINGS: Language, Violence, Gore, Sexual Situations



The problem with being a werewolf was that everything seemed heightened and even used to it, even the best werewolf could slip up at the worst of times and ruin everything they had worked so hard to build before. The problem with being Charlotte Aria Graceland was that not only was she a werewolf, but she was desperately emotional and it was for those reasons that she had been separated from her family in Beacon Hills—that and college. Unforeseen circumstances had brought her back though, working at the Beacon Hills hospital as an intern nurse while she worked on her nursing certificate, but neither she nor Sheriff Stilinski had told Stiles that his cousin was back in town for awhile.

Stiles had enough to worry about right now.

Right now, Charlotte was trying her hardest to just get through her day, but he was back and she could feel him and that was the problem—that had always been the damn problem. No matter what she did, she couldn't shake him and that in itself hurt her more than she could ever admit to anyone and on top of that no one knew outside of her family. As far as anyone knew, the two were strangers and she wanted to keep it that way as long as possible even though she knew it was inevitable that their paths should cross at some point in time…especially after Scott McCall had been bitten by a werewolf. There was an Alpha running around trying to make a pack and Charlotte thought it was all far too stressful to become involved unless it put Stiles in danger and then she'd come to the rescue.

Still, that night, Charlotte was incredibly aware of her surroundings as she headed home from the hospital in her scrubs. While she was good at not being seen, she was even better at seeing and hearing what was going on around her and it made her want more than ever to just curl up in her bed at home. She was far more used to being a werewolf than anyone knew, including her family. Sheriff Stilinski hadn't even known that his own sister had been turned all those years ago and even if he had, he never let on that he did. Then it was just like her to run off with a werewolf man and then have two little girls with him. Born a werewolf…this was something that Charlotte had been coping with her entire life.

This wasn't a choice, it was just her life.

The wind picked up outside as the onslaught of rain poured down upon her, Charlotte cursing loudly under her breath as she fumbled with her keys and then got into her car, locking the doors quickly as her heart beat hard beneath her breast. Sure, she could take care of herself, but right now she just wanted to get home as quickly as possible, so she put the key in the ignition and turned the engine over, letting the windshield wipers come on and make that infernal squeaking sound as they pushed the sloshing water from one side of the glass to the other. Heading home, Charlotte turned on the radio and only just vaguely listened to the news before she switched to her favorite radio station and tried to calm down.

Part of dealing with this whole thing was having everything under control and with her volunteer work and her coursework, she didn't have time for this Alpha hunt, but she had to do it. Not only did it keep Stiles safe, but it meant that her sister, Phasmi Marlo Graceland, wouldn't get jumpy and shoot the gun like she did sometimes—it wasn't like the Gracelands hadn't turned people before, Phasmi turning one more than Charlotte had. At this point, no, Charlotte needed to get things under control, but when she got home, it was just her alone in the house and a sticky note on the fridge saying that her mother and younger sister were out getting some dinner and he had to know that—or he wouldn't have shown up.

There was a history between them that neither of them could just ignore and it hurt Charlotte to admit that, but he had made his own bed and he could sleep in it. It didn't stop her from opening up the door when he knocked, however, and just looking at him standing there with water dripping from him was enough to at least make lust ripple through her. Nothing was quite hotter than a fit man with a wet shirt clinging to his muscles as water rolled off of him. Besides, he was here for a reason and Charlotte just assumed that he had sensed her too and wanted to talk to her about this Alpha business and she didn't want to see him…she would say she didn't want to see him more than once.

"You're an ass," she managed to tell him before he was practically rushing at her.

She had told herself over and over again that she wasn't going to take any of his nonsense, but when his lips crashed into hers, she felt him consume her like he normally did. The kiss was hard and determined, the door shutting behind him and while at first she wanted to lock the door, her mind was practically blank right now. All that mattered was the dark haired young man that was kissing her passionately, his chapped lips practically bruising her mouth with the needy kisses. It had been a while for them, but she still remembered every bit of his touch with every nerve in her body and when she felt his stubble on her neck she just crooned out, wanting more.

He picked her up with ease, smirking when her legs wrapped around his waist naturally, her fingers in his hair, nails on his scalp. They enjoyed giving into their inner animalistic nature and more than once they'd hurt the other doing this dance and right now mixed in with the want was anger and he knew he deserved every bit of her hostility toward him and he could take it. In fact he couldn't stop the moan that escaped when she gripped his hair and tugged, her thighs tightening against him as he climbed the stairs in the house with her body in his arms, slamming her against the wall.

So much had been taken from him in his lifetime and he didn't want to lose Charlotte too, but they were both doing different things and they were changing and he had to leave. He was back now and he wasn't stupid enough to think that things were different, but their connection was stronger the closer that they were and he had to see her. Besides, this was how things had started with them, being in the same class…being best friends until everything had blown up in their faces. Then that fateful meeting, those long nights—it was the happiest he had ever been and he had been a right ass to her before anything had happened between them.

He was cold and he was exact…it was how he got through it all.

Regardless of his tough exterior, she was the brightest part of his past and she was so patient with him up until she was just going to leave him to his own devices and this had happened. It had changed everything…it had changed him…and then he'd chosen to throw it away and she had chosen to pretend that she didn't care, but they knew it hadn't been true. There was just so much going on and so much at stake and if only she could understand but this was going better than expected. She was letting him touch her, which was more than he could have asked for and all he wanted to do right now was devour her, his hands all over her body at this point.

She leaned her head back against the wall as his teeth found the flesh of her neck, Charlotte pushing on him and he thought it was all over until she pulled her scrub shirt off and then pulled him back to her, lips crushing against his feverishly. He heard her murmur a 'please', meaning she'd given into this whole idea and he just nodded, moaning into her mouth as she let her nails run along his muscled arms through the wet shirt, all the way down to the bottom of his shirt, his arms going up to let her pull it off of him, tossing it onto the floor and smiling a little at the squishing sound it made hitting the floor. Next she got his belt off and once down to their underwear, she put pressure on his shoulders and he helped her hop back up onto him, carrying her to her room.

He still remembered this house she'd lived in as a little girl and he was happy her old bedroom was her new bedroom, laying her down on the mattress before letting his head dip and explore. She arched against him as he let his lips trail along her skin, goose bumps left in the wake of his assaulting mouth, his hands getting her panties off expertly, mouth of her thighs. His heart sank a little as he could tell that she was biting her lip so hard to keep from saying his name and he deserved that…he did. However, the more he dragged this out, the more her brain would turn on and she would stop and she didn't want to stop when they were this close, so she tugged on his hair again and he looked up at her, their eyes meeting and he nodded when her eyes said all they needed to, and he slipped back up her body, forehead against hers.

"Don't drag this out," she said shaking her head and kissing him chastely. "Just…"

Reaching over to her nightstand, she opened up the second drawer and rummaged her hand in it a moment before she pulled a condom out and held it up. She was smart because she knew about her parents' past and because she had a genius IQ…that and it was only smart to make sure you had protection if you were going to engage in premarital sex. Nodding, he nuzzled her neck with his face as he took it from her, the prickly feel of it on her soft skin enough to send her senses into over drive and she turned her face, their eyes meeting. Those hazel eyes were going to be the death of her, she knew it, and yet she initiated this kiss and for a moment it was just gentle and loving like it had been in the past and he kissed her, opening up the condom and rolling it on as he focused on her tongue.

The moment he felt it teasing the corners of his mouth, he opened up his mouth and felt her slip her tongue inside to taste him. Their tongues fought for dominance as the kiss got more and more heated between them, Charlotte gasping loudly as he pushed in, flesh in flesh, him pulling back and smiling when she bit his chin. She was his when they were like this, and he still reveled in the fact that he was the only man to ever touch her like this…unless that had changed. No…if it had he would smell him on her and he hadn't. He was going to continue to believe that he was the only one and they could get this back if they tried hard enough.

Charlotte was thinking just as much as he was and yet feeling him push in and pull out, stretching her out like that and stroking her from the inside out, was making her forget all of it. There was nothing that he could say right now, she was sure of it, that would make this feeling stop and her nails were digging into him, raking along his back, leaving marks that would just heal because that came with being a werewolf. Still, she cried out when he hit her spot, biting his shoulder hard and murmuring into him in garbled words even he couldn't understand but he knew what it was—it was her trying desperately not to say his name because she was still mad at him.

Bringing her over the edge, he let out a cry of his own, feeling her teeth pierce his skin as her whole body hummed from the orgasm, the pain sending him right over too. There was nothing quite like feeling her tighten around him and yet that pain…they were good at the sex marks and the rough touching and it turned him on more than he was willing to admit. In fact he could remember plenty a pre-full moon adventure and so could she, licking his wound and then pressing a kiss to it in an apology she never uttered out loud. Gentle wasn't normally their thing.

"Why'd you come?" She managed to ask him.

He chuckled and pulled back to look at her as she lay there against the pillows. "Because I couldn't hold back any longer…"

"Shut up," Charlotte said pushing on him, biting her lip when he slipped out and then lay on his back next to her laughing. "You're not funny…"

"I have my reasons for coming back and you know the most pressing one," he told her gently, both of them slipping into silence as his laughs subsided.

Charlotte nodded slowly. "I guess I understand but I just…never mind."

He knew that she wanted to know why he never wanted to come back for her, but at the same time he knew that she really did understand regardless of what they were to each other. She sat up though, turning to swing her feet over the side of the bed and he kind of wished he'd gotten that bra off, but she had started to over think and this wouldn't have happened had he dragged anything out any longer. Regardless of the feelings swirling around in her stomach, she knew this couldn't happen again and started getting dressed because it was time for him to go back to wherever it was that he was going to stay while he was here.

Glancing at him as she pulled on fresh underwear, she made up her mind. "This changes nothing."

"It was just sex, Ar," he lied quickly.

A fresh hurt settled in and she felt her whole body tighten up and a dull pain set in all over as she just nodded at that and he knew he'd hurt her. He could tell and he got up to get dressed back in his wet clothes, Charlotte having nothing else to say to him for fear her voice would crack and she would cry. She hadn't been expecting the kiss he blind sighted her with when he left, and she cursed loudly when he left back into the rain and she locked the door behind him. Then she went up to adjoining bathroom that she shared with her sister as both of their rooms opened up into it, and she took a shower…a long shower and scrubbed herself practically raw before going down to greet her mother and her sister when she heard the door.

"No amount of soap in the world could wash Derek Hale's scent off of you," Phasmi laughed as she handed her sister a box that had pasta inside. "Leftovers…"

Charlotte sighed and then raised her eyebrows. "Well, how very thoughtful…"

"How very sarcastic," Phasmi responded, looking to Charlotte as her mother did. "So are we going to hunt an Alpha or not? I assume Derek is only back to hunt this Alpha, right? Unless this has to do with Laura…"

"We didn't talk much…" Charlotte admitted with flushed cheeks, her mother sighing loudly. "I know, Mom, I know. You said that you and Dad—"

"—your father and I were reckless," Mrs. Graceland explained shaking her head. "Look how well that turned out. Just…come into the basement and we'll start training."

Note: Charlotte and Derek have a complicated relationship that you will learn more about soon. Like I said this is AU (you all know how much I like doing my own spin), but there are a lot of the same incidents in it. You'll know more about what I mean when we get there. Feedback is always appreciated!