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WARNINGS: Language, Violence, Gore, Sexual Situations



Caroline caught a glimpse of Stiles when she and Eric got to school, Eric tensing up when he caught a glimpse of Lydia there. They were both in a position where they wanted to just act on feelings and urges when they knew that they shouldn't and Phasmi caught on as she dropped them off because she was on wolf duty right now. Charlotte had a lot to deal with because even an Alpha was unfocused during the full moon and even though she wanted to be focused on her pack, Derek had her in a rather unfocused mood and Phasmi understood that.

They were mates after all.

Still, it was kind of annoying for Phasmi that she was the one that was going to have to babysit the new wolves right now. Charlotte promised that she was on her way because she didn't want to have to deal with Derek, but having Derek close to her after all of these full moons without him was bound to have her acting a little crazier than usual. It would be nice to see Derek and Charlotte happy so that they could fall into a routine that made full moons simpler, especially with a pack to take care of, but Phasmi wasn't holding her breath.

Charlotte and Derek were both stubborn and as much as they cared about and needed each other, they believed that sometimes it was best to stand on your own. They were werewolves and they had to be careful and yet still stay strong, and now Charlotte was an Alpha of a pack and she needed to be focused on her pack…but Derek was back. Derek was back, and their mate bond was strong and it was unstable, and that made them unstable as well.

"I'm skipping school," Caroline said suddenly, getting back into the car since she hadn't actually shut the door yet. "I can't do this…"

Phasmi took a deep breath. "Look, as much as I understand, I cannot babysit you two all day. It's different because you're new wolves."

"All the more reason to keep an eye on us, right?" Eric asked her with a smile on his face.

"I am not as patient as Charles," Phasmi told them even though they knew that.

The three of them had hung out a lot in the past and Eric and Caroline both knew that Phasmi wasn't as patient as her sister. Charlotte was the one that could sit around all day if she needed to just to hear a problem explained all the way through and then fix it, but Phasmi didn't like to sit around and do nothing. At the same time, Phasmi was the good cop in her relationship with her sister, and it was because she knew what her sister was capable of and while Charlotte was the good cop to Derek's bad cop, Charlotte was bad cop through and through.

"What happens if we get out of control and you weren't there to fix it?" Caroline asked her, shaking her head. "I can't be around Stiles—he makes me unstable."

Phasmi sighed loudly. "There is far too much of that going around and I hate it."

"Besides, if we contact Charlotte, won't she come too?" Eric asked Phasmi as he buckled himself back in. "With hunters around and Care and I not being entirely focused, I mean she's bound to give up her day to train us, isn't she?"

"My sister has a job," Phasmi said as she waited for Eric and Caroline to get buckled in before pulling the car away from the school again. "I can train you both a little bit, but I'm not the Alpha. I can't keep you both under control if something goes wrong and I need you to know that right now."

"As long as I don't have to go to school, I am perfectly fine," Caroline admitted with a smile on her face.

Phasmi nodded when Eric agreed with Caroline. "Fine, fine…but my rules or I drop you both back off here, understand?"


Derek had never really thought that he was the kind of wolf to stray and to be fair, he never really had, but he'd always thought it deep down. He'd been so convinced that Charlotte didn't love him more than a friend and then along came Kate to give him all of the attention that he had always wanted from Charlotte and he had thought he'd been in love. Sure, he was young and naïve, but the scars of young love were there and Kate was just…Kate. Didn't mean that Derek hadn't ever regretted that, because he had—he'd always thought it would be him and Charlotte.

Their dynamic had always been intense, the bond between them now as mates only strengthened that bond further and right now on his own, Derek was trying to sort out all of his feelings. He loved Charlotte—he knew that—he just didn't know how to say it out loud because there was always one thing or another in between them and getting to be her first was definitely a miracle to him. Derek had been so hurt by Kate and what she had done that he had also seen just how stupid he had been to ever let Charlotte pass him by and then he had her and then he left her and no wonder she was resisting this so much: she didn't think that he truly loved her.

She couldn't be more wrong.

"I don't understand why you can't just tell her," Laura told her brother with a sigh. "Everyone knows that you two are involved—especially wolves, because we can smell you two all over each other."

Derek took a deep breath. "We're just mates."

"God, Derek, I know you're not that dense, alright? You can't just be mates," Laura said angrily, "that's not how it works. You two chose each other and now you're bonded forever. You bit her! She bit you! Anyone who ever tries to be with you, is going to know that she is a part of you now because that's how it is—that's how marking works! Just tell her that you love her!"

"I don't think that this is any of your business," Derek said quickly, hating when Laura was right all the time and she usually was.

"Your happiness, little brother, is my business," Laura responded with a sigh. "You two love each other and you're good together and I just want you both to actually be happy. She's like a little sister to me."

Derek shifted uncomfortably. "I'm just an Alpha's mate—she wanted me to be that part of her pack and so I did, because—"

"—because you'd do anything for her, and she'd do anything for you." Laura finished for him, running her fingers through his hair. "Little brother, you love her."

"I know I do," Derek said finally, burying his head in his hands. "I'm just afraid this won't last…"

Derek Hale was not as touchy-feely as he had once been, but he was hardened from so much loss in his life that sometimes he came across as cold and unfeeling. He in fact, had a lot of feelings, he just wasn't very good anymore at letting them come across and he knew that if he wasn't honest with Charlotte, then he was going to lose her and possibly for good this time. No one made him feel like Charlotte did and no one ever would, so acting like this was just going to push her away and he was pretty certain that there was also something else going on here.

He had smelt the blood before and while he had listened to what Charlotte had said, it hadn't been an entire truth and he'd tasted the same blood on her when she'd kissed him. Kissing him after biting Eric had been a mistake, but so had letting her pack wander around where Derek could smell them and it suddenly all clicked for him when the thought crossed his mind. Charlotte had been the one to train Caroline because she had been the one to turn Caroline and not the Alpha. If Phasmi joined the pack—and Derek didn't see why she wouldn't—then turning Eric was just the final step and that meant…

That meant that Charlotte was the Alpha of a complete pack.

At first Derek was furious and he was certainly going to yell at her when they crossed paths again sometime in the next few hours, but Charlotte had asked him to make a pack with her. She'd wanted to be the Alpha of another pack and it was sensible to want to be strong enough to take on this new Alpha in town, but Derek was feeling wounded because Charlotte used to talk to him. Confide in him. Their relationship was damaged and it was breaking his heart. After the full moon was over, Derek fully intended on talking to Charlotte about what was going on between them, and get down to the bottom of this pack issue.


Artemis Mahealani was new to school, but only because she had made the transfer due to reasons she preferred to keep to herself. She was Danny's cousin—their fathers were brothers—and while she spent a lot of time with Danny, living with him was different and of all days to go to a new school, she certainly picked a great one. She sat down at lunch with Danny and took a deep breath, looking around and her eyes landed on Jackson, making her sigh loudly. Danny chuckled, elbowing his cousin in the ribs and then nodding in Jackson's direction.

"Still hate him?" Danny asked her.

Artemis nodded and shrugged. "With a fiery passion…"

"Well, he's still my best friend, so try to be a little nicer to him," Danny explained biting into his sandwich.

"I can't make promises I don't intend to keep," Artemis responded shaking her head and opening up her pudding cup. "I don't know how I feel about these school lunches yet either. What is this?"

"Chocolate pudding," Danny teased even though he knew what she was really asking about.

"How did you get into High School?" Artemis teased back before the two smiled at each other.

Artemis knew all about Danny and his sexual orientation and it had never been an issue, even though at one point she thought that Danny had a thing for Jackson. Then, when the two actually talked about it, she realized that Danny really just wanted a friend and he would never date Jackson because of how rude he was to everyone. Sure, he had his moments, but Artemis hated the jock and preferred for Danny to get better friends and he did have other friends, but Jackson was his best friend. She knew why, as well, and she appreciated it, but she just didn't like him.

Jackson Whittemore was out for himself and he didn't really care who was in his way as long as he achieved his end goal. Admirable as some found that trait of determination, Jackson rubbed Artemis the wrong way and yet she tried for Danny's sake the majority time—not that Jackson didn't know he was hated. Sometimes, Artemis and Jackson even argued in front of Danny and now that they had to see more of each other, Artemis was definitely less than pleased about it. She also didn't understand why someone as smart as Lydia Martin was dating such a jerk, but she supposed it was a popularity thing.

"So, that's Allison he's eating with? The girl I'm just barely newer than?" Artemis asked, nodding when Danny did. "Okay, so maybe I can become friends with her at some point because she knows exactly how this position really feels."

Danny smiled and nodded. "Allison is really nice—she just broke up with someone too."

"Wow…she's new and she already had a boyfriend and then dumped him on his ass? Damn," Artemis said as she ate some pudding. "I can't compete with that…"

"Good, because I don't want you to date anyone at this school," Danny put out there, shrugging. "I'm going to be the protective older brother even though we're just cousins."

"I'll welcome it as long as you don't get overbearing," Artemis responded as she leaned against him and then straightened up to sniff her main course. "It can't be that bad, right?"

Chuckling, Danny shook his head and the two ate, Artemis dashing when she was done so that she could better map out the school because while she knew a lot of people, this was still new to her. She was more of a 'visit a lot and sometimes be a guest at school' kind of girl around here and she had to better acquaint herself. Mainly, she was here because she had to be and so she took a deep breath, running into a boy she recognized but had never really hung out with ever. Danny wasn't friends with Scott, but Artemis knew him by name and knew his mother was a nurse at the hospital…that was about it.

"Oh, hi, Scott," Artemis said, trying to be polite. "Didn't mean to run into you."

Scott paused a moment, taking in her visage. "My fault, Artemis…"

He was feeling really off right now and didn't quite know what to say, looking her over and realizing that he was really out of control. All of his urges were driving him crazy and he was scared of his own behavior. Not to mention he was feeling attracted to the young woman and he knew that couldn't be right…he had just broken up with Allison and he thought he loved her. Artemis and her auburn hair and beautiful smile just wasn't in the cards for him and he knew that. He knew that, right?

"No visitor pass?" Scott found himself asking.

Artemis shook her head. "First day at my new school—you okay? You don't look so good…"

"I…no, I'm off to the nurse. We'll catch up later," Scott said, abruptly taking his leave.

"Okay…feel better!" Artemis called after him.

Maybe it was the stress, but Artemis could have sworn that Scott's eyes had been a little yellow…


Charlotte knew that there was a possibility that she was going to have to face the Alpha tonight—no, she knew that she was going to have to face the Alpha tonight. So she took a deep breath and tried to go to work, but she was feeling so out of it and instead of focusing on her work, she was getting distracted by blood bags and thoughts about Derek because she was completely unable to think of anything else. Taking her leave by pretending she was sick, she decided to do something else…be more pro-active.

She had some time before she had to go and see her pack, and so she went to go and see if she couldn't check in with Peter. Charlotte wasn't family, but the nurse knew her and let her in and she took a deep breath as she looked at Peter, feeling like something was off, but not sure what. When the full moon hit, normally Charlotte was able to control herself, but for some reason, having Derek around her and not having their routine down had her all over the place emotionally.

Peter would understand.

Of course Peter wasn't really all that responsive, but Charlotte needed to at least get all of her feelings out because she was feelings childish. Normally she was a lot more mature and in control, but with Derek it was like she reverted to a love sick puppy and she wasn't a puppy—she was young wolf. She was this beautiful, independent, warm young woman and Derek might have been her mate, but she wasn't supposed to put him first.

"I know there isn't much that you're going to do here, but Derek and I are having issues and I just…how do mates do this? Not know if they should be mates?" Charlotte asked, looking at Peter as he stared blankly ahead. "I mean I love him, but he just…"

She trailed off because she had just admitted out loud that she loved Derek to his uncle and she couldn't tell him and it bothered her. Her heart started to beat rapidly in her chest and she just didn't know what she was going to do because she loved him: Charlotte Graceland was in love with Derek Hale. It wasn't as if she didn't know that either, she just felt like he was never going to understand that or feel the same way because just because he was lying about not loving her, didn't mean he was in love with her.

"Something is different about you," Charlotte said, deciding to change the subject. "I don't know what is going on around here, but I'm going to figure it out because Derek deserves answers and Laura deserves justice. If you can't give me a sign, than don't, but if you're the Alpha, Peter…I'm going to put you in your place."


Phasmi remembered everything that had happened to her earlier in the day, her life practically flashing before her eyes as the Alpha snarled at her. Something about him was familiar and yet she didn't have time to think about that at all: she had to protect Eric and Caroline, who were in between human and werewolf forms right now. They were unstable and in pain and right now they needed Charlotte, who was on her way, but would she get there in time? All Phasmi knew, was that she was going to have to act and she was a little worried about that.

She made her transformation, the Alpha charging at her, catching her off guard and making her want more than anything to just have Charlotte here. Sure, she was stronger because she was part of a complete pack, but she was up against an Alpha and the only one who could actually hold her own was Charlotte. Fighting against him, Phasmi found her side getting slashed by razor sharp claws and she cried out, Eric and Caroline both pulling free of their restraints and Charlotte wasn't there yet. Moving past the Alpha quickly, Phasmi tried to get to Caroline and Eric, but they were not themselves and they were looking for a kill.

"NO!" Phasmi cried out.

It seemed as though the Alpha was just toying with them, because she found herself on her own, wounded, looking for two Betas and having to sniff them out. She quickly called Charlotte, who had to transform as well, both of them following the scent that led to a scream. Eric had found a girl walking home on her own, Caroline with him, the Alpha near them like he was trying to prove a point and that was when Charlotte lunged at him, fangs bared, red eyes glowing. He met her head on, claws clashing, but Phasmi knew that Charlotte had the upper hand and hurried to where Eric and Caroline both started to tear at the girl with their claws, but they only got one lunge in before the Alpha went in to finish her off.

Phasmi was feeling lightheaded and sore, but she threw herself at Eric and tackled him down to the ground, the Alpha stalking off when Charlotte bit into his arm and tore, standing up and taking deep breaths. Blood stained her mouth, but she managed to roar at Eric and Caroline, both of them scared out of their minds and cowering in the alley way, Phasmi sitting down because she really didn't feel very good. Caroline was the first to look over at the girl she recognized from school, and shook her head as she looked down at her bloody hands.

"I…I…no…" Caroline said on the verge of tears.

Charlotte hurried over to her and Eric and reached out for both of them. "Transformations turn us into our worst nightmares and this was bad…but this was the moon. This was the first full transformation and you both did as well as you could without me there—this was my fault. I was too distracted and I can't be distracted. You're my pack."

"How is Phasmi?" Eric asked as he nodded, Caroline staring at her hands.

"She needs medical attention and I know just the vet to help," Charlotte explained as she stroked Caroline's hair, Eric getting up to help the girl as Phasmi did as well. "Caroline, I will help you to never have to go through this again, okay? You're my little wolf and I have you…"

Crying, Caroline nodded and let Charlotte pull her into an embrace, hating herself but knowing that part of what Charlotte had said was true. So she nodded and let Charlotte help the girl to the hospital, Caroline and Eric taking Phasmi to Dr. Deaton because she had wounded by an Alpha—those kinds of wounds didn't just heal. After getting everyone the attention that they deserved, however, Charlotte ran her tongue over her teeth and felt her stomach go queasy because she was pretty certain that she knew exactly who the Alpha was and it didn't sit well with her.

Heading home, Charlotte went to take a shower, Phasmi in bed with pain killers in her system, Eric and Caroline in the guest room with her because they hadn't wanted to go home and Charlotte wanted them to feel at home. Her mother was out of town and totally equipped to handle herself, so Charlotte almost felt like the momma wolf looking after her young and she gasped when she saw Derek there. He smelled like the outdoors and mildly like Scott and it dawned on her that something had happened. This was all really bad and she took a deep breath.

"How did Scott do and what did the hunters do?" Charlotte asked him.

Derek paused before answering. "They know there's a Beta other than me and I told Scott the rumor about how he can be not a wolf anymore because he really hates this. Nothing compared to you not telling me that you made a pack though."

"You didn't want to be in my pack," Charlotte shot at him, confused right now.

She was angry and so was Derek, but it was the full moon and their mating scars throbbed and they just wanted to rip each other's clothes off. It was a normal full moon feeling, but Charlotte had wanted so desperately to resist until this moment. She had her reasons and she knew that Derek had every right to be mad at her, but she didn't want to fight—she just wanted to be intimate with Derek. Sure, she'd regret this later, but she…no. She wouldn't regret this. She never regretted being with Derek, she just wondered if he loved her as much as she loved him.

"We have never been this distant with each other!" Derek yelled at her, getting in her face. "We have some serious trust issues and I hate it!"

Charlotte nodded in agreement. "I hate it too!"

Before Derek knew what was happening, Charlotte's lips had collided into his, crushing against his feverishly. Derek responded almost immediately, his body basically sighing with relief at her touch even though the touch sent his sense on fire with desire. He wanted to be all over her, helping her out of her clothes as she groped at his and tugged at them to get them out of her way. Even if he wanted to keep arguing with her, he never would because this was what he had wanted since she'd let him into her house the night he had come to her when he'd come home.

"I thought you were holding out," Derek whispered as he nipped at her earlobe.

Charlotte shook her head. "We both knew I wasn't going to make it…"

As much as she wanted to believe that she could have held out, she knew that sooner or later she and Derek were going to end up here and she allowed him to push her down on the bed, moaning as his skin collided with hers. Her nails immediately started to run along his muscles, arching her body up into his like she couldn't exist without him being closer, fingers tangling in his hair as his hand wandered down her naked flesh, a finger suddenly appearing between her legs and disappearing inside of her, making her gasp and then moan again at the feel of him.

"How about…deeper…" Derek whispered, pushing the fingers in a bit deeper, rewarded by another lustful whimper. "You like me deep…"

Charlotte shook her head even though it was a true statement. "Talking dirty to me is unfair."

"You know what else is unfair?" Derek asked her slowly.

She wanted to ask and she was going to, but Derek was already on the move down her body, hands running along her soft skin and mouth kissing her thighs. Charlotte parted her legs for him and bit her bottom lip hard as she felt his hot breath between her thighs. Opening up her mouth and arching a little bit, Charlotte felt Derek's tongue trace where his fingers had been, mouth clamping down on her clit and making her moan loudly. She was already wet, but she was getting more and more aroused the more his tongue traced and his mouth sucked, gripping his hair and arching herself against his mouth as his tongue slipped in.

Charlotte let out a moaning gasp as Derek moved his tongue inside of her, gripping his hair tighter and writhing underneath him. He knew just what to do to her to make her putty in his hands and her claws were literally coming out as she wiggled under him, mesmerized by his tongue flicking and lapping at her. Her pleased sounds just made him continue until he felt her yank at him, Derek lifting his head and making direct eye contact with her and nodding as she pulled him up to her, pressing his lips to hers and letting her taste herself on him before he found himself being flipped over underneath her. Just like that she was shifting down his body, kissing down his naked torso.

Derek grunted underneath her, tilting his head back against the pillows as she unfastened his tightening pants and slipped them down his legs. He knew exactly what was coming next when he felt her mouth on his abs, nipping and kissing only to find their way to base of his member, nipping and sucking and making him moan underneath her. They were playful like this at times like this and he smiled and gripped the sheets as her mouth roamed along him, her hand playing with his ball sac for added pleasure for him right now.

"Fuck," he whimpered as his tip disappeared into her mouth, tongue on his slit. "Charlee…"

She smiled and nodded, taking more of him into her mouth as she tried to reciprocate the pleasure for him, but a word escaped his lips she almost didn't catch, making her stop. Derek paused too, hoping she hadn't heard, but knowing she had, and so he pulled her naked body up over his and stroked her hair, pressing his lips to hers and reaching down between them before Charlotte whimpered into his mouth, his flesh in hers now. He rocked up, kissing down her neck to her sternum, letting his teeth elongate.

At first, Charlotte was too blissful right now to pay attention to what Derek was doing, but as he traced a spot to bite to mark her freshly as still his mate, she found herself gripping his neck. She wasn't going to strangle him, but it was the only place she could grab and Derek was caught off guard because it was obvious that she didn't want him to mark her as his mate…but why? Sure, the bite he had already left on her marked her to others, but if he didn't keep his bites fresh, the scent would continue to fade and he didn't want the mating scent to fade.

"Just stay…" Charlotte whispered, kissing him and moving against him at a set pace.

Derek nodded slowly even though he was disappointed, pushing Charlotte over the edge before he went over himself, holding her close to him as she panted against his mouth. They made eye contact and to his surprise she smiled, closing her eyes and kissing him gently as she rolled off of him and kept his body close to hers. She wanted him to stay the night and he was going to do just that, but why couldn't he bite her? This was what he had been looking forward to: getting Charlotte to cave, and re-marking her. So why wasn't she on board? It would help him to prove to her that he was here…that he loved her.

"It's not the new pack," Charlotte whispered as she tried to grasp at the real world again, arms wrapped around Derek, lips brushing across his peck. "I just don't think we're ready to make this commitment again now that we know just how serious it is."

Derek nodded gently, kissing her forehead and cupping her chin as she looked up at him. "I always knew how serious it was, I just wanted you, Charlee. It's never just sex for us, you know? It never was, and it never will be."

"I know," Charlotte whispered even though she was glad to know he hadn't meant it the first night.

Nuzzling his chest with her nose, she asked him to stay and that was what he wanted, so he held her close through the night, falling asleep in her embrace and feeling for the first time in a long time, like he was actually home.

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