Let's stay like this for a while, a certain thought drifted across the cold air of December, temporarily paralyzing someone hiding in the shadows. Natsume's hands gripped Mikan's tightly, and he smiled without the usual pride that he carried with him. He leaned closer, until noses touched and puffs of smoke came out—

Underneath the dim glow of the red lanterns, Mikan blushed terribly at the face of the most coveted boy in the Academy. Suddenly she started noticing all the features which made him look rough yet vulnerable, at the same time—his dark mane which fell in perfect tips, the thin line that smirked at the sight of the brown beauty, the crimson eyes which drained all the blood from Mikan's head…

But she didn't see the boy who was holding withering flowers run away from them.

It's short for a chapter, but that's just the way I make a prologue. Concrits are deeply appreciated.