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Direwolves Nymeria's POV

We were frightened. Our mother was dead and it seemed as if we would die soon as well. All of a sudden we heard voices coming towards us. A young human reached us first. He picked up one of my brothers and cuddled him to his chest. I felt hopeful, perhaps we would be saved.

The other humans soon arrived. There was an argument some of the humans wanted to kill us but the young boy kept begging a man, obviously his father, to let us live. His father caved. The young boy was clearly overjoyed.

Me and my sister and brother were lifted into strong and carried away. The humans brought us to a large castle. In the courtyard a young boy and a girl were playing while an older girl kept watch over them. As soon as they saw the elder humans they rushed forwards eagerly. 'Look what we found,' said the boy who had found us first. The other young humans peered at us curiously. 'We get to keep them. They're direwolf pups,' the boy explained. Clearly the other children were his brother and sisters.

One by one we were taken into the children's arms. My sister and I were handed over to the two girls while my brothers were given to the boys. The boy whom I'd heard called Bran kept the brother that he had picked up. I worried for our albino brother but was relieved to see that he had found a caretaker in the form of a young, kind looking man.

The humans soon gave us names. My human gave me the name Nymeria which I quite liked. The others were all called, Grey Wind, Summer, Lady and Shaggydog. Our albino brother was named Ghost. We thought it was fitting seeing as how he moved with hardly a sound. We teased Lady because her name sounded so prissy and she never joined in our play fights, even though Ghost joined in sometimes.

All in all our life was good. Then we got the news that one of our brothers was leaving us. His human was heading to a place called the Wall and he was taking Ghost with him.

On the day he left we gathered around him to say our goodbyes. We would miss Ghost but at least it sounded like he was going to have an interesting life. We also knew that we would see him whenever his human came back to visit.

So while we would miss our brother we knew we would see him again and at least the rest of us still had each other.