Here is my new story. It's a little different than my other stories, but I hope everyone enjoys it all the same. :)

Chapter 1

It was a traditional morning in Jump City, the sun was shining, and almost no clouds in the sky, and everything seemed at piece. Even within Titan's Tower, everything was as any regular day, since they defeated the Brotherhood of Evil. Robin and Starfire were in the kitchen area, talking and carrying on as they usually do. They had started dating after what happened in Tokyo. And needless to say, they were more inseparable then they usually were.

As for Cyborg he was in the living room area of the Common Room, playing on the gamestation. After Tokyo, he took Starfire and Robin's example and asked out Bumblebee out on a date. She had said yes and the continued dating ever since. Eventually she transferred over to the main Titan's Tower, and then appointed Jinx in charge of Titan's East. She and Kidflash, accepted and are now a part of Titan's East, while Bumblebee was in the main Titan's Tower sitting next to Cyborg cheering him on as he was playing his game.

Beast Boy was also in the living room area of the Common Room, playing against Cyborg. After he found "Terra" at the high school and the incident in Tokyo, Beast Boy thought it was best that to move on, but he could not find anyone that would date him for him, or was not disgusted by his green looking skin. He had begun to give up hope that is until Raven asked him to go to lunch one day. They soon started hanging out all the time, and after a certain point, Beast Boy asked Raven out, and she had agreed. After their first date, they had been together ever since. This all happened about 3 years ago.

"Give it up B; you know you can't beat me. You can't beat me even in real life," Cyborg taunted as they were playing. They were playing a fighting robots game, in where they were fighting one another.

"We'll see about that dude," Beast Boy exclaimed. He stuck his tongue out and started pressing multiple button combinations as fast as he could. The computerized robot that he was controlling obeyed the commands and started gaining the upper hand.

Cyborg started to sweat a little, as he saw Beast Boy's robot starting to overpower and out maneuver his own. Bumblebee watched the two, duke it out, and saw Beast Boy start to beat Cyborg. She then cheered for Cyborg even more. "Come on Sparky, I know you can beat him!" Bumblebee continued to cheer. This gave Cyborg the extra confidence he needed and then in one mass amount of button combinations Cyborg's robot overtook Beast Boy's and knocked him out.

"Boo-yah!" Cyborg exclaimed as he jumped up from his spot on the couch and put up the victory sign with his hand in front of Beast Boy's face to mock him. Bumblebee jumped up as well and wrapped her arms around Cyborgs neck giving him a kiss on the cheek. Cyborg smiled and said, "Now that's what I call a grand prize." He looked to Bumblebee and smiled to her as she hugged him tighter.

Beast Boy grumbled and crossed his arms in slight anger that he lost. He was like that for only a moment until he felt two arms gently wrap around him from behind the couch. Beast Boy could tell who it was, one from the smell of this person, and two from the skinny, black attire that surrounded their arms. He turned his head and looked to the face that made him always smile, Raven.

Raven had entered the Common Room as Cyborg and Beast Boy were finishing up their game. Once she reached the behind the couch she decided to merely watch for a moment as to not distract Beast Boy. But once he lost and Cyborg proclaimed his victory, she knew that Beast Boy would be grumbling and moaning about losing. So she decided to skip that step and went right away to making him feel better. She gingerly wrapped her arms around his torso and leaned over the back of the couch so she would be level with his head.

"How about a constellation prize?" Raven said as she leaned her head towards Beast Boy and gave him a chaste and loving kiss on the lips. They stayed like that for a couple of moments before Raven decided that it was enough for now. She reluctantly pulled away and then leaned her forehead against his as they looked into each other's eyes.

"Best prize I've ever gotten," Beast Boy said quietly. Raven smiled happily as he said that.

Cyborg saw the two as they just pulled away from their kiss. He looked back at Bumblebee and gave her a raised eyebrow as saying 'could he get something like that?'

Bumblebee rolled her eyes and said, "Maybe if you are good, you'll get something even better tonight.

Cyborg gave her a sly smile, and said, "Sounds good to me." He knew what exactly what she meant and held no objections to it.

Beast Boy may have been paying attention to Raven, but thanks to his ears, he was able to hear Cyborg and Bumblebee. He had a good idea what they were going to do tonight, and it was something that he and Raven had yet to experience since they dated: sex.

They had talked about it once and Raven felt as though she was not ready for that yet. She absolutely cared for Beast Boy more than anything else, but she told him that she was not yet ready. Beast Boy held no objections to this, he was not going to push Raven into anything she was not comfortable doing. But that did not mean that he did not think about it every now and again.

Raven watched Beast Boy as his face fell slightly. She had a feeling that Beast Boy was thinking of why they had not taken their relationship as far as the others, and when it would happen. She felt guilty and started to pull away from him slowly put still had her arms wrapped around him. "Beast Boy I need to go into town for a while ok," Raven said to him.

Beast Boy smiled and said, "Ok, but try and be back soon ok, I'd like to take you out to dinner tonight, just the two of us ok."

Raven smiled and wrapped her arms tighter around him as she laid her head on his shoulder. She was happy, it was rare they went out, but it was always nice. She released him and went on her way. "Bye," Raven said to him before she teleported to Jump City.

Beast Boy smiled and let out a content sigh. He was truly happy. The city was safe, except when a criminal tried to steal something, or a new monster wanted to attack. He had all his friends, and a wonderful girlfriend to boost, life was perfect.

Cyborg heard Beast Boy sigh and looked over to his green friend. "Everything alright man?" Cyborg asked him.

"Yeah," Beast Boy said happily.

Cyborg was confused for a moment that is until he looked to his left and saw Bumblebee hugging his arm. He smiled and knew exactly what he was talking about.

"Beast Boy grabbed the controller that he dropped when Raven had hugged him. "Hey Cy, how about a rematch?" Beast Boy said tauntingly, as to get another chance to try and best his friend.

"You're on!" Cyborg said as he grabbed his controller and they started the match over again. The match started again and they both went after one another.

Beast Boy was not paying full attention however to the game. He looked at Cyborg and Bumblebee and saw that they were both really happy with one another. He then glanced over to Robin and Starfire who walked over to the couch and sat to the right of Beast Boy and watched intently as they friends were playing their game. He then went back to his game with a smile on his face. This was the way it should be, everything and everyone happy together. But he was hoping that there would be a change in the tower and hopefully it would make it even better than it already was.

Out in the suburban area of Jump City, there was an apartment building. It wasn't anything fancy or extravagant, just an average white apartment building. On the third floor, was an average, one bedroom apartment that had a single couch with a coffee table in front of it. There was a flat screen LCD TV, with a stereo system in the TV stand. The kitchen area was relatively small; it had a breakfast nook, a stove, washer, some cabinets, and an average fridge.

Going down the hall on the right was the bathroom, with a shower, sink, and toilet and on the left was the bedroom. The curtains were closed except for a small crack that let in a small amount of light, and in that light you could see the silhouette of two figures making love on the king size bed. She was on top of him, moaning softly as they continued. Soon enough they climaxed and she fell on top of him. Light panting could be heard from both figures.

The girl rolled off of him and lay down on the bed on her side as she pulled the covers up. The figure behind her propped himself up slightly and went to give her a peck on the cheek. But she pushed her face deep into the pillow as to avoid it. "What's wrong, didn't you enjoy it?" The male figure said in a deep and masculine voice.

"It was fine, I just don't want you to kiss my cheek that's all," The female figure replied in a soft tone. They both lay in silence for a moment not moving, or talking. After a moment the man, put his hand on the bare of her collar bone and began to move up and down, but that only lasted for a second, before the girl got up from the bed and proceed to search the floor.

The man moved closer to the edge of the bed and reached over to the night stand and clicked on the lamp. As the light illuminated the room, the brown haired, white toned man looked at the grey skinned girl bent down on the floor picking up her articles of clothing. "Why are you in such a hurry, Raven? Usually you stay for a while and sleep," he said to her.

Raven had her underwear on when the light came on, and she proceeded to put on the rest of her uniform. "I just need to go home, I got plans tonight," she replied to him. She just zipped up her leotard and proceeded to put on her cloak.

"Alright," the man said to her. He merely lies back down and put his hands behind his head staring at the ceiling with a smile on his face.

Raven sat on the bed and put her boots on before she grabbed her belt and walked to the door. She made it to the door before she heard the man call say, "Goodbye Raven, see ya later."

Raven stopped at the door for a moment with her hand on the handle. She swallowed and said, "Goodbye Daniel." And with that she exited the room and then teleported back home.

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