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Chapter 6

Beast Boy was in his room on his queen sized bed, which he got after trading in his bunk bed. His stereo had been playing his Matt Nathanson CD, which he bought one afternoon on a whim. Right now it was playing "All We Are," which incidentally is the last song on that CD. His eyes were closed as he listened to the somber melody of the song.

He loved this song, it was a nice tune to hear if you were relaxed or down. He started to think back of the past two years with Raven. (A/N: At the start of this story I said three years, but that's for everything, they have only been together for two.) They had good days, where they spend all day together and enjoy one another. And bad days where they would have an argument and not speak to each other for hours at a time, but they usually made up the same day.

A day had passed since the team found out about Raven. Beast Boy had told her that right now their relationship was tentative. They would not break up, but until further notice the stuff they normally do like kissing, taking naps during the day together, and other couples stuff save for an occasional hug and holding hands would be on hold. Raven agreed reluctantly, but she was happy to still be with Beast Boy. Afterwards, they spent half the day together until Beast Boy decided to go to bed early.

Beast Boy was knocked out of his musings when he heard a knock on the door. He opened his eyes and glanced at the door. Thinking it was Raven to get him for dinner. He did not feel like getting out of bed however. "It's open," Beast Boy said plainly as he grabbed the remote to his stereo and turned down the volume.

The door opened and two people stepped in. Beast Boy looked to the door, expecting to see Raven, but was surprised at who it was. "Hey Beast Boy," Robin said as he and Cyborg walked in his room. Once they were in the room, they shut the door behind them.

Beast Boy looked at them quizzically and said, "Hey guys what's up? Did I miss combat practice or something?"

Robin and Cyborg stared at Beast Boy for a moment before Cyborg spoke up. "No man, we wanted to talk to you about Raven."

Now if Beast Boy was wasn't confused before he is now. He got off his bed and stood up facing the two friends in front of him. "Why? Did something happen to her? Is she alright? Beast Boy asked frantically. He stood up and made a dash for the door, when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Easy Beast Boy, nothing is wrong with her," Robin said reassuringly as he removed his hand from his shoulder.

"Then why do you guys-" Beast Boy started as he looked to his friends.

"We wanted to know if you know what you are getting yourself into with Raven," Cyborg said interrupting him before he could finish.

"What are you guys talking about? Of course I do. I knew what I was doing when I first asked her out, "Beast Boy stated trying to understand what they want.

"We're talking about Raven and the baby and you still being with her," Robin said plainly to his green friend.

Now the full picture was in view. "Oh, well yeah I do," Beast Boy replied plainly.

Cyborg and Robin looked at each other for a moment, and then back to Beast Boy again. "Are you sure man? What if one day you decide that you can't do it anymore? That you can't deal with Raven and her baby anymore," Cyborg asked.

Beast Boy smiled and said, "That won't happen."

"How can you be sure? What if-" Robin started crossing his arms over his chest, but was interrupted by the changeling.

"Trust me guys I'm sure. I made a promise to her, and if nothing else I am a man of my word on important stuff like this," Beast Boy stated make his point across.

Robin and Cyborg were somewhat satisfied with that answer. But that did not mean they were done. "Alright one more question then?" Robin asked commandingly.

Beast Boy groaned hoping to be done with this nonsense. "Fine what?" he asked impatiently.

"Why are you with Raven now? After everything she did," Robin asked.

Beast Boy did not expect that. They were questioning his motives for being with Raven. He smiled and said, "That's easy. It's because I love her." He looked at them and saw that is answer did not do anything for them.

"We get that, but what we don't get is how you can stay with her. I mean she cheated on you. And to add insult to injury she got pregnant. Which begs the question did she ever use protection," Robin stated to him. He wanted to show Beast Boy the gravity of the situation.

Beast Boy looked at his leader for a moment and he then started stifling, which soon turned to low chuckling and soon enough laughing. He was clutching his sides not in pain but humor. After a moment or two later, he walked back to his bed and sat back down on his bed and slowly ceased laughing. He raised his head and looked to Robin and said, "You may be the leader, but you sure are dumb Robin.

Robin was mad and his face showed it, but before he could say something but he was interrupted. "Do you thing Raven is not smart enough to use protection. They break it happens. And to answer your question, I don't care what Raven did, she could have cheated on me the whole time. I love her that's all that matters." Beast Boy stated profoundly.

Robin and Cyborg did not expect that form him. But they could not understand why he would remain loyal. "I don't get you man, if Bumblebee did that to me, I don't think I'd be able to handle it man. It is the ultimate betrayal in my eyes," Cyborg said to him.

"You're right Cy, it is. And when she told me all I wanted to do was leave. And I was ready to too. But I started to think back on all the time me and Raven had. But instead of dwelling on the negative and all the wrong she had done to me, I thought of all the good times we had. I chose to forgive. Those times one what kept me from leaving I want more of them," Beast Boy finished.

Robin and Cyborg were stunned. Beast Boy had just told them why he would not leave Raven. His reasons were odd, but that did not make them wrong. "Look Beast Boy, whatever your decision, just make sure it does not affect the team as a whole. We still have to work together," Robin stated hoping Beast Boy would know what to do.

"Trust me Robin, if that happens you will the first to say I told you so," Beast Boy replied.

"Alright y'all I say we go get some food, I'm starving," Cyborg suggested as he turned to face the door.

Cyborg took a step forward and pressed the button on the side to open the door. "I gotta say BB, your more of a man then I gave you credit for," Cyborg said as the door opened.

"He's more of a man than you are," A monotone voice said that belonged to someone everyone knew. Thy guys were dumbstruck when they saw Raven standing just outside the room.

"R-Raven?! What are you doing here?" Cyborg asked frantically.

Raven glared are him for a moment and then began to speak. "Well I came to get Beast Boy, so he and I could get something to eat." She then walked past them and stood in front of Beast Boy "But then I heard you guys talking." Raven looked down solemnly.

Beast Boy stood up from the bed and looked softly at her and asked, "How much did you hear?"

Raven raises her heads to look in his eyes. "Since they questioned why you are with me?"

Beast Boy looked at her and said, "Oh." He put his hand behind his head and scratched it nervously and guiltily.

Robin and Cyborg did not know what to do. They were caught like a deer in a car's headlight. "Look Raven we're so-" but before Robin could finish, Raven shot them both a glare that could kill most men. They both backed up in fear.

"Uh, I think we're gonna leave, head to the kitchen and grab some grub," Cyborg stated pulling Robin with him. They both exited the room quickly hoping to avoid Raven's wrath.

When Cyborg and Robin cleared the room and the door was closed once more. Raven turned her attention back to the boy in front of her. Her eyes softened as she looked at him. "They're right you know."

Beast Boy lowered his arm back to his side and said, "Raven."

"But I hear what you said also. And I know that you set the guidelines for a while, but after what you said," Raven started but could not continue.

"Raven, what are you-" but before Beast Boy could finish a pair of lips captured his own. At first he was startled by the gesture but after a moment he closed his eyes and held her against himself.

Moments passed but the two eventually, pulled away from one another content smiles on both their faces. "I see, well I guess I'll let it slide just this once. But only this once ok?" Beast Boy stated.

Raven did not say a word but merely laid her head on his chest and breathed in and out slowly. A moment passed before Beast Boy spoke up again. "So do you want to get some dinner?"

Raven shook her head while still against his chest as a way of saying no. "No I just want to be with you right now," Raven said softly.

Beast Boy laughed nervously and put his hand behind his head again. "Ok," he said nervously. Raven raised her head off his chest and looked at him. She then grabbed his hand and pulled him back to the bed behind them. She guided him to sit down and then sat herself down upon his lap. She wrapped her arms around him again and laid her head upon his collar bone.

Before long Beast Boy moved to the center of his bed and laid down taking raven along with him. She adjusted herself so she was fully on top of him and retracted one of her arms and laid it next to her head resting upon his chest. Beast Boy smiled and put his hand on the small of her back as they lay together. He closed his and breathed slowly in and out. These were the memories he wanted to have.

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