Author's Notes: Hello readers! This is my Elfen Lied story, which I hope you all like very much. It took me a good two months to juggle this with my Soul Eater story(yes, I'm working on a Soul Eater story, just look at my profile.), Gaara story, and school. So, enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Elfen Lied. If I did, Lucy wouldn't have died in the end, she would've ruled the world. Mwahahaha!

Chapter One: It Is So Dark In This World

It's dark. That's what Lucy thought as she walked down the sidewalk with no shoes on, and only wearing a white tank top and turquoise shorts. She walked aimlessly, waiting for someone to come by. Her light pink hair was over her eyes, making it difficult to see. Her arms were limp in front of her, and her neck was jutting forward, giving someone the impression she may have been lost in the quiet town in Japan. In fact, Lucy was lost. She had woken up from a dark sleep, after escaping the prison that had held her. She remembered the boy whom she loved. Kouta, she thought, I can never see you again. She had nearly killed the boy of eighteen years, but remembered him, and ran away. Why was I there? she thought, Hadn't I drowned in the water? That was another memory: She had been shot in the head and fallen over a cliff into the ocean. She couldn't remember if it had hurt or not, only that it probably wasn't pleasant. Still, she walked, waiting for a human to kill so she could once again begin her war on humanity.

"Hey," called a voice in the distance. Lucy stopped in her tracks. A human, she thought, Perfect. She looked up and parted her hair by shaking her head to the sides. She examined the human five meters away from her. A skinny girl wearing a black laced dress stood in the distance. She wore a black hat with a veil attached, which hid most of her short, brunette hair. She had black buttoned gloves, and buttoned shoes. She looked at Lucy blankly, with her dark, almond eyes eying her. The girl held out a pieced of paper with her arms stretched out, and while doing so, she wore a malicious smile. "I saw you walking around," the girl started, "So I thought I'd draw you. Please take it."

Her voice was soft and melancholy, like a sad child wanting someone to love them. Lucy didn't care who she was, or how depressed she sounded, she would kill her. However, she couldn't do so until this pathetic girl walked into her tow meter vector range. "Come closer..." Lucy commanded, "And I'll take it." The girl stared at her blankly.

"Not until you put your hands down, please." The girl replied as Lucy stared at her in shock. Does she see my vectors? she thought, Let me test her to see. It's dark, so she probably must think it's my hair.

"Hey," called Lucy, "My hands are down." The girl stared at her with cold eyes.

"Not your real hands," she called back, "The ones on your back that no one else can see, silly girl." Lucy stared back, with anger this time. How, she thought, How can she see my vectors?!

End Of Chapter One