Chapter 4: Rift


A clatter suddenly filled the once silent hallway. Mayu whirled around, looking for the source of the noise, when a person collided into her. Mayu and the person fell onto the hospital tiling. Mayu soon found herself in an uncomfortable situation, being that the girl was sleeping on top of her stomach. Mayu, who was usually very calm, was rather impatient on this particular day.

"Hey!" she cried, "Get off of me!" Mayu tried to kick the person off, but to no avail. The person, the girl, rather, simply stayed on Mayu. Mayu sighed, and flipped herself to lie on her stomach. The girl flipped along, and was under Mayu. Realizing she had went under her, Mayu kicked her once more, and stood up. She looked down on the girl who was sleeping on the hospital floor. She had short, pink hair, wore a dark blue dress, and sported matching navy blue shoes. None of this seemed surprising to Mayu, until she took a second look at her head. Right on the top, growing out of the girl's head, were two identical horns. They're just like Nyu's, thought Mayu. She took a step back, and glared at the girl. I don't want to know anyone, Mayu thought, That has anything to do with Nyu! Mayu turned around to run away, but was stopped by the girl grabbing onto her leg.

"Wait for Nana!" she cried hoarsely. Mayu fell onto the floor, fearing for her life. She didn't know what this girl could do to her, or what she wanted with her. All Mayu knew was that this girl had grabbed her, and that her name was Nana.