Hello! This is my second fanfic!

In this story, Ash Ketchum enters the world of Beyblade.

There he meets Gingka, Madoka, Kenta, Kyoya, and the rest of the gang.

With his Bey, Electric Zekrom W105R2F, he will make new friends and enemies.

Will he and Gingka be the very best?

Find out in Pokemon: Metal Masters.


Pokemon: Metal Masters

Chapter 1

It's a peaceful day in the Kanto region. The forest pokemon are enjoying themselves. The Pidgey are flying around. A Pidgeot flock scaring a Fearow away. That's actually pretty normal. Beedrill coming out of Kakuna shells. Swarm of Beedrill buzzing around their hive. A big black dragon flying in the sky. Wait, a big dragon!

That's right! A shade of dark gray dragon- and dinosaur-like basis is flying. It has red eyes. The tail consists of large, round, conical and spiked formation, like an electricity generator, with a black inner portion and bands on the tip of the outside portion. Its knees are black, as are the foremost parts of its three-clawed feet and spiked heels. The pokemon is known as the Legendary Pokemon Zekrom. On Zekrom is a trainer and a Pikachu.

The trainer seems to be in his teenage year. He has black spikey hair with a red and white cap with a blue pokeball crest on top. He also has brown eyes. He also wears a blue and white jacket with a yellow zipper and two black stripes shaped like upward parabola. He also wear dark gray fingerless gloves with red straps at each end. He wears gray pants and red shoes with black tongues. The boy is Ash Ketchum riding with Pikachu on Zekrom.

After his adventure in Unova, Ash doesn't know what he want to do now, so he decided to take a ride on Zekrom to let his mind clear. After a few moments of riding, Ash still doesn't know what to do. "I still have nothing." Ash said frustrated. Pikachu tried to comfort its partner.

"Don't worry my hero." Zekrom said telepathically. "You'll find the answer you're searching for." Zekrom then released a roar.

Ash sighed. "Zekrom. We are friends, right? So you don't have to keep calling me that."

"Very well then Ash Ketchum, Hero of Ideals." Zekrom said.

Ash smiled. "Just call me Ash." Zekrom roared once again. Then a bright light came in front of the group. "What's that bright light?" Ash asked before the light enveloped them.

Ash woke up to see that he's in a strange place. It has a big gate with chains. "Pikachu, are you here?" He looked around to find his best friend.

"Pika pi!" Ash turned and saw his partner coming to him.

Ash smiled. He came and hugged Pikachu. As teh hug ended, Pikachu got on Ash's shoulder. "Where are we?" Pikachu was confused as well. Realization hit Ash and he looked around. "Where's Zekrom?" He and Pikachu looked around to find Zekrom.

"Chosen One, Aura Guardian, and Hero of Ideals Ash Ketchum." a voice said. Ash looked around to find the source of the voice. "You won't be able to find me in your Awakening."

"My Awakening?" Ash asked confused.

"Yes." the voice answered. "Your Awakening to your next destiny as a Blader."

"Blader?" Ash asked confused. "Who are you?"

"It doesn't matter." the voice answered. "And you'll find out the rest on your own. But I can tell you this. I know where Zekrom is."

"You do!" Ash exclaimed. "Tell me! Where is he?"

"He's behind the gate." the voice answered. Ash turned to the gate. "If you want to free him, remove that Bey."

"What's a Bey?" Ash asked confused.

"Look hard." the voice said.

Ash looked hard enough and saw a stone spinning top sticking on the gate. "Oh. So that's a Bey."

"Right." the voice said. "Remove that Bey, and your next journey will begin." A moment later a walkway was made. "Are you ready?"

Ash thought about it and walked to the gate. "I'm ready." he answered.

"Good." the voice said. "Just grab the Bey and let me do the rest."

Ash obeyed and touched the Bey. When he did that, a bright blue light came out of the gate and enveloped Ash and Pikachu. Ash and Pikachu opened their eyes to see that they are surrounded by the bright blue light. They see a black blur in the distance. The blur let out a mighty roar.

Ash smiled. "Zekrom!" he said excitedly. Zekrom gave out another roar and head to its hero. Ash floated to Zekrom's direction. When they got close to each other, Ash put his hand on Zekrom's head. When he did that, a bright blue light surrounded them once again.

Ash is back in the room with the gate. He removed the Bey and took a look at it. The Bey's Fusion Wheel is black that is designed as the wings of Zekrom. The Energy Ring is dark gray that retains the design of Zekrom's wings and head opposite of one another. The Spin Track is Wing 105 with the "wings" resembling fins, at its sides. The Performance Tip is a Right Rubber Flat that makes the Bey go in a right-ward motion. The Face Bolt despicts Zekrom. The Bey is heavy enough for great power and light enough for great speed.

Ash looked at it amazed. "Whoa!" he exclaimed.

"Your Awakening has complete." the voice said. "Now you're ready to take on a whole new level of battling. Beyblade."

Ash looked at his Bey again. "Beyblade."

"Correct. You and Electric Zekrom will face other Bladers and be strong." the voice said.

"Electric Zekrom." Ash said.

"Now go forth." the voice said. "Your next journey awaits you." Ash was about to ask something, but a bright light enveloped Ash and Pikachu once again.

Ash and Pikachu woke up to find that they are in a alley. Ash stood up and looked around. "Where are we?" He then felt something in his pocket. He reached in his pocket and took the item out. It was his Bey, Electric Zekrom, and a some sort of launcher for the Bey. "I guess it wasn't a dream." Ash put the items back in his pocket. Ash and Pikachu walked out of the alley and was amazed at the sight.

The city is huge. It has lots of tall buildings. There are people walking on the sidewalk. Ash also saw a few food stands. "Whoa! This place is huge!" he exclaimed.

"Pika!" Pikachu said in agreement.

Ash checked the map Cilan gave him. "There's nothing about this city in here." He put the map away and said to the first guy hs saw. "Excuse me." The stranger turned to Ash. "Do you know where we are?" he asked.

"Why, you're in Metal Bey City." the man answered.

"Thanks." Ash thanked.

"No problem." The man said and left.

"Metal Bey City." Ash said. He then looked to Pikachu. "Well there's no use just standing around here. Lets walk around." Ash walked around with Pikachu on his shoulder. From time to time, people asked Ash about Pikachu. He couldn't take it anymore, so he ran into an alley behind a trash bin. He opened his backpack. "Sorry buddy, but I can't keep answering people's questions. Don't worry, I'll let you out when we're in a room alone." Pikachu hesitated, but nodded and jumped into the backpack.

Ash walked around Metal Bey City again with Pikachu in his backpack. Pikachu actually enjoyed being in the backpack. There were snacks that Pikachu can eat, even ketchup. Pikachu love ketchup so much that Ash bought packets for a snack for it.

Ash walked around for a few hours. He was getting tired. He zipped his backpack up to let Pikachu have fresh air. "Well buddy, we just got to a new city, scratch that, maybe a new world. And we don't have enough money for a hotel room for the night." He then took out Electric Zekrom W105R2F. "And all we have is Zekrom."

"Excuse me." Ash turned to see a boy. The boy has bright green hair with brown eyes. He wears a yellow T-shirt with a straight blue stripe running across his chest and arms and a pair of blue shorts. He also wears blue and white trainers with white socks. "Is that a Bey?" The boy asked.

Ash looked at his Bey and nodded. "Sure is. Name's Ash."

"I'm Kenta." Kenta introduced. He took out a Bey. The Bey's Fusion Wheel is yellow. The outer rim is metal. "This is Flame Sagittario."

Ash took a look at Sagittario. "Nice. This is my Bey." He showed Kenta Zekrom. "This is Electric Zekrom." Kenta was confused. "I'll explain later."

"O-kay." Kenta said still confused. "Anyway, would you like to have a battle with me?" he asked.

"A battle?" Ash asked.

"Yeah!" Kenta said. Ash looked at his Bey. "Something wrong?" Kenta asked.

Ash was interrupeted from his thoughts and looked at Kenta. "Oh. No. Everything's alright. It's just . . . I've never Bey-battled before."

Kenta was shocked. "Never?"

Ash shook his head. "I just got my Bey today." Kenta went wide-eyed. "That's right. I'm a beginning Blader. If I battle you right now, I will learn how Bey-battles work and the power of Electric Zekrom." He looked at Kenta and smiled. "I accept your challenge!"

Kenta smiled. "Really!" he exclaimed. Ash nodded. "Alright!" Kenta ran off. Ash grabbed his backpack with Pikachu in it and ran after the boy.

Ash found Kenta in a field in the middle of the park. Ash put his backpack on a wall. Pikachu popped up to watch the battle. Ash and Kenta stood on opposite sides of the field. Kenta took out his Bey and connected it to his launcher.

Ash did the same action Kenta did. "Like this?"

"Yeah, that's it!" Kenta said. He then grabbed the handle. "Now you have to grab this and when we go '3 . . . 2 . . . 1' we say "Let it rip!" and pull."

"Got it." Ash said. He grabbed the handle and wait for the right time.

"Get ready!" Kenta said.

"3 . . . 2 . . . 1." Ash and Kenta said together. "Let it rip!" They then pulled the handle, which released thier Beys. The Beys are rotating at the same way. The Beys clashed together, but Zekrom was stronger and pushed Sagittario back.

"Wow!" Kenta exclaimed. "Your Bey is strong, but you won't defeat me. Go Sagittario!" Sagittario charged and hit Zekrom. But it wasn't powerful enough, so Sagittario was pushed back again. "No way! Charge again Sagittario!" Sagittario charged at Zekrom once again.

Ash had to think of something. "Get out of there Zekrom!" Zekrom moved to the side really fast. Ash and Kenta were amazed "Zekrom."

"That was some speed!" Kenta exclaimed.

Ash nodded in agreement. "Go for it Zekrom!" Zekrom charged fast and hit Sagittario. The force made Sagittario get sent into the air. "Charge again Zekrom!" Zekrom charged once again. When Sagittario has landed, Zekrom hit it once again and sent it to the air. Sagittario landed once again. Pikachu watched the battle amazed.

"Wow!" Kenta exclaimed. "It's your first battle and you're really good!"

Ash smiled. "Thanks!" he thanked.

Kenta smiled. "But the battle's not over yet! Go Sagittario!" Sagittario charged again.

"Go now Zekrom!" Zekrom charged as well. The Beys clashed each other once again. Zekrom is still stronger and sent Sagittario flying. Sagittario landed.

"You are a good opponent Ash, but I'm afraid that this is the end." Kenta said. "Bladers use powerful moves called 'Special Moves.' Prepare for this. Special Move! Flame Claw!" Sagittario charged at Zekrom while on fire. Ash was surprised and shocked. Sagittario hit Zekrom and created an explosion. Zekrom was sent flying and landed in front of Ash still spinning. Kenta was shocked. "No way!"

"You okay Zekrom?" Ash asked. Zekrom roared in his head. "Alright. Now I need to find out what Zekrom's Special Move is." he whispered.

"No need to fret." the voice returned. Ash looked around. "Zekrom's Special Moves are its signature attacks."

"Signature attacks?" Ash asked confused. "Oh! Fusion Bolt and Bolt Strike!" he whispered.

Kenta was confused. "Something wrong?" he asked.

Ash was interrupted from his thoughts. "No. Nothing's wrong!" He then got back to thinking. "Bolt Strike is way too powerful. So I'll have to use Fusion Bolt." he whispered. "Lets do it Zekrom!" Zekrom flew up by going up the corner. "Lets see if I got this down. Special Move! Fusion Bolt!" Zekrom surrounded itself with blue electricity and charged.

"Ah! Get out of there Sagittario!" But it was too late. Zekrom hit Sagittario and created a big explosion. Sagittario was sent flying and landed in front of Kenta, but out of the field and stopped spinning. The smoke cleared to reveal Zekrom still spinning. Kenta was shocked. "No way. I lost."

Zekrom returned to Ash. He caught it and looked at it. "What . . .?"

"You beat me." Ash looked to Kenta. "You made Sagittario go 'Stadium Out.' It's when you hit an opponent with a powerful move, the opponent's Bey flies out of the field and stopped spinning. That's one of the main signals saying that you won. The Bey still spinning returns to the owner."

"Really?" Ash looked at Zekrom again. "I won?" He took a moment to fill all this in. He then smiled. "I won!"

Kenta picked Sagittario up and walked to Ash. "Congratulations for your first victory Ash!" He took out his hand.

Ash accepted the handshake. "Thanks Kenta." They let go. Ash saw that it's getting late. "It was great to battle you, but I still have nowhere to go."

"You don't!" Kenta exclaimed. Ash shook his head. "Well my parents don't like people from the streets." Kenta thought of an idea. "Hey! I know somebody who can take you in! He's a friend of mine."

"A friend?" Ash asked confused.

"Yeah!" Kenta said. "You'll like him! He's very fun to be around!" He then took off. Ash quickly zipped up his backpack with Pikachu in it and ran after the boy again.

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