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Pokemon: Metal Masters

Chapter 7: The Dream and Beylin Temple

A cloaked woman was running through a forest carrying a basket. It seems to contain something in it, but it was covered with a blanket. She kept running and never looked back. She suddenly stopped when a green light came and took form of a little fairy-like Pokemon.

It has round toe-less feet, three-fingered hands, and clear wings on its back. It has a round head that comes to a point and sticks upward in the back. It has large baby-blue eyes with thick black rings around them, and a pair of green antennae that are tipped blue.

The woman sighed at the sight of the Pokemon. "I'm so glad you're here Celebi." She put her hood down to reveal blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She then put the basket down in front of Celebi. "I hope you're ready."

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Celebi asked telepathically.

The woman closed her eyes and smiled. "I'm sure. Without Aaron or Lucario, I fear that the danger upon this land will endanger my child. So I need you to take my child into the future where he will be loved by another woman. To keep him safe."

"If you go through with this, he will not know who his real mother is."

"Which is why . . ." The woman took out a golden locket with the Aura Guardian sigil on it. "I'm putting this in the basket." She put the locket under the blanket. She then put a folded piece of paper under the blanket as well. "I won't see my own son again, but this is the ultimate sacrifice to protect him. Please. Just do this favor for me!"

Celebi hesitated, but picked the basket up with all of its strength. "If that's what you want, then I'll grant your wish." It then floated up with the basket.

The woman shed a few tears after seeing the two floating off. "Please be safe my child."

Celebi continued to float with the basket for a few moments more before surrounding itself and the basket in a sphere of green light. The sphere got brighter and brighter until it died down revealing that Celebi and the basket had disappeared.

Ash opened his eyes and sat up. He saw Pikachu still asleep on his lap. 'Wow. Pikachu's one deep sleeper.' He thought. He turned to his left to see Gingka and Madoka also asleep. Ash took a deep breath. 'What a strange dream.' He then laid back down and went to sleep.

The group are now found in the middle of a Chinese city in front of a bridge. "Yes sir!" Gingka, Masamune and Yu yelled while having their fists up.

"Well, we finally made it to China!" Gingka said.

"Wow." Yu said. "It's a really happening place!"

"Sure is. Hey what's that!" Gingka said looking at something.

"And what's that!" Yu said also looking at something.

"Geez guys." Masamune said. "Calm down! It's kinda embarrassing!"

"Aw! You look so cute when you're blushing."

"Anyway, now what do we do?" Gingka asked.

"From what I heard." Ash said. "Our battle in the first block is in three days."

"So what are we gonna do until then?"

"It's not exactly brain-surging." Madoka said. "We collect information."

"You want us to collect information?" Gingka asked.

"Think about it. We know Chi-yun and Mei-Mei are members of Team Wang Hu Zhong, right? We need to know who the other members are."

"Ohh. So you want us to go snoop around to find information, right?"

"That's the plan!"

"In my opinion, it might a wise decision." Ash said.

"Okay!" Gingka said. "So lets go and collect information together!"

"Yeah!" Masamune and Yu yelled.

The group then went on the Great Wall of China admiring the sight. "Cool!" Gingka, Masamune and Yu said.

"Awesome!" Gingka said.

"When you come to China, you just gotta see the Great Wall of China." Yu said.

Masamune was looking around for something. "Where are the Pandas? Here Pandas!"

"Pandas?" Madoka asked confused.

Tsubasa turned to Ash noticing that he hasn't said a word since they came to the wall.

They then are eating in a restaurant called "Haochi Restaurant".

"Awesome!" Gingka said with food in his mouth.

"When you come to China, you gotta love the Chinese food, right?" Yu said also with food in his mouth.

"Where are the Pandas?" Masamune asked with also food in his mouth, looking around. "Here Pandas!"

"What are you talking about?" Madoka asked.

Tsubasa noticed Ash eating really slowly. 'Something's bothering him. I just know it.' He thought.

They then came to the Forbidden City.

"It's so big!" Gingka exclaimed.

"When you come to China, you just gotta see the Fiorbidden City, right?" Yu said.

"Where are the Pandas?" Masamune asked looking around. "Here Pandas!"

"Give the Pandas a rest!" Madoka said.

Tsubasa noticed Ash just staring out to space. 'I gotta know what's bothering him.'

They are now in the middle of a city. "That was so cool!" Gingka, Masamune and Yu said.

"Now that we are finished sight-seeing, lets check into a hotel." Gingka said.

"Serious lack of Pandas though." Masamune said as the three started to walk to a hotel.

"Where are you guys going?" Madoka asked. The three stopped walking and turned to her. "We're not here to collect information on China! We have to get information on the team we're facing, Team Wang Hu Zhong! Do you understand!"

"Seriously, you guys are truly unbelievable." Tsubasa said.

"Everybody's a critic, huh?" Gingka said.

"We don't even know who those guys are. So what can we do?" Masamune asked.

"Experiencing the culture of a country you're visiting is important too." Yu said.

"Yeah." Gingka and Masamune said while nodding. "Well said."

"That's true of course." Madoka said. "But still-"

"What about you Ash?" Gingka asked. "What do you think?" The rest of the group turned to Ash, knowing that he's not answering. Gingka walked to him and waved his hand in front of Ash's face. "Hello, Ash?"

"Huh?" Ash was snapped out of his thoughts.

"What's up with you?"

"Sorry. I was just lost in my thought." A sound of a Bey battle was heard.

"That's a Beyblade!" Masamune said.

"Someone's battling!" Yu said. They ran to find the source of the sound.

They found the battle in an alley. Mei-Mei is battling three goons and three kids are behind her.

"Mei-Mei!" Gingka said.

"What's the matter sweetie?" One of the goons asked. "Where did your confidence go?"

"You wanted to take us on by yourself." Another one said. "It's too late to back up now sister."

"If we win, we get your Bey just as promised." The last one said.

"And if you lose, you return all the Beys you took from these kids!" Mei-Mei said. "Is that the deal?"

The goons laughed. "Yeah! Sure we will! If you win, no problem!"

"Ferocious Tiger Waltz!" The goons stopped laughing and saw her Bey, Aquario 105F, glowing blue and hitting their Beys.

"Hey! No way!"

"Soaring Fire Bird!" Aquario glowed blue and hit one of the Beys, sending it to a wall. "Fighting Snake Flash!" Aquario glowed blue and zig-zagged hitting the two Beys, sending one to a wall another on a wooden light pole.

The goons huddled together in fear. "Now. Hand over the kids' Beys you creeps!"

"We won't forget this!" One of them dropped the stolen Beys and ran with the others.

"You better you big bullies!" Mei-Mei said as the kids picked up their Beys.

"Whoa!" Masamune said amazed.

"That's so cool!" Yu said.

"And she is just a sub member of Team Wang Hu Zhong!" Gingka said.

"Wait. She's the substitue member?" Ash asked.

"Yeah." Tsubasa answered.

"She's really good."

"It just shows you how unbelievably skilled their team is." Madoka said.

"Thanks a lot miss!" One of the kids said.

"No more battling guys like those, okay?" Mei-Mei said.

"No way!" The kids said together while walking away.

"Mei-Mei!" She turned to see Gan Gan Galaxy running to her.

"Gingka. And your friends too. At last, you came to China."

"You bet! To battle you and Team Wang Hu Zhong! We don't tend on losing!"

"Actually, we are glad to see you." Masamune said. "We have been looking all over for you guys, Mei-Mei."

"Us?" Mei-Mei said. "Why?"

"Well Madoka won't stop bugging us all day to collect information about the enemy."

"What?" Madoka asked.

"What kind of information?" Mei-Mei asked.

"Masamune! You knucklehead!"

"Hey! What did I do?" Madoka then put her hand on Masamune's mouth.

"He means we like to see how you guys practice if that's not too much to ask." Gingka said.

"Real suttle Gingka." Madoka said. "Of course. You would never show your training secrets because we asked nicely, right?"

"Sure. It's fine." Mei-Mei answered. Madoka was shocked.

"Thanks Mei-Mei!" Gingka said. "You're the coolest!"

"So lets go!" Masamune said.

"It's no problem at all." Mei-Mei said. "But it might destroy your confidence."

Everybody was confused. "What's that about our confidence?" Madoka asked.

"You'll understand when you see it." Mei-Mei then noticed Ash deep in thought. She smiled.

Tsubasa saw this too. 'Looks like he is deep in thought again.' He then elbowed Ash, snapping him out of his thought.

"Huh? Oh. Sorry. I was lost in my own thoughts again." Ash said. "I'm Ash."

"I know who you are." Mei-Mei said. "I saw your battle with Kyoya. Congratulations on your win. You were incredible."

"Thanks. And I just started Beyblading."

"So you're a newbie. So how come you can battle like a pro?"

"Well, uh . . . you were about to show us how you practice?"

"Ah, yes. Follow me." Mei-Mei walked with Gingka, Madoka, Masamune and Yu behind. Ash sighed in relief and began to walk with them. Tsubasa took notice and walked slowly behind Ash.

On a mountainous path, Mei-Mei was walking with the others behind with Ash and Tsubasa far behind. Tsubasa laid a hand on Ash's shoulder. Ash stopped walking and turned to Tsubasa.

"What's up Tsubasa?" Ash asked.

"I like to talk to you about something." Tsubasa said.

"Okay. Shoot."

"I noticed that you barely talked, slowly eating the Chinese food, and you're always deep in thought. What's bothering you?"

"Nothing. It's nothing."

Tsubasa smiled. "Come on. You can tell me. I'm not stupid like Gingka or Masamune."

Ash chuckled. The smile turned to a frown. "Well. I don't know why I keep thinking about it, I just do."

"Thinking about what?"

"Hey!" The two saw Gingka waving. "What are you two doing just standing around? Come on! Get a move on!"

"Okay! We're coming!" Ash yelled back. Gingka ran back to join the others. "What a little kid."

Ash and Tsubasa walked along the path. "What were you thinking about?" Tsubasa asked.

"I had a strange dream last night on the plane."

"What was it about?"

"There was a cloaked woman running in a forest carrying a basket. Then one of the legendaries from my world, named Celebi, came out of nowhere, talking to the woman. She removed her hood to reveal blonde hair. Celebi's part Psychic, so it used telepathy to talk to the woman about a decision. Apparently, the basket had a baby boy all covered up in a blanket, including the head. Celebi took the basket and time-traveled to the future."

"Time travel? How can it go through time?"

"Celebi is known as the Time Travel Pokemon. It can go to the past or the future."

"Anyway, that was a strange dream."

"That's the problem. My instincts told me it was just a dream, but my heart says that it was more than that. I can't decide which one is right."

Tsubasa patted Ash's back. "Don't worry. You'll find the answer."

Ash smiled. "Thanks Tsubasa."

"Hey!" The two turned to see the rest of the group waiting for them. "What's keeping you two!"

Ash chuckled and turned to Tsubasa. "What did I tell you?" The two caught up as the rest of the group walked again.

A couple hours later, most of the group got tired.

"Man. How far is this place?" Masamune complained.

"Not much further." Mei-Mei answered. "It's right over there, see?" She pointed to a some sort-of temple. Everyone was amazed.

"Awesome!" Gingka said.

"There's a practice area in a place like that?" Madoka asked.

"So when you practice, you come all the way into the mountains?" Masamune asked.

"How do you even have enough energy to train after this climb?" Yu asked.

"The climbing is part of our training too." Mei-Mei said. "So lets pick up the pace, okay?" Everyone but Ash and Tsubasa groaned.

They went into the temple to see shaved headed people doing some sort-of karate-like moves, pulling weights, practicing launching on a rope with one of them falling off.

"That's harsh!" Gingka, Masamune and Yu exclaimed.

"What is this place?" Madoka asked.

"Some sort-of temple?" Ash asked.

"You're half right." Mei-Mei said. "This is our practice area. It's called Beylin Temple."

"What!" Gingka and Yu exclaimed.

"A temple, you say?" Madoka said.

"Beylin Temple has been around for over 4000 years now." The group turned to see Chi-yun. "China's best Bladers train here."

"Chi-yun." Gingka said.

"So you're Chi-yun." Ash said. "Nice to meet you. Name's Ash."

"Likewise." Chi-yun said. "And I know your name. I watched you battle with Kyoya. Your skills are impressive."


"Welcome Gingka and friends. Here at Beylin Temple, talented Bladers from around the country gather to practice and hone their skills. After completing the rigorous training, you're then aknowledged as the top Bladers in all over China."

"Wang Hu Zhong is a team consisting of four elite Bladers who have proven that their skills are the very best in the country." Mei-Mei said.

"Wow. That's impressive." Madoka said.

"So then the special training here is the secret of Wang Hu Zhong's strength." Tsubasa said.

"When you said we might lose our confidence, you weren't kidding, were you?"

"Now then." Mei-Mei said walking to Chi-yun. "Follow me. There's someone I want you all to meet."

"And who would that be?" Gingka asked.

Gan Gan Galaxy followed Chi-yun and Mei-Mei to a field with a Blader in the middle with many more surrounding him.

"What's going on here?" Gingka asked.

"Let it rip!" The circuling Bladers released their Beys. The one in the middle jumped up in the air and launched his Bey. It defeated every Bey in the field, leaving Gan Gan Galaxy amazed. The Blader landed in front of them. The Beys he defeated rained on him.

"Yeah!" Yu said. "That was awesome!"

"All those Beys in just one attack." Tsubasa said.

"Simply amazing." Ash said.

"He was able to read all the Beys pass that quickly?" Gingka asked.

"What's this? Who are these people?" The Blader asked rudely.

"Who are you calling 'people'!" Masamune exclaimed.

"Let me introduce them." Mei-Mei said. "These are Japan's representatives. Team Gan Gan Galaxy in the flesh."

"Please excuse my rudeness." The Blader said bowing. I am the leader of China's representatives. Our name is Team Wang Hu Zhong. I am Dashian Wang."

"You're China's team leader?" Gingka asked.

"Dashian Wang." Masamune said.

"Welcome all to our Beylin Temple." Dashian said.

"So you're the leader, huh?" Ash said.

Dashian nodded. "You must be Ash. I heard about your victory from Chi-yun and Mei-Mei. They were really impressed."

Ash smiled. "I like making people impressed."

"So, Team Wang Hu Zhong, huh?" Gingka said.

"Hold on, isn't Mei-Mei the substitute for the tournament?" Yu asked.

"Where's the fourth?" Tsubasa asked.

"Never mind." Chi-yun said. "We don't know where he is."

"He's not here right now." Mei-Mei said. "You'll meet him sooner or later."

"More importantly, you're Gingka right?" Dashian asked.

"Wait a minute. You know who I am?" Gingka asked.

"Who doesn't know you? You won the Battle Bladers Tournament." Ash said.

"Your friend's right." Dashian said. "After you won the tournament, you became famous in China as well."

"Yeah! That's so cool!" Gingka said.

"There must be Bladers all over the world who wants to battle you."

Gingka blushed in embarrassment. "Oh go on now."

"However, you won't get a chance to face them." The whole Gan Gan Galaxy are confused. "The fact is, the ones to win the first round and battle the rest of the world will be us, Team Wang Hu Zhong!"

Gan Gan Galaxy were shocked. "What did you say!?" Masamune exclaimed.

"You've all seen our various training techniques. You must be impressed with them. After seeing that, do you really think you can win against us?"

"Of course! No problem!" Gingka said.

"Why wouldn't we?" Masamune asked.

"You aren't the ones who've been putting on long hours. All Bladers work hard to grow stronger every day. That's what we do."

"A good work ethic will never let you down. If you think you can walk all over us, you got another thing coming pal!"

"You got passion, I'll give you that." Dashian said. "Well then Gingka. Why don't you join me in my training?" Gingka was confused. "You can show me the results of the long hours you've spoken of."

"Bring it on!" Gingka said. "Lets do this!"

"Gingka." Madoka said.

"Don't be foolish Gingka!" Ash said. "Only idiots would do something that foolish."

"Me too!" Masamune said. "I'll do it too!"

"Masamune calm down." Madoka said.

"Of course Masamune is this stupid as well." Ash said.

Gingka changed into a Beylin Temple gee. "What's the scoop? How do I look?" Gingka asked.

"Hey! Why don't I get a uniform?" Masamune complained.

"Could be worse." Yu said. "Could be a kilt."

"No Pandas and no uniform!" Masamune changed into a gee as well.

Dashian is holding a staff with a weight on top. He put the weight part in front of the group. "A powerful launch requires good arm strength. This training is used to gain that strength." He said while spinning the staff. "Being able to control this weighted staff makes one a true Blader." Once again, he put the weight part in front of Gingka and Masamune.

"That looks like a lot of fun!" Gingka said.

"This will be a piece of cake!" Masamune said. They walked to the other staffs. "So many to choose." They picked one each struggling to hold them up. Madoka, Yu and Ash sweatdropped. Both Bladers trembled back and forth. They went to separate directions and are heading straight to each other. "Watch where you're going!"

"You watch where you're going!" They ran into each other and fell back.

Madoka and Yu still sweatdropped while Tsubasa and Ash face-palmed.

"Well that went well, didn't it?" Madoka said sarcastically.

"Idiots." Ash said.

They are now in a room with a pool with logs on the water and targets.

"A steady launch requires a keen sense of balance. So being able to launch accurately while crossing these floating logs makes one a true Blader." He jumped from log to log and launched his Bey on all four of the targets.

"We should be able to do this no problem!" Gingka said.

"Easy as pie!" Masamune said. Both Bladers jumped from log to log.

"Let it rip!" Both launched their Beys each with one target.

"Yeah!" Gingka jumped in excitement.

"No sweat at all!" Suddenly, both Bladers lost their balance and fell into the water.

Once again Yu and Madoka sweatdropped while Ash and Tsubasa face-palmed.

"Yeah. Great." Madoka said.

"They're doing this just to prove a point." Ash said. "What little kids. Are you hearing this Pikachu?"

"Pika." Pikachu answered in Ash's bag.

"Actually, hitting the target on your very first try is very impressive." Dashian said. "Well done Gingka."

"That's true!" Gingka said.

"Hey buddy! I hit it to you know!" Masamune said irritated.

The group are now in a stone room with torches and wooden dummies.

"If you cannot launch accurately from any position, you will never know the feeling of victory." He ran ahead, dodging the punches the dummies are giving. At the end, he launched his Bey at the target, making the dummies stop. "Being able to launch accurately while dodging the wooden dummies attacks makes one a true Blader."

"If it's just dodging, then I can do that." Gindka said nervously.

"No sweat." Masamune said also nervous. The two ran only to be punched each by a dummy making them fall back.

"Are you guys conscious?" Madoka asked.

Gingka and Masamune are training their butts off proving Dashian wrong from balancing on top of bamboo trees to the pressure of a waterfall.

"No problem." Gingka said. "I can keep going."

"Hey. Are you two alright?" Madoka asked.

"What were you guys thinking taking this thing seriously?" Yu asked.

"They've been training here for a long time." Tsubasa said. "Of course they're better at those tests."

"I swear, it's like putting up with little sibblings." Ash said.

"You're right. They have the advantage." Gingka said. "But we still shoud have done much better."

"Absolutely right!" Masamune said.

"I was surprised." They turned to see Dashain walking towards them. "That you were able to do as good as you did. You are definitely worthy to be the Battle Bladers Champion Gingka."

"Aw. What a nice thing to say." Gingka said.

"I'm still here! Hello!" Masamune said.

"No really." Dashian said. "Being able to do those things on your first try is truly impressive Gingka."

"What? Am I invisible or did you lose your glasses?"

"I know you must be tired. How about hanging with me a little bit longer Gingka?"

Gingka was confused. "Okay, but to do what exactly?"

"To do battle with me." Gingka and Masamune were shocked. "I heard you were exempted from the qualifying round, so you didn't battle at all. I think it would be a good opportunity for you to get back into the spirit of competition."

"Yeah!" Gingka said while standing up. "I've been waiting to hear those words! I'd love to battle! It's on Dashian!"

"Okay. It's decided then. I'm honored to get this chance to battle the Battle Bladers Champion."

"The pleasure's all mine!" Masamune was thinking about something.

The group then went to the Beyblade field with Gingka and Dashian opposite sides of each other.

"Are you ready to begin Gingka?" Dashian asked.

"Yeah! I was born ready!" Gingka answered.

"I want to battle too!" Masamune complained.

Dashian revealed his Bey in a formation. "This is my Bey. Rock Zurafa."

"Rock Zurafa?" Gingka asked.

"Even if this is a practice match, I'm not going to hold back!"

"Sounds good to me! I'm gonna give it all I got too!"

"3 . . ."

"2 . . ."

"1 . . ."

"Let it rip!" Both Bladers lauched their Beys.

"Go Pegasus!" Pegasus hit Zarafa. "All right! Hit him with a string of attacks!" Pegasus then sent a barrage of attacks.

"Looking good Gingka!" Yu said.

"Keep it up now!" Madoka said.

"Heads up Dashian!" Pegasus pushed Zarafa to the edge of the field and charged to it. "You won't escape!"

"Keep pushing it until it is a Stadium Out Gingka!" Yu said.

Dashian smirked and did a up kick. "Quillan Ascention!" Zarafa escaped Pegasus and went up the sky. "Rock Zarafa! Strong Arm Flash!" Zarafa dived down and hit Pegasus.

"What! No way! Not yet!"

"Yo Gingka!" Tsubasa said. "Keep your eyes open!"

"Counterattack now Pegasus!" Pegasus once again sent a barrage of attacks at Zarafa. "That's all? With attacks like that, you will never defeat Pegasus!"

"Well now." Yu said. "The leader of Wang Hu Zhong isn't anything to worry about after all."

"It doesn't look like the training they did has helped them at all." Madoka said.

"But don't you think something's seems strange?" Masamune asked. Madoka and Yu were confused.

"Strange? But what do you mean?"

"I'm not sure actually. But it's definitely wierd. Pegasus has been attacking since the beginning of the battle, but Dashian's Bey doesn't look like it's slowed at all."

Ash nodded. "Yeah. I noticed it too Masamune. I don't know why though."

"I don't get it!" Tsubasa said. "What's going on here?"

"Does this mean Pegasus's attacks aren't doing any damage at all?" Yu asked.

"Rock Zurafa definitely looks like a Defense type Bey, but there's no way it can take so many attacks without getting damaged." She looked at her laptop and was shocked. "What's this?" The others looked on too. "The wings on its Spin Track is made of rubber! That's how it's taking in the damage from Pegasus's attacks!"

"So that's what's happening!" Tsubasa said.

"So that's why it's not slowing down at all!" Yu said.

"And on the other hand-" Masamune began.

"Pegasus's stamina is running out!" Ash finished.

"Pegasus!" Gingka exclaimed.

"Rock Zarafa! Strong Arm Barrage!" Zarafa sent barrage of attacks on Pegasus as Dashian threw punches and kicks.


"I don't like this!" Yu said.

"Get out of there Gingka!" Madoka said.

"What's the problem Gingka?" Dashian asked. "It's funny. I thought you had a lot more power in you than this."

"And you were right!" Gingka said. "This battle is just getting started!"

"If that's the case, lets see what you've got. Don't hold back on my account."

"Well since you asked, Pegasus!" Zarafa is still giving barrage attacks on Pegasus.

'This is weird.' Masamune thought. 'Why isn't he using a finishing move to end it? It's almost like he's waiting for something.'

Ash also thought the same thing until realization hit him.

"Come on!" Dashian said. "You're not gonna disappoint me, are you Gingka?"

"Masamune!" Masamune turned to Ash. "I know what Dashian's waiting for! He waiting for-"

"Go go! Special Move!" Pegasus spun around while glowing blue. It exploded onto the field. Masamune realized what Ash is trying to tell him. "Star Booster Attack!"

"Yes!" Yu said.

"Go for it!" Madoka said. Chi-yun and Mei-Mei smirked.

"Rock Zarafa! Storm Surge!"

"Let it rip!" Ash and Masamune launched their Beys.

"Masamune! Ash!" Madoka exclaimed.

"What now!" Gingka exclaimed. Dashian was displeased.

"Go now! Go Striker!" Striker head for the field.

"You too Zekrom!" Zekrom head for the field with Striker. Before Gingka's and Dashian's attacks collided, Zekrom and Striker got in the middle causing an explosion. A pillar of light was sent into the sky. The light died down to reveal the four Beys still spinning.

"What! What do you two think you're doing!" Gingka yelled at Ash and Masamune.

"Chill out." Masamune said.

"Yeah." Ash said. "We want to battle too."

"But that's nuts!" Gingka said.

"You don't mind, do you Dashian?" Masamune asked as Dashian took Zarafa.

"Interesting." Dashian said. "You really are an interesting bunch. Now I'm very much looking for the first round." He, Chi-yun, and Mei-Mei walked away leaving Gan Gan Galaxy stunned.

The group are now back to the mountainous path.

"Are you completely out of your mind!" Masamune scolded.

"What are you talking about?" Gingka asked.

"You were about to show the enemy your best move before the competition!" Ash also scolded.


"First we thought it was weird that he was only complimenting you." Masamune said.

Ash nodded. "Right. It was rude and goofy, but after sucking up to you, he got you to agree a battle with him so he can see your Special Move. Know what I mean?"

"I get it!" Madoka said. "Thanks to Ash and Masamune, the Chinese team still doesn't know about the destructive power of the Star Booster Attack!"

"You're right!" Gingka said turning back to the temple.

"So we went to do some snooping on the enemy, but we were the ones who secrets are almost spilled." Tsubasa said.

"I nearly blew it. I got too excited because I haven't battled for so long."

"Well I just hope you learned your lesson." Masamune said.

"Good job figuring out what was going on Ash and Masamune." Yu said.

"Of course." Ash said. "I'm not stupid."

"Well if you're gonna be the new #1 guy, you're gonna have to keep your eyes open." Madoka and Yu sweatdropped.

"But at least now we know something about Zurafa's abilities." Madoka said.

"A Bey that can absorb repeated attacks, huh?" Tsubasa said. "He's a strong one."

"That's no big deal!" Gingka said. "The stronger the opponent is, the more pumped up we get, right?" Gingka was filled with excitement. "Why can't it start sooner? Bring it on! Because we are gonna hit them with everyting we've got!"

"Yeah!" The rest of Gan Gan Galaxy cheered.

On the stairsteps, Dashian, Chi-yun and Mei-Mei are watching on.

Ash turned to Masamune. 'I guess Masamune's not as stupid as I thought.' He thought.

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