The fortress.

The doctor starred at the console of the Tardis. Eyes filled with sadness. He just parted ways with the one woman he probably could have loved for as long as she lived. What happened that day of the Dalek and cyberman war haunts him. Rose was in a parallel world and he could never be with or see her again. Truthfully in all nine hundred years it was the hardest thing he ever had to live feel. But he had to keep in mind he was a time lord the last of his kind not human. So whatever he was feeling to bury and continuing doing what he does best traveling in time and space. The question was where to go now? Forward? No done enough of that. Forward didn't seem right either. Ever since he saw Rose that one last time he hadn't been the same. Sadness just seemed to consume his two hearts. Then something weird happened the console in front of him started beeping very loudly. "What now?" He yelled out looking at his monitor in front of him. The message that appeared on screen was in a language he had never seen before and that right away intrigued. The Tardis quickly decrypted the message it was a cry for help from someone on earth in America someone named Jor'el of Krypton. Somewhere deep in the artic was where it was coming from. So the doctor set course. The could be his greatest adventure yet.