With the war finally over Naruto finds himself knocking on deaths door after the final battle with Sasuke, but Kurama ways otherwise. With the help of the other eight Bijū, Kurama fuses with Naruto, transforming him into an immortal Kitsune before sending him to the world of Twilight where Alice has been waiting for years to meet her soul mate. Together with his new family, he will learn to adapt to the new world and do what he always does, protect his precious people.

A/N: Jasper is a part of the Olympic Coven but he is not Alice's Soul Mate. He will eventually find his mate late in the series.

Chapter one

(Naruto's POV)

When I pictured how the end of the war would look like I never thought it would be with me dying during the final battle with Tobi, Madara, and Sasuke. With the help of Kakashi-Sensei, Kurama and the other Bijū, we were able to defeat the last three Uchiha, bringing an end to Madara and Tobi's Eye of the Moon plan, and protecting the world from a life time of enslavement at their hands. The battle that took place was one for ages. For most of the battle Madara and Tobi had the upper on me and Kakashi Sensei until the other Bijū added their Chakra to mine and Kurama's and I was able to defeat Madara with a Planetary Rasengan before I helped Kakashi-Sensei where I revealed that I had learned my Father's signature jutsu; The Hiraishin. I could tell that Kakashi-Sensei was having a time fighting Tobi, who was revealed to be his old teammate Obito Uchiha, but eventually he was able to overcome his personal problems and we were able to works together to weaken Obito enough to where I could finish him off with a newly perfected Tailed Beast Rasengan while in the Nine-tails Chakra mode. With both of them defeated I was left to deal with Sasuke who still sought vengeance on Konoha for what the elders made his brother Itachi, and our fight took place on the very valley where our first fight took place, The Valley of the End. The battle that took place literary reshaped the landscape as I fight to break through Sasuke's Susanoo while avoiding his Amaterasu using the Hiraishin.

After what seemed like hours of each of us trying to get the upper hand on each other it eventually came down to two jutsu's much like the first time we fought. Rasengan vs. Chidori, and this time I was not holding back. As we charged each other, images of our past that lead to this moment played in my head. The next image was the image of a beautiful, petit, pixie-like woman, with cropped short, spiky, and inky black hair that pointed in every direction and golden eyes, with the most beautiful smile, and I could have sworn I heard her cheer me on in the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. The image faded from view just as Sasuke and I plunged our Jutsu's into each other's hearts. Sasuke was killed instantly while I was able to hang on to Kurama's lingering Chakra but I knew this was the end, there was no way Kurama's last bit of Chakra could save me.

"Well… It looks like this is the end." I said to myself as I waited for the Shinigami to take my soul.

"Not if we have anything to say about it!" I heard the voices of the nine Bijū say in my head before I found myself blacking out.


When I opened my eyes, I found myself outside Kurama's open cage in the boiler room setting that was my mindscape, surrounded by all nine Bijū.

"This is not the end Naruto, not if we have anything to say about it." Kurama said.

"What do you mean? I'm lying out there with a Chidori size hole in my heart and I know you don't have the Chakra to save me." I said.

"That's where we come in, Uzumaki." Shikaku said.

"You have done everything for us, so we will return the favor." Matatabi, the Nibi, said.

"Half of us are going to pull our Chakra together to fuse you and Kurama together." Isobu the Sanbi said.

"This will not only heal your wounds but transform you into an immortal Kitsune." Son Goku, the Yonbi said.

"Then the other half of us will transport you to an alternate universe were you can find more of your kind." Kokou the Gobi said.

"Once in that universe you will never be able to return here." Saiken the Rokubi said.

"But you will be able to find true happiness, the happiness that you deserve." Chōmei the Nanabi said.

"You may think what we are doing is unfair to you, but you must understand." Gyuki the Hachibi said.

"By us fusing together, we will insure that no one can try and revive the Jubi and we will insure that old man Rikudo's vision of peace can finally come true." Kurama said.

"Wait, you're alright with this? I would have thought you would try to escape now that I've changed the seal." I said to the giant Fox.

"That might have happen before, but something's changed in me, something for the better. When I look at you I no longer see the brat that I wished to eat when we first met. No, when I look at you I see the spirit of Old man Rikudo. That's why I asked for the others help. Finally you will be able to find happiness in a world where no one knows of Bijū and Jinchuriki." Kurama said.

"But what about my parents? If I'm turned into an immortal Kitsune than how will I ever see them again?" I asked, worried I would never be reunited with my parents.

"I'm sorry Naruto but even if you did cross over to the other side, the only way to see either of your parents is if you allowed the Shinigami to eat you." Shikaku said.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"When your father sealed me in you he divided my Chakra in half, One half he sealed in the Shinigami and the other half in you. To do this he needed to give up one soul as payment to the Shinigami. Moreover, your mother gave her soul up after she helped you defeat me so she could be with your father. I'm sorry Naruto but your parent's souls are lost to the Shinigami's stomach." Kurama said.

"No… My parents are… gone?" I said and I was probably about to go hysterical before Kurama smacked my in the head with one of his tails.

"Just because your parents are gone doesn't mean you can't live on as their son." Kurama said. For a while, I was quiet as I thought about what the giant fox had said.

"Your right, I am the son of Konoha's Yellow Flash Minato Namikaze and the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero Kushina Uzumaki, I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, Konoha's Orange Hokage, Dattebayo!" I exclaimed, with determination in my eyes. "Alright let's do this." Once I said that all the Biju nodded before they moved to encircle Kurama and me.

"Now once we start you will feel as if your body and mind are being torn to pieces but you must bear through the pain if you are to make a new live in the new world." Gyuki said to me.

"And don't worry about out living any mate you find, this world has many creatures that are able to live for hundreds and thousands of years without aging." Matatabi said.

"Now let us begin before the boy is far beyond save." Son Goku said before they all began to run through a series of hand seals before that slammed their tails into the ground creating two overlapping seal arrays.

"BIJU STYLE: BIJU FUSION JUTSU!" Shikaku, Isobu, Kokou, and Chōmei shouted.

"BIJU STYLE: BIJU TRANSPORTATION JUTSU!" Matatabi, Son Goku, Saiken and Gyuki shouted before both seals began to glow and the pain began, for not just me but for Kurama. As both the fox and me began to roar out in pain I took notice that our bodies began to glow a faint light before if began to grow in intensity as the pain began to intensify. Eventually the light and pain was so intense that I was forced to close my eyes as I felt my body begin break apart and merge with Kurama's.

~Deep within the Forests Outside of Forks, Washington~

The next time I was able to open my eyes after the pain and light had subsided I found myself outside of my mindscape in a Forest of what looked like pine trees, and I was not alone. There standing no more than ten feet away from me was the woman I had seen and heard cheer for me before Sasuke plunged his attack through my heart. She stood at around 4 feet 10 inches wearing what I could only describe as highly expensive civilian clothes. When she began to walk towards me, she seemed to move with more grace than any of the Kunoichi I knew, and for some reason her features seemed to glow in the faint moonlight.

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, I'm happy to see you, you've kept me waiting long enough. I am Alice Cullen." She said to me in the same bell-like voice I had heard before. Unfortunately, before I could respond, the exhaustion of my battle with Sasuke, the fusion with Kurama, and the fact that this woman, Alice knew my name was finally too much for me my mind to handle and I began to collapse into Alice's arms as I blacked out.

~Cullen Household, Early Morning (Alice's POV)

"… and there, finished." I said to myself as I put the final additions on the room that would soon be occupied by the Blond Kitsune from my visions. The room had previously been a room that we had been using for storage for a few years and I have been using my winter vacation to move everything from the room to a storage unit that Carlisle had bought. Once everything was moved out, I remodeled the entire room in hopes that Naruto the Kitsune would feel at home here. I had my brother's Edward, Jasper, and Emmett remove the wall on the northern side were a balcony was added along with a few panels of glass along with a sliding Glass door. I repainted the room a dark Burnt Orange while lining the southern wall with a large Bookshelf that Carlisle and Esme help me fill with books, and Edward help fill with CD after we installed a surround sound system in the walls. Naruto might not like a lot of them but we never know until he is here. On the Eastern wall an antique desk sat near the books cases that Jasper had donated next to a large bed Rosalie had picked out.

With a sigh I ran my hand over the Orange comforter, I had just put on the bed. In the middle of the comforter was the same symbol I has seen many times on the headband that Naruto wore in my Visions. My visions, ever since I first saw the Blond there have been one thing I could not understand. Every time I had a vision of him and me, I see a red thread that links us by our pinkies. After I had joined with the Cullen's along Jasper, Edward had also seen the red thread thanks to his telepathy and he was just as confused as I was. Edward had suggested to me to talk to Carlisle about it, as he was the very wise. Carlisle had told me that the red thread could actually be the Red thread of Destiny, the very thread that is said to bind two people as soul mates no matter the distance, time, or in this case dimension.

'I just hope Naruto will be accepting of me… I mean us.' I thought and I could have sworn I felt my cheeks heat up despite us vampires being dead. With nothing else to do in the room, I made way out of Naruto's room and walked through the large house that Carlisle had bought years ago in Forks, Washington. Eventually I arrived in the living room to find my adoptive mother Esme relaxing as she read on of the many books from Carlisle personal Library.

"Good Morning Alice, dear." Esme said as she sat down her book.

"Good Morning Esme, did the others already leave for the hunt?" I asked.

"No, Carlisle received an emergency call this morning and told Edward and Jasper to go on without him." Esme told me.

"Emmett and Rosalie didn't return from their vacation in France?" I asked confused as to why I did not get a vision of them choosing to stay in France.

"No, I imagine that Rosalie made a split decision to stay in Paris for an extra night." Ah, that would explain it; a split decision is one of the few ways to get around my visions.

"I bet you she did that just to avoid having to meet Naruto tonight." I mumbled, but thanks to vampire's improved hearing Esme heard me a released a small laugh.

"Alice, do you really believe your sister would do that when she knows how important this Kitsune is going to be to you?" Esme asked.

"Yes I do. Rosalie told me herself that she is not sure how she or the others will react to him because none of have ever seen a Kitsune. She believes that we will react to Naruto much like we did to the Werewolves in La Push." I said as Esme stood up and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"She is right that we don't know how we will react, but we much trust in your judgment and visions that Naruto will become a new loving member of our family." Esme said with a smile.

"Thank you Esme." I said as I hugged her, which she returned. "Esme do you think it you could drive me to Carlisle's office? I would like to go hunting before meeting Naruto tonight." I asked after breaking the hug.

"Of course, I need to restock the house with some food, since Kitsune still need to eat." Esme said before we made our way to the Large Garage where we chose to drive Edwards Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. After a quick three-minute drive on the outside of Forks, away from the public at high speed we reached Forks Hospital. After saying goodbye, and a reminder that a vision told me Naruto loves Ramen, Esme drove off towards the local Grocery store as I made my way through the Hospital and to Carlisle's office, which was on the top floor. Knocking on his door, I waited until I heard Carlisle say enter before I opened his door.

"Oh Alice, I was actually about to call you." Carlisle said as he continued to write in a folder on his deck.

"Well it's a good thing I had Esme drive me here than." I said with a giggle.

"Yes well, I'm sorry about not telling you that the emergency call, but I knew you were busy with Naruto's room." Carlisle said.

"I understand I was just putting the finishing touches on his room." I said with a smile.

"Good, than all is set for his arrival tonight." Carlisle said as he finished with the folder before him.

"Just about, Esme is on her way to get some food for Naruto, and I was planning on joining you for the hunt before Naruto arrives tonight." I said.

"Good idea, we don't want to scare away your soul mate by being hungry when we meet him." Carlisle said, almost teasing me. It seemed to be Carlisle's favorite past time ever since I told him about the red thread of Destiny, especially whenever it was just the two of us.

"Also I think it would be best if you were near just in case Naruto isn't fully healed after his battle." I said.

"I thought you said your vision showed you that Naruto seemed to be perfectly fine when the Light that he appeared in faded?" Carlisle asked as he stood up from his chair.

"He did, but we don't know what kind of damage he received from the lightning based attack that almost killed him." I said remembering the image of Naruto and the black haired boy with the Duck butt styled hair.

"You may have a point. Maybe it would be a good idea for me to be there tonight." Carlisle said before he hung up his lab jacket and we began to walk through the hospital making small talk, mainly about the new additions to Naruto's room we eventually made it to Carlisle's Mercedes S55 AMG. After a quick drive dive out of town at normal speed Carlisle began to pick up speed to our normal high speed driving. Finally, after a five-minute drive we arrived at a public camping ground that was close to where I had seen Naruto appear in my vision. Parking near Emmett's Jeep Rubicon that Edward and Jasper had borrowed this morning to go hunting, we began to walk into the forest away from prying eyes before splitting up and running at inhuman speed on the hunt. With Naruto's arrival tonight I had chosen to hunt for a doe, this way they would be little struggle before she died and I would be presentable for when Naruto arrived from his dimension. Once I had my doe caught, killed, and bloodless I proceeded to dispose of her body when a bright light erupted throughout the night sky. Realizing that my hunting had taken longer than expected I left the dead deer where she was and ran to where the light originated. When I arrived at the area, I saw the man from my visions for the first time. He stood at 5 feet 4 inches, just two inches shorter than Esme, wearing an orange and black tracksuit what was torn to hell, the most significant damage being the large hole in his chest, with black sandals and a long black bandana with a metal plate that had a Symbol that looked like a leaf engraved in it. He had lightly tanned skin, deep cerulean blue eyes, sun kissed hair that seem to turn a orangish-red, and three whisker-like marks one his cheeks, but two of the most astonishing traits about him were the two Orange Fox ears on the top of his head, and nine fluffy orange and black tails that seemed to flow behind him.

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, I'm happy to see you, you've kept me waiting long enough. I am Alice Cullen." I said with a smile as I walked towards him. However, what happened next not even I could have foreseen. Instead of giving a verbal response I saw his eyes glaze over before he feel forward, passing out from what I could only guess was exhaustion. Rushing forward I, allowed Naruto to fall into my arms, rather than fall face first into the dirt. 'His body is warm, defiantly warmer than a humans, and I kind of like it.' I thought as I struggled to hold Naruto up due to the face that his ears were tickling my nose.

"I take it this is the Kitsune from our visions?" I heard Carlisle say behind me as he and two others, Edward and Jasper from the smell, walk up behind Naruto and me.

"Yeah, this is Naruto." I said as Edward moved on of Naruto's arms onto his shoulders. Jasper soon helped Edward when he saw no negative reaction from his brother, and since he just feed there was low chance of him attacking Naruto.

"Well there appears to be no immediate signs of damage to him, but I won't be able to tell any else until he's awake." Carlisle said after giving Naruto a quick check.

"I think it would be a good idea to move Naruto before the Forest Rangers gather to investigate that light your boyfriend appeared in." Jasper said in a rare attempt of humor. Instead of giving a verbal response, I just glared at the newest vampire as Edward and Carlisle gave small chuckles.

"Alright, Jasper, Edward if you two don't mind caring Naruto we'll get him to my car and take him home." Carlisle said before he began to make the long track back to his car, followed by Edward, Jasper and Naruto as I brought up the rear. We were on our way home… and hopefully soon Naruto would come ho call it his home as well.

~To Be Continued~