With the war finally over Naruto finds himself knocking on deaths door after the final battle with Sasuke, but Kurama ways otherwise. With the help of the other eight Bijū, Kurama fuses with Naruto, transforming him into an immortal Kitsune before sending him to the world of Twilight where Alice has been waiting for years to meet her soul mate. Together with his new family, he will learn to adapt to the new world and do what he always does, protect his precious people.

A/N: I have received a few questions that I thought I would take the liberty of answering.

The title of my story Higure is Japanese for Nightfall, which is another word for Twilight.

As far as Naruto's fusion with Kurama there will be some changes to his physical attributes and regeneration but that will show up either in this book or the next.

The wolves' reaction to Naruto will be negative, despite being a part of the same family as Foxes, the Canidea. This negative reaction it because wolves do occasionally hunt foxes, and because Alice, a Vampire, is Naruto's soul mate.

Kurama is gone for good. The fusion between Naruto and himself ended the Fox.

In the next few Chapters Naruto's skills will be assisted so please have patients with me.

The coloration of Naruto's tails actually was a somewhat personal choice. I know it is common for most Red Foxes have orange and white fur, but that is not the only coloration they can have. That is why I chose to have the black and orange coloration.

Naruto is using both of his last names to pay homage to his parents.

Now on with the story!

Chapter 4

It was early in the morning a day after Edward had left for Alaska and Naruto found himself, in his pajama's, at the dining table, pouring over the scroll Carlisle had given him. The scroll explained that all Kitsune had the ability take on one of four forms. The first form was the very Naruto found himself in now, the Hanyou form. This form allowed Kitsune to fight other supernatural creature's, like Vampire's and Werewolves, in hand-to-hand combat, and still have full control on their elemental affinities, and their illusions. The next form was the human form. This allowed Kitsune to socialize with humans, without fear of being hunted. Unlike the Henge Jutsu, this form does not have the flaw that if a Kitsune does not have complete control of their Qi than the Kitsune runs the risk of their ears and tails becoming revealed. While in human form, Kitsune could still access their other powers, but they are noticeably weaker. The third form is a one-tailed fox, one that looks like any natural wild fox. This formed was used to sneak around the houses of a Kitsune's lovers, and sneak into human territories without suspicion, but while in this form Kitsune could not use any of their other powers. The last form was a Kitsune's true form. This form varied from Kitsune to Kitsune, in size and number of tails, depending on a Kitsune's full strength.

Naruto's problem was trying to understand how Kitsune changed between the forms. According to the scroll, Kitsune had to will their Qi to physically change their bodies. This really confused Naruto, he could not comprehend how Kitsune will their Qi, and he had no idea what Qi was.

Naruto was so distracted by the scroll that he didn't notice Alice walk up behind him until Alice wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck, pressing her breasts against his back, as she rested her head on his.

"Naruto-Kun, what are you doing up so early?" Alice asked, curious as to why Naruto was awake before anyone in the house was out of his or her room.

"Oh, good morning Alice-Chan. I didn't realize it was that early, I was just trying to figure out this damn scroll Carlisle gave me." Naruto said a blush on his face as he enjoyed Alice pressing up against him. He was forced to try to hide the blush when Alice pulled a chair next to Naruto and sat down.

"Seems kind of vague if you ask me." Alice said have read some of the scroll.

"Wait, you mean you can read it too?" Naruto asked. As it would turn out the scroll was written in Japanese, and much like his English his Japanese was…lacking.

"Yeah, after me and Jasper met up with the Carlisle I spent some time in Japan, learning the language and culture just in case…" Alice said before Naruto cut her off.

"In case I needed a Translator." Naruto finished.

"Mhmm, from what I say in my visions your culture is similar to Feudal Japan." Alice said with a nod.

"That's great! Than you can help me!" Naruto exclaimed as he hugged Alice.

"Not really, like I said the scroll is vague, the only instruction it gives is to will your Qi to transform." Alice said a little flush from the unexpected, but welcomed hug.

"But I don't even know what Qi is." Naruto said, mispronouncing Qi.

"Qi," Alice emphasized "is energy. There are three types of energy, and Qi is the combination of Physical and Spiritual energy."

"That sounds a lot like Chakra."

"Well some cultures refer to Qi as Chakra. The last form of energy is Natural energy, it's…" Alice started.

"Energy collected from nature!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Yeah how did you know that?" Alice asked though when you think about it, it is easy to tell Natural energy came from nature.

"I know because I trained to use Natural energy to create Senjutsu Chakra! You just gave me an idea on who to ask for help!" Naruto said, and acting on an impulse, he kissed Alice on the cheek before running out the back door leaving a stunned Alice.

'He… kissed me… HE KISSED ME! It may have only been on the cheek but still he kissed me!' Alice cheered in her mind, lucky that Edward was not there to read her thoughts.

"Are you coming Alice-Chan?" Naruto asked, popping his head back inside the house, and breaking Alice of her thoughts.

"Coming!" Alice said, following Naruto back outside. Once in the back and a fair distance from the house Naruto bit his thumb, drawing blood, which caused Alice to cringe and back away, not wanting to lose herself to Blood lust, before he began to run through the appropriate hand signs. Once he was done, he slammed his hand on the ground, pumping Chakra into the Seal Array that appeared on the ground.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Naruto called out as the seal erupted in a large cloud of smoke.

"Where in the world are we?" A male voice asked in Japanese.

"I don't know Pa, but whoever summoned us is going to pay. I was in the middle of cooking maggot's for breakfast." A female voice said, again in Japanese.

"Fukasaku-Sama, Shima-Sama, any ideas on who summoned us?" A second male voice asked in a Yankee-style accent. As the smoke cleared it revealed three toads, two older toads, one male green toad with white hair styled in somewhat of a Mohawk, very thick eyebrows and a small goatee, and one female lighter green toad with purple hair that looks as though she is wearing a hair net with hair-rollers underneath, giving her an 'old woman' look. The third toad was a much larger, and younger, Orange toad with purple markings and a blue vest.

"Fukasaku-Ji-Chan Shima-Ba-Chan, Gamakichi! Boy, am I glad to see you! Naruto called out to the toads in English.

"Naruto-Boy, is that really you?" Fukasaku asked in English. When they received a nod and a grin from Naruto Gamakichi jumped and tackled Naruto to the ground, pinning him under his hand.

"Where the hell have you been Naruto? We've been worried about you after no one could find you!" Gamakichi shouted at Naruto.

"Gamakichi, get off of the poor boy so he can breathe." Shima said jumping on the large toads head. When Gamakichi looked down, he saw that Naruto was turning blue and quickly moved off Naruto. Once the toad was of Naruto Alice quickly helped Naruto to his feet as Naruto tried to catch his breathe.

"Naruto-Kun, are you alight?" Alice asked, worried for the Kitsune.

"Yeah, I'm alight. Not the first time a toad sat on me." Naruto chuckled trying to look cheerful.

"What happened to you Naruto-Boy? No one could find you after your battle with the Uchiha, and it has had everyone worried. Tsunade-Sama has sent out team after team to find you and I even asked the Great Toad Sage about your whereabouts. All he would tell me was that the child of Prophecies duty had been fulfilled and he has gone to where he is destined to be happy." Fukasaku said. From there Naruto explained how the Biju had fused him and Kurama together to turn him into a Kitsune before sending him to this new dimension, where he was welcome to the sight of a beautiful vampire, which caused Alice's face to glow lightly pink. He explained how Alice's family had invited him to stay with them, to become a part of their family, and how they have helped him adjust to the new world along with Introducing Alice to the three toads.

"I'm happy you were able to find a family to take you in, aren't you Pa?" Shima asked.

"Yes, I can see what the Great Toad Sage meant. You were able to do what Jiraiya-Boy dreamed of doing, ending the endless cycle of hatred in the Shinobi world." Fukasaku said smiling. Naruto smiled back, his true smile that could shine through the ever-present cloud cover above Washington in Alice's eyes.

"So Naruto-Chan, what did you summon us for? I know it wasn't just to show us you're still alive." Shima said.

"Oh, that's right! I was wondering if you could help me with a problem I am having with my physical appearance. This scroll was sent by the only living Kitsune in this world to help me, but I can't understand it." Naruto said as he handed the scroll to Fukasaku.

"Why doesn't this Kitsune help you with this?" Gamakichi asked.

"That's because he has to deal with a coven of our kind that is causing trouble in Japan." Alice said.

"This seems to be a very straight forward, but I can see where it would confuse you. We toad have a jutsu that allows many of the bigger toads to shrink in size. Gamakichi and I will be able to help you with this, and we can sets up a Distant Body Water here to allow us an easier time traveling to this Dimension." Fukasaku said.

"That's great! I knew I could count on you. Dattebayo!" Naruto shouted as he jumped into the air, causing Alice to release a small giggle.

"Well it's the least we can do for all you've done for us Naruto-Boy. Now why don't we get started?" Fukasaku asked.

"Um, my apology Fukasaku but Naruto has to attend school with us." Alice said.

"Oh, that's right. Wait! What if I sent a Kage Bunshin to school while I stay here and train?" Naruto asked.

"In theory it should work, since anything the Kage Bunshins learn is given to the original. We can try it and see how it goes today." Fukasaku said.

"Wait, that means the real you won't be at school? That's not fair." Alice Pouted.

"Don't worry Alice-Chan, it's only until I get my transformation mastered." Naruto said.

"Fine, but you owe me mister." Alice said poking Naruto in the chest.

"Alright, I'll owe you, anything you want just name it." Naruto said with a smile.

"Good now Fukasaku-Ji-Chan, Shima-Ba-Chan, Gamakichi-San, would you like to come inside and meet the rest of the family?" Alice asked, thinking it would be nice for the toads to meet the family that took in Naruto.

"That sounds lovely Alice dear. I do not know about Pa, but I'm very curious to meet the people who took in Naruto-Chan." Shima said jumping onto Alice's Shoulder.

"Ma's right, I'm curious about your family too." Fukasaku said jumping onto Naruto's shoulder.

"I'll have to pass. I'll return back to Mount Myōboku and inform Pop's about Naruto's location." Gamakichi said before leaving in a cloud of smoke.

"Ma is it just me or does Naruto seem to be taller to you?" Fukasaku asked as they climbed the stairs back to the house.

"Now that you mention it he does seem to be taller since the last time we saw him." Shima said looking at from her spot on Alice's Shoulder.

"I am?" Naruto asked as he stopped at the top of the stairs. Alice moved in front of him trying to measure him up.

"Their right, you've grown since you arrived here. I would say you are about Jasper's height. You know what this means?" Alice asked with a smile. "This means I get to take you shopping again!" Alice cheered when Naruto shock his head.

"A-Again? But my clothes fit just fine." Naruto said nervously.

"Don't be such a baby, Friday after school we'll travel to Seattle to get your new clothes, and remember you owe me if we're going to let you use a Kage Bunshin at school; hmm I wonder if Rosalie would like to join us." Alice said to herself as she walked into the house, discussing fashion with Shima. Naruto and Fukasaku each shared a look as a shiver ran up their spin before a high-pitched scream came from the house. Without missing a beat Naruto rushed into the house and stopped next to Alice with a kunai drawn from his sleeve. What he saw was a surprise. Both Naruto and Fukasaku were welcomed to the sight of Rosalie uncharacteristically hiding behind Emmett pointing a finger at Shima as Jasper, Esme, and Carlisle rushed into the room from upstairs.

"What's going on Rosalie?" Carlisle asked, completely confused on what could cause his adoptive daughter to scream like a human.

"What's going on is there's a talking frog on Alice's shoulder!" Rosalie shouted.

"We're toads my dear, not frogs." Fukasaku said causing Rosalie to scream again.

"There's another one! Where the hell are they coming from?" Rosalie screamed.

"Rosalie calm down, there's nothing to be scared of. Fukasaku-Ji-Chan and Shima-Ba-Chan are summoned toads from my home. Fukasaku-Ji-Chan, Shima-Ba-Chan I want you to meet the Cullens, that's Carlisle and Esme they are our parents, that's my brother Jasper he's the newest vampire of the family, the big guy over there is Emmett, and the blonde behind him is Rosalie. Later this week you will met my last brother Edward when he returns." Naruto explained.

"I don't care who they are just keep them away from me!" Rosalie demanded

"Wait if they're from your home dimension than how did they get here?" Carlisle asked.

"I'm not sure… I just summoned them like I did in my dimension." Naruto said as he scratched his chin.

"That's because Summoning is a form of Space-Time Ninjutsu." Fukasaku said.

"Space-Time Ninjutsu...?" Everyone but Rosalie, who was still hiding behind Emmett, asked.

"Yes these techniques rely on manipulating the Space-Time Continuum, and in theory they could be used to transport either themselves or others to different locations or even different dimensions." Fukasaku explained.

"Hmm, than that must mean that the Biju that sent Naruto here used a form of this Space-Time Ninjutsu?" Carlisle asked.

"I don't think so…,"Naruto said, thinking back to his meeting with the Biju.

"Why not Naruto-Boy?" Fukasaku asked.

"I'm not sure… When the Biju began to fuse Kurama and me together and sent me here it did not feel like they were using a jutsu, even the name they created was just stupid and horrible." Naruto said.

"What do you mean it didn't feel like a jutsu?" Shima asked.

"Well when I was being fused I just felt a rush of Chakra from Kurama, like when I lost control when Hi… against Pein. And when I was sent here it didn't feel like the Reverse Summoning Jutsu or my father's Hiraishin." Naruto said, catching himself from revealing something about his past, which only Alice, Fukasaku, and Shima caught. 'Why doesn't he want to talk about his past?' Alice thought.

"Well the Biju were living masses of Chakra it wouldn't surprise me if they could rip open a dimensional hole to send you here without the use of a Jutsu." Fukasaku said.

"It doesn't matter how they did it. Naruto-Kun is here and is a part of our family now, and that's all that matters." Alice said as she hugged Naruto's arm, elating a blush from the blonde, which caused Shima and Fukasaku to chuckle.

"Well Shima, Fukasaku would you like to stay for breakfast?" Esme said with a smile.

"Thank you for the invitation Esme, we would be honored to stay for breakfast." Fukasaku said.

"Splendid, Naruto, why don't you go get dressed while I get your breakfast ready." Esme said before she slipped into the kitchen.

"Allow me to help you." Shima said before she jumped off Alice's shoulder and followed Esme into the kitchen. Fukasaku than jumped off Naruto's shoulder and followed Carlisle, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and a still cowering Rosalie into the kitchen. With Fukasaku decided to forgo Alice's choice of clothes for him, and put on a pair of denim jeans, an orange T-shirt, and a pair of sneakers, before he ran back down stairs and into the kitchen, the smell of Esme's and Shima's cooking filling the air and Naruto's nose.

"Aww, you're not wearing the clothes I picked out for you." Alice said with a pout when she saw what Naruto was wearing.

"Sorry Alice-Chan, but I felt like wearing something a little more casual than what we normally wear." Naruto said rubbing the back of his head as he took his seat next to the Pixie-like Vampire.

"Alice, I think Naruto is old enough to choose his own clothing, as long as it's not that horrendous Orange track suit he arrived in." Rosalie said, no longer hiding from Fukasaku, who was sitting at Edwards's seat.

"Alright… well he does make jeans and a t-shirt look good though." Alice said with a smile, which caused Naruto to blush as Esme walked into the room with a plate of food, with Shima on her shoulder who was carrying two plates of her own.

"Alright Naruto, he's your breakfast." Esme said as she handed him a plate of eggs, toast, beacon, and Onigiri.

"And Pa, I was able to finish ours" Shima said jumping off of Esme's shoulder and onto a bar stool next to Fukasaku before serving one of her two plates to him. Their breakfast, which consisted of an assortment of larva and other bugs cooked by Shima, made everyone to cringe and look slightly disgusted.

"Thank you Esme!" Naruto said before he began to dig in to the food. No matter how hard he tried, Naruto always seem to find Esme's cooking to be the best he had ever tasted. It even beat Ichiraku's Ramen, which Naruto used to believe was the food of the gods.

"So what are everyone's plans for today?" Carlisle asked as Esme took her seat next to him.

"Well I was planning on sending a Kage Bunshin to school while I stay her to work on my Transformation with Fukasaku-Ji-Chan, while Shima-Ba-Chan sets up a Distant Body Water." Naruto said, having taken a break from eating his food.

"What is a Distant Body Water?" Jasper asked.

"It's a special portal that allows the smaller toads to move from out home on Mount Myōboku to Naruto's old Village. IF we set one of them up here Ma and I will be able to travel between dimensions on our own, with Naruto having to use his Chakra." Fukasaku explained.

"That sounds wonderful, that mean's Naruto won't be completely cut off from his home." Esme said happy for Naruto, who was as much her child as her other adoptive children.

"Oh great, now more talking toads are going to be coming around the house." Rosalie said in annoyance.

"Actually only Pa and I will know about this one. And it would be better if Naruto doesn't have any contact with his friends in his Dimension." Shima said, shocking everyone in the room.

"What!? You can't mean that!" Alice shouted pushing herself out of her chair.

"Alice-Girl you need to understand." Fukasaku said, trying to calm Alice down.

"Understand? Understand what? That Naruto-Kun gave his life to protect his friends, and if it had not been for the Biju Naruto might have died, and now that he has a chance to see or talk to those he protected you are not going to let him? That is not fair to him!" Alice said.

"Alice dear, please you need to calm down." Esme said, trying to calm down her daughter.

"No, I will not calm down. I have seen the treatment Naruto got both before and after he got the village's respect. I saw how close Naruto is to his friends and for you to deny him from having contact with them is…" Alice started again, but was stopped when Naruto placed his hand on one of hers, and a few of his tails wrapped around her waist. "Naruto-Kun…"

"That's enough Alice. I appreciate you standing up for me but it's ok. Everyone back home probably believes that I'm dead, and maybe it's for the better." Naruto said causing everyone to gasp.

"But Naruto-Kun, what about your dream of being Hokage, like I always see you boasting about in my visions?" Alice asked.

"I originally wanted to be Hokage to get recognition from the village, and to protect my friends and the villagers. I got that recognition when I saved everyone from Pein, and by ending the war, and the cycle of hatred in the Shinobi world, just like Ero-Sannin wanted. I'm even protecting them now, being here as the new Kyuubi, plus while I can't be with my friends, I have the one thing here, that I never had in Konoha, A family." Naruto said, smiling at everyone at the table but giving his biggest smile to Alice.

'You really have grown Naruto-Boy. Jiraiya-Boy and Minato-Boy would be proud of you.' Fukasaku thought as he watched Naruto.

"Okay, now that this morning's Drama is over with we need to be going or else Naruto will be late for school." Rosalie said. Turning to the clock Naruto saw that Rosalie was so he removed his hand from Alice's hand, and unwrapped his tails from around Alice before scarfing down his food, cleaning his plate and running up to his room to grab his backpack, followed by Alice, who wanted to make sure he did not forget anything.

"Naruto-Boy has found something special here." Fukasaku said to Carlisle and Esme.

"And I would say Alice-Girl has found something special in our Naruto-Boy." Shima said with a smile.

"Yes, Naruto has only been here for a few months and already he has found a place in everyone's heart, even Rosalie's." Carlisle said with a smile.

"As annoying as he is, I will admit he is like the little brother I never wanted." Rosalie said.

"Haha, and we all know how special he is so Alice." Emmett said with a laugh.

"Yes, I have noticed that Alice-Girl has taken a liking to Naruto-Boy." Fukasaku said with a smile.

"That she has, and thankfully Naruto does return the feelings but he is confused about them." Jasper said.

"How can you tell Jasper-San?" Shima asked.

"Like Alice, my brother Edward and I have special abilities. Edward can read minds and I have the ability to feel and manipulate other's emotions. Well about a month ago, I noticed Naruto's emotion would constantly change between the beginning stages of being in love, confusion, uncertainty, and worry. I was curious as to what could cause Naruto to feel these emotions so I asked Edward to read his mind and we were surprised to find that Alice was the cause. Edward said that Naruto was beginning to have feeling for Alice, but he was confused on those feelings. He said he had only ever loved one girl in his dimension, but she never returned those feelings. We were planning on talking to Naruto soon, but then yesterday's events occurred and those plans were but on hold." Jasper explained.

"Jasper, do you think you would be able to talk to Naruto without Edward?" Carlisle asked.

"Certainly, but do you believe I am the best to talk to Naruto?" Jasper asked, still a little shaky about being alone around Naruto, despite how long Naruto had been living with them.

"You must have more faith in yourself Jasper, we all know that not only would you never hurt someone you consider family, but out of all his brothers, Naruto connects better with you." Esme told her son, getting a small smile from Jasper.

"Ok, but I think it would be best if someone else distract Alice while I talk to Naruto." Jasper said.

"I will do that. If anything it will give me time to get to know the woman who has stolen Naruto-Boy's heart." Shima said as she picked up hers and Fukasaku's plate and followed Esme into the kitchen. Fukasaku stayed at the table talking with Carlisle about the scroll Naruto had received, while Jasper pinned in on occasion and Emmett and Rosalie did their own thing, which meant being wrapped around one another, with the occasional Make-out session. Soon everyone heard the return of Naruto and Alice from upstairs with their backpacks.

"Alright, we're ready." Alice called out, which got a groan from Emmett and Rosalie, who untangled from one another before they followed Jasper to where they had left their bags before the five "sibling" said their good-bye's to Carlisle, Esme, Fukasaku, and Shima, going into the Garage, where they filed into Rosalie's car before heading off to school. About one minute after Rosalie's car pulled out of the driveway, Carlisle, Esme, and Shima were welcomed to the surprising sight of Naruto walking into the front room.

"Naruto? I thought you left with the others?" Esme asked.

"Oh, that was just a Kage Bunshin. I thought it would best to send one to school while I work with Fukasaku-Ji-Chan on my transformation." Naruto said.

"But Naruto-Boy, if you're supposed to be in school than it should be you, not a Kage Bunshin." Shima scolded.

"I know Ba-Chan but I need to get my transformation under control or else I run the risk of exposing me and my family." Naruto explained, surprising Shima and Fukasaku again by his maturity.

"Naruto-Boy is right Ma, the longer it takes for him to get his transformation down, the more he risks exposing his family to the humans." Fukasaku said defending Naruto.

"Alright, but this better be the only time you send Kage Bunshin to school." Shima told Naruto in a voice that left no room for any argument. 'Yeah, like I would be able to escape Alice-Chan if she ever found out I had ditched her.' Naruto thought before telling Shima he would not use Kage Bunshin to ditch school. "Good, now I'm going to find a good place to set up the Distant Body Water." Shima said before she exited the house through the back door.

"Come on Naruto-Boy we got work to do as well. Before we work on your transformation I want to see how all your other abilities were affected by the fusion." Fukasaku said as he hopped over to the back door with Naruto, and surprisingly Carlisle following.

"I might be able to help Naruto as well; I spent a few years with my Kitsune friend, so I know a few things that will benefit your training." Carlisle explained when he got a confused look from Naruto.

"But don't you have to work at the Hospital today?" Naruto asked.

"I'm on call today, so I don't need to show up unless there's an emergency. And I must admit I am curious." Carlisle told his newest son.

"We welcome anything you can offer us. Come along now Naruto." Fukasaku said as he opened the door, and made his way to the backyard, with Carlisle and Naruto following him. "Alright Naruto-Boy, before we get to your Kitsune Transformations I want to see where your other Jutsu and Chakra control stand. Since you have fused with the Kyuubi I'm sure you've noticed the changes in your Chakra reserves and jutsu." Fukasaku said.

"Now that you mention it, I have noticed my Chakra is higher than it was back before my fight with Sasuke but I've only used a few jutsu since I arrived so I haven't had a chance to see if there was any change." Naruto said, thinking back to the few times he used a Jutsu other than the Kage Bunshin and Henge.

"Alright, first take this." Fukasaku said as he pulled out a small piece of paper from within his cloak.

"Is this Chakra paper?" Naruto asked as he took the paper, getting a nod from the Toad Sage, and confusing Carlisle.

"Chakra… Paper?" Carlisle repeated.

"Yes, you see every Shinobi who is able to wield Chakra has a Natural affinity to one or two of the five elements, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, and Water. Chakra paper, which is harvested from a special Chakra absorbing Tree, has the ability to show a Shinobi their affinity when they feed their Chakra through the paper." Fukasaku explained.

"I went through this exercise with Kakashi-Sensei, and found out I have an affinity to Wind. So why do I have to do this again?" Naruto asked.

"Because, it's a little known fact that the Kyuubi had a natural affinity to Fire. By going through this exercise again we can see if you inherited that affinity." Fukasaku said. When Naruto thought about it, he was curious about his Chakra affinities as well. Therefore, Naruto held the paper between two of his fingers and began to run Chakra into the paper. Like the last time he did this the paper split in half, but as the two halves fell out of Naruto's grasp they both erupted into flames, which Naruto quickly stomped out as to prevent any damage to the back yard. "It would seem my theory was right, you have inherited the Kyubi's fire affinity. Ma has the same Affinities with you so I will ask if she would be willing to teach you. Now we will check on your Chakra control, and we'll start with the Tree climbing exercise." Giving the old sage a nod Naruto turned to one of the many trees behind the Cullen house before focusing Chakra into the soles of his feet and began to run up the tree. However, Naruto believed that the exercise would be easy, so he was taken by surprise when he was blasted off of the tree.

"Damn it, my control's all jacked up again! Alright, let's get wild!" Naruto said before he created a few Shadow Clones before all of the Naruto's began to work on their Chakra Control.

"Fascinating, so Shinobi can use their chakra to adhere themselves to different services?" Carlisle asked.

"Yes, and it acts as a form of Chakra control." Fukasaku said as he watched Naruto continue to run up the tree.

"Chakra control? I would assume because Chakra is created within the body that a Shinobi would already have control of their Chakra." Carlisle said.

"Not necessarily. Because Chakra is the combination of Spiritual Energy and Physical Energy, a Shinobi needs train in controlling the correct ratio of the two to create our Chakra. One of the basic training skills that help in controlling the ratio is climbing tree's by using Chakra in the soles of our feet, which are the hardest part of the body to focus Chakra." Fukasaku explained.

"I see, and Naruto's fusion with his Biju has caused an Naruto's Chakra reserves to Increase, thus disrupting Naruto's control over his Chakra." Carlisle analyzed.

"Correct, though because of Naruto's already impressive Chakra Reserves he never had the best control, which is something I would like to fix, along with training in some of his families techniques." Fukasaku said, before he broke out in a smile as they heard Naruto shout out in joy.

"Hell ya! I did it, again!" Naruto shouted before jumping down from the tree landing in front of Fukasaku and Carlisle.

"Good, it seems your well on your way to restoring your former control, but this is only the beginning of your training." Fukasaku told Naruto.

"Give it your best shot Fukasaku-Ji-Chan; I can take everything you throw at me." Naruto said with determination.

"Now that's the Naruto I know, alright let's get down to business." Fukasaku said with a smile as he pulled out the scroll Naruto had given him.


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