Chapter 1


I look up and see my best friend who just so happens to be my twin sister, Lauren staring down at me

I rub my eyes.

"Mmm," I reply.

"IT'S TIME TO GO TO HOGWARTS!" Lauren yells at me.

"Oh yeah!" I cry and jump out of bed. "Hang on, what time is it?"

"Four in the morning," Lauren replies.

"Okay. We still need to pack, don't we?" I ask her.

She nods.

Let me explain, Lauren and I are twins and best friends. We are muggle-born but got accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We hadn't packed for Hogwarts so that's why we are up at four in the morning to pack. And how are we going to get to Kings Cross Station? We need to use the Floo Network to get to Kings Cross Station because we live in Australia.

I still remember the day Professor McGonagall came to our house and explained everything. She set up our Floo Network (FN) and got Hagrid to take Lauren and I to Diagon Alley to get all our school supplies. That was a fortnight ago. Ever since then, Lauren and I have tried on our robes about every two days, been buying endless supplies of shampoo and conditioner, books (we ended up having about 5,000 galleons each in out vault at Gringotts. We then transferred some on the galleons to muggle money at the TCP {Transfer Currency Place}), pens, pencils, notepads, winter clothes (seeing as it's Spring here and warm), letter sets and so on.

We try to tip toe around the house but it doesn't exactly work seeing as we're so excited. We don't seem to wake anyone up. Our brothers and sisters and mum and dad are all pretty deep sleeps. Our oldest brother, Matt who is fourteen and our oldest sister, Clara who is sixteen, don't attend Hogwarts. Nor do James or Louis. They are muggles but are fully supportive of us going. Our younger brothers and sisters, don't really understand except for Louis, James, Wilba and Mia.

"Lauren!" I call out to her.


"Let's go have a shower in the double shower and wash our hair and so on," I say to her.

We walk into the girls bathroom (and yes, we do have a girls and boys bathroom seeing as there are about six girls and six boys) and enter into the double shower. What it is, is two shower heads in a long tiled block thing, against the wall. It's awesome. I turn on my shower and wash my hair with m lilac smelling shampoo.

Lauren and I get out and rush up about five flights of stairs until we reach out room. The walls are painted a light pink colour and my bed is in the far right corner and Lauren's is in the far left corner. There is a window with two day beds looking out to the park. We have two wardrobes on one wall which mirrors each others clothes. Whatever mum buys me, she buys Lauren or whatever she buys Lauren, she buys me.

We are both 5'1. Tall for eleven year olds (not really because we are some of the shortest people in year 5 at Muggle Schools). Well we're ten, turning eleven on September 20th. We both have browny/goldy coloured hair that is curly, bright green eyes, freckles dusted across our noses and red lips.

"What should we wear today Claudi?" Lauren asks me.

"I think, these," I say and pull out a pair of neon pink shorts and a top with balloons on it.

"Nice choice," Lauren says.

We chuck on a crop top, undies, the shorts and top.

"What jacket?" I ask Lauren.

"What about our SLSC rugby jumper?" she replies.

"Very good choice."

We throw the rugby jumper on and grab a rucksack. We slip our phones, one notebook, pens and pencils, Hogwarts; A History (it took us all our will power not to read it before The Hogwarts Express), our book which is CHERUB; The Fall by Robert Muchamore (Lauren and I read at the same pace and always read the same books) our purse and a bunch of other things.

I go to my wardrobe and pull out my red leotard. Lauren and I both do gymnastics. Lauren pulls out her red one too. We both grab our bag that holds our grips and bands and another bag that holds our gloves and loops. I also grab my emergency bag that has: tape, bandage, ankle support, extra protection for the bars and tape grips. I also grab my floor routine music. We're hoping we could ask Professor Dumbledore if there is a place that we could set up and do a little bit of gymnastics.

"Lauren, do you have you grips and bands?"


"Loops and Gloves?"


"Emergency Kit?"




We pack everything into our trunks and hold our wands firmly in out hands. My wand is Maple Wood, Unicorn hair and 12 3/4", Lauren's is Maple, Unicorn hair and 12 2/4".

We put our hair into a waterfall/top knot and put a pink ribbon in. I look at my watch. It's about 8:30.

"Lets go wake everyone up," I announce.

"Great idea," Lauren replies happily.

First off, we go to Matt's room. We creep up to his bed and jump on it. A laugh and yelp escapes his lips.

"Morning you two. Excited?" Matt asks, giving us both a rugby tackle/hug thing.

"Yep!" We cry out.

"Want me to go wake the others up?" Matt asks me.

"Yes, but not Clara-" I say.

"Because we want to speak to her-"

"It's very important," Lauren and I finish together.

"Love on how you two always finish off each others sentences," Matt laughs.

Lauren and I stumble down to Clara's room and knock on her door.

"Come in!" Clara's voice travels through the closed door.

Lauren and I step into her hot pink painted room and grin when we see her in the dress that Lauren and I gave to her for her birthday. It is a light blue and silk. It rests a couple of inches above her knees. It is very pretty in our opinion. And she is very pretty too.

"Morning Clar!" Lauren and I say and give her a hug.

"Morning you two. I have a little present for you," Clara greets.

"OOOOOOOOO!" Lauren and I squeal. We love presents.

Clara opens her desk draw and pulls out two little bags. They are both a emerald green with a zip. One says 'Claudia Estelle' and the other says 'Lauren Estelle' in Clara's neat swirly writing.

"Here," Clara says and hands the one that says 'Claudia Estelle' to me and the one that says 'Lauren Estelle' to Lauren.

We both carefully undo the zip and gasp in unison. Inside is a whole bunch of makeup. Lauren and I had always wanted to have makeup so we could be like Clara.

"Seeing as you two are going to Hogwarts, I wouldn't be able to take you guys makeup shopping, so I put together a little kit for both of you to use on special occasions," Clara explains.

"Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" Lauren and I cry and hug Clara.

"It's okay, you both have liquid foundation ; two tubes, powder foundation ; one box, mascara ; two sets, blush ; times two, eye shadow in a range of about ten colours and a whole bunch of other little things like makeup remover, the blush brush and so on. I hope you two enjoy it. Now, you both know how to put all of it on?" Clara says.

Lauren and I nod and thank her once again. Clara, Lauren and I walk out into the kitchen to see mum and dad, Matt, Louis, James, Angus, Clint, Wilba, Mia, Greta and Willa all seated at the table.

"Morning all," Lauren, Clara and I say.

"Morning girls," The whole family chorus and Willa giggles. She is only one.

"Now, we have pancakes, bacon and eggs, scrambled mind you, Charlie's Orange Juice and fruit," dad explains. All of our favourite things.

"Dig in!" Mum cries. We all haul food onto our plate and soon it's all gone.

"Well, that was yummy," Clint says resting back on his chair and resting his hands on his stomach.

"Yum-yum!" Willa copies.

"Oh m gosh!" Mum says.

"She said one of her first words!" Wilba gasped.

"Yup," Mia says agreeing with him.

"Okay. . . it's ten o'clock, we should leave in half an hour," Lauren states.

"Aha," I reply.

"Wait, there's one thing that we want to give you girls," Mum says and looks in Mia and Greta's direction. They both walk towards us with a silver box in each of their hands. They hand it to us and Lauren and I look at each other, smiling.

We pry the lids off and see the most beautiful necklace ever. It has a silver chain, and a silver locket on it. The locket has flowers on it. I open it and see a picture of all of us when we were at the beach. And in the other side, it has solid perfume. I shut it and turn it over and realise that it has a 'C' engraved on it. I look over at Lauren and see that hers has a 'L' engraved in the back of it too.

"Oh, it's gorgeous!" I gasp.

"Amazing!" Lauren exclaims.

"Here," Louis and James say. James puts on my locket and Louis puts Lauren's on.

"Thanks guys," we say. Oh, and did I mention, Louis and James are twins and are twelve.

"Well, you better go up and grab you trunk and owls and so on," Matt says.

We thump up the stairs to our room and heave our trunks downstairs. Lauren and I run back up, slip our rucksacks onto one shoulder and I grab my owl, Blossom, and Lauren grabs her owl, Coconut.

We slide down the stair railing and land with a thump on our bums on the ground in front of twelve laughing faces.

"Yeah, about that. . ." I say.

Louis has Lauren's trunk and James has mine. We all walk to the fireplace. James goes first with my trunk, then Louis with Lauren's trunk, Mum with Willa, Clara with Greta and Mia, Matt with Angus and Clint, Wilba and dad and then Lauren and I.

There is a whirring and I feel nausea and I can tell Lauren does too. We hear lots of different languages being spoken. After about five minutes, we fall out into a bright place.

Lauren and I stumble out into a garden that has a path going out through a door and onto the streets. We all walk into the station and see Platform 9 and 10. But no Platform 9 and 3/4.

"Come on! Come on! This way or you'll be late. Ugh! There are so many muggles around here!"

My ears perk up and the word 'Muggles'. I look and see a family of red heads all trotting along. About three of them run through the wall of Platform 9 and 10.

"My gosh!" I hear Mia exclaim. Lauren and I walk up to the mother and ask how to go through.

"Well, it's easy dears, you just run through. If it's your first time, it's best to run at it though," she explains.

"Thank you, thank you so much!" Lauren says and we hurry off to our family.

"Well, I guess this is good bye," Lauren and I state.

"Yes," Mum and dad say their good byes.

As do the others.

"Bye James, bye Louis," I say hugging my brothers good bye.

"Write to me," Matt says giving me a hug.

I nod into his shoulder. James and Matt were probably my closet brothers.

"Ready?" I ask Lauren.


I brace myself for a accident but find myself looking at a gleaming scarlet steam engine.

I gasp at it's beauty.

Its truly amazing.

"Wow," I hear Lauren gasp.

"I know," I say to her.

We heave our owls and trunks along the platform and come to a stop and try to heave our trunks onto the carriages. Not successful.

"Oh, bloody hell, go UP!" I cry in frustration.

"Isn't that a bit rash coming from a lady as lovely as you?"

I turn around and see a red haired boy. He has someone next to him who looks exactly like him.

"It isn't a bit rash coming from her. You should hear her normally," Lauren says.

The two boys laugh.

They both have red hair that is a tad too long, brown eyes, they are about a head taller than Lauren and I and have freckles dusted across their nose.

They are pretty good looking.

"I'm Fred Weasley and this is George Weasley," Fred introduces. I can tell Lauren likes him by the look in her eye when Fred shakes her hand. George shakes my hand and our eyes meet. I blush and look away. Then Fred shakes my hand and George shakes Lauren's.

"Here, let me help you," George says and lifts my trunk onto the train.

I smile sheepishly.


"No prob," he grins.

We all board the train and find an empty compartment.

We lug our stuff inside and Fred and George put our trunks up onto the racks.

The train starts to move and Lauren and I grin at each other.

Our dream is finally coming true.

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