Chapter 13

Dear Mum, Dad, our bros and sis',

Can Fred and George come this Easter for the three week break?

Please Owl back as soon as you get this, we need to know.


Love (always) from,

Lauren and Claudia xox

"That good enough?" I ask Lauren as I set down my quill.

"Perfect. WEASLEY'S!" Lauren cries.

"Yes?" Fred and George say pop their heads out from the Boy's Dormitories.

"Write to Molly and ask her if you can stay at our's these holidays," Lauren says.

Lauren, Fred, George and I trudge to the Owlery in the cold wind. I give the letter to Blossom and she flies away.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Oh for merlin's sake!

Tap. Tap. Tap.

"Claudes, can you get that?" I hear Lauren mumble.

"Oh, no way in hell," I mumble back.

"Oh for god's sake! Let's just get it together and have a bath after!" Lauren complains.

"Okay," I moan and get out of bed, Lauren at my heels.

I open the wind.

"Oh! Come in, Bloom!" I cry as my Owl flies in. I pull the parchment out.

Sure they can!

See you then, darlings.

Love mum, dad and the others xox

"They can come," Lauren reads over my shoulder.

"Awesome. Now for a bath," I reply.

We walk into the bathroom and I turn the tapes on.

Lauren pours in red foam bubbles.

"Now...what shampoo and conditioner?" I ask.

"Let's go...raspberry," Lauren replies.

"Okay," I say and hop into the huge bathtub that is practically the prefect's bath tub!

Lauren joins me and we wash our hair.



"You know how I have liked George for ages now?"


"Well, I heard him talking to Fred about it-"

"OH MERLIN! He likes you doesn't he?"



"He said that he likes me!"

"Oh, Claudi!" Lauren says.

I break into sobs.

"What do I do?" I ask her.

"You edge your way up to him. Tease him!" Lauren says.

I nod.

We wash the shampoo out of our hair and get out.

I look at my watch. It is 7:30am, Sunday.

Lauren and I chuck on some red trackie pants and a Gryffindor rugby jumper. We chuck on some bed socks and grab our lap tops.

I grab my wand as well.

"Claudes, we need to go to Dumbledore to fix the spirally thingy on our lap tops," Lauren says.

We walk out and up to his office.

We can hear two voices from the inside of the Headmasters Office.

"I am afraid Minerva, that Fred and George Weasley and Lauren and Claudia Estelle are in grave danger."

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