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Before anyone could stop him or even get their feet back under them from the shock of seeing Lucas and Brooke entwined together again like they'd stepped five years in the past. Jamie had ran at his uncle and the brunette he held in his arms.

"Uncle Luke." He shouted. Luke looked up noticing his nephew coming barreling towards him.

He released Brooke who smiled at seeing her small godson running towards them. Lucas held his arms out. J Luke." He scooped the little boy up as he ran into his arms. He hoisted him high in the air and turned towards Brooke. "J Luke I 'd like to introduce you to your godmother Brooke can you say hi?"

"HI Brooke you're pretty." Lucas giggled holding out his tiny hand.

"Why thank you Jamie." Brooke took the small boy's hand her heart melting at the sight of Luke with the boy in his arms. They looked like twins and she wondered if her and Lucas's children would resemble Jamie at all.

"Can I call you Aunt Brooke?"

Luke Laughed and Brooke playfully punched him before looking up at Jamie. "Of course you can Jamie." Jamie wiggled in Lucas's arms and knowing what the small boy wanted he handed him over to Brooke who opened her arms and took the boy. She rubbed her nose across the boys causing him to laugh.

"Hey Tigger no stealing my son." Haley joked walking up to the couple and her son.

"Tutor wife." Brooke balanced Jamie on one hip and opened her arms to Haley." She'd missed Haley the most of everyone. She looked over at Nathan. "Hotshot." She winked causing Nate to give her a weak smile.

"Good to see you Brooke."

"Ok Jamie want to have some fun?" Brooke sat him down and snagged the can of Spray paint from Lucas's grip. "Lets write you name." She helped Jamie wrap his hand around the can and helped him Write James Lucas Scott on the pavement. "There now you're officially part of the group." She then tossed the can to Haley who caught it in the air.

"This really takes me back." Haley sighed as she knelt down and beside Jamie's name wrote her own. Haley James Scott. She then looked over at Nathan he nodded telling her to add his name. So underneath hers she wrote Nathan Scott. Well all of this was going on Bevin Skills and Mouth had joined them along with Junk and Fergie and everyone took turns with the can of paint. Brooke Smiled as she watched the paint once again bloom across the asphalt. She looked up and noticed Peyton standing at the edge of the court. She was surprised she hadn't expected Peyton to show up. According to Lucas no one had heard from her since right after Lucas' first book was published and though the unkindness of Raven's still felt like a stab to her heart sometimes Brooke had to admit the book was good.

Brooke touched Luke's arm he looked up at her and she nodded her head towards Peyton. "I'm going to go and talk to her." She whispered. He just grimly nodded his head. He guessed he should have expected her but at the same time he felt his heart pound. He didn't want Peyton to come between him and Brooke once again. He remembered when Unkindness of Raven's had come out. Him and Brooke had been official again for only a few months and she'd bought one of the first copies from his first book signings and then with a kiss for him and hug to his editor Lindsey who she'd became good friends with Brooke had left wanting to be alone as she sifted through the past that Lucas's book would bring up. Lucas had come into their hotel room later that night to find her in tears. The book thrown on the bed.

Brooke what's wrong?" he rushed to her. Dropping down beside her he took her hands in his and tried to get her to look at him.

"I hate your book." she sobbed.

"Um thanks." He was baffled. She looked up glaring at him.

"You love her its always Peyton that whole book is one great love story to Peyton how can I compete with that."

He let go of her hands and walked over to the bed picking up the book and coming back he sat down next to her. "You know what?" he sighed and ran his hands over the cover of the book. "This isn't even the original book." she looked up at him curiosity running through her eyes. "No the original book was you all you, but you left and I was hurt so I erased you as a type of revenge not that it actually helped or did anything but maybe I thought if I forgot you. Forgot what we had I could move on. This book was never supposed to be about Peyton. Actually most of the book was written well before Haley and Nathan's wedding I just had to majorly rehaul it" He put the book down on the floor and cradled Brooke's head in his hands. "I love you Pretty girl always." He whispered lightly brushing his lips against hers.

He felt her lips move under his. Oh how she wanted to believe him. Believe his love for her was in fact stronger then that he had for her blond friend. She knew he'd talked to Peyton recently though. Even though the blond hadn't shown up to the signing in LA. She would always feel that she was fighting against Peyton Sawyer when it came to Lucas' Scott's heart.

They hadn't talked about the book after that but Lucas always made sure to show Brooke Every day every hour that it was her and not Peyton he loved. He watched her walk across the court once again face to face tension running through both of the girls bodies.

"Peyton." Brooke nodded.

"Brooke." Peyton said. "I see you finally got the boy." She chuckled darkly because unknown to either Brooke or Lucas Peyton had been there that day in LA. She'd seen Brooke she'd seen Lucas and she'd ran. She loved Lucas Scott with all her heart and she resented this little triangle that seemed to be her life Her Brooke Lucas it seemed to live in a time that would never end.

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