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Chapter Nine

Hermione woke up the next morning with a smile on her lips. It was hard to believe that last night hadn't been a dream, and yet as she lay in her bed, stretching out her sore muscles she reviled in the memory of George's kisses. She allowed herself a moment of sheer girlish pleasure and kicked her legs quickly against her bed, muffling a slight squeal of pleasure with a carefully placed pillow. After a few moments Hermione forced herself out of bed. She and George were due at the burrow in a few hours and she wanted to make sure she looked nothing short of her best.

Taking her time in the shower Hermione found nerves replacing the giddy excitement. It would be the first time she'd seen Ron with Hannah, and while she was happy for the pair she worried what it would mean for their dynamic. Was Hannah the jealous type who would glare at Hermione across the room making everyone uncomfortable? Or worse, completely ignore Hermione and glare at Ron if he so much as glanced her way? And what if she or George did or said something to give away what had happened last night? She finished washing her hair quickly and turned off the stream of hot water. She pulled the fluffy towel hanging off the wall by the shower to her, and began to dry off. She had just stepped out of the shower and onto the bathmat when the door opened in front of her. Thankful she'd at least wrapped the towel about herself Hermione squeaked.

"GEORGE!" The redhead grinned lazily at her, casually wiping the sleep from his eyes.

"Well this is a nice good morning." Hermione scowled, pulling the towel tighter around herself.

"George, come on, get out!" She blustered and George laughed.

"Hermione, relax, that towel covers more than a swimsuit." Hermione shook her head, and wordlessly threw a wet washcloth at his head. George managed to dodge it and Hermione's frown deepened. "Oh come on 'Mione, don't be embarrassed."

"Just… cover your eyes until I'm out okay?" Hermione watched as George rolled his eyes, but obeyed with a cute little pout. Once Hermione was convinced his brown eyes were fully covered Hermione stepped from the shower, and made her way toward the door. George's wide shoulders blocked the doorway, and Hermione groaned.

"George, I can't get by."

"What's the password?

"GEORGE!" Becoming exasperated and more embarrassed by the second Hermione flushed. "There's no password, just let me by."

"Ah," George crooned. "Perhaps a toll then? If I keep my eyes closed like a good little boy do I get a kiss?"

Hermione scoffed. "George, we need to be at your parent's house in an hour, and I still have to get dressed."

George's hands left his eyes and pulled her close to him. His eyes were still closed though, as he pressed a kiss blindly to Hermione's forehead.

"Fair enough. But even though my eyes are closed now, I'm not going to forget the sight of you in a towel anytime soon." With that George squeezed into the bathroom, and shut the door in Hermione's face with a smirk.

Hermione rolled her eyes and stormed into her room. She attempted for a moment to feign anger, but found herself laughing instead. She made her way into the bedroom and slipped the towel from her body. She took a moment to furiously rub her hair with the slightly damp towel before slipping into the blue dress. It fit snuggly, but Hermione couldn't help but smile at herself in the mirror. She settled herself into the desk chair and using her wand cast one of the two hair charms she knew. Her hair slowly pulled and twisted itself up into a messy up do, and a few pretty ringlets framed her face. She swiped a mascara wand across her eyelashes and in only twenty minutes she was ready to go. She puzzled over her shoes for a few moments, as the only pair of heels she owned were black. She cast a quick charm on the shoes, and lightened them until they matched the sapphire dress perfectly. She spritzed some perfume across herself and after a double check in the mirror opened the door.

She could hear what must have been George's razor in the bathroom, so she made her way into the kitchen for a quick glass of tea before they left. The kettle boiled quickly, and Hermione, finding the kitchen lacking in lemon, took her tea plain, making a cup with milk and one for George, because she knew that was how he took it. She'd gotten plenty of teasing for how she took her tea, and it was actually a running joke that she was a yank in disguise at the Weasley house. She'd picked up the habit from a friend she'd made as a child, a young muggle from America, and it had just stuck.

She sipped the tea slowly with her hip leaning on the counter, taking the few moments to read a few paragraphs from Centaurs and the Wizarding World; Just, or Arrogance, a novel which was written by a respected colleague in the field of advocacy. George entered after only a few pages and she smiled up at him from her book when she caught him staring.

"Would you like to take a picture?" He grinned and stepped closer to her.

"You look absolutely breathtaking Nee." He wrapped an arm around her and Hermione smiled up at him. "You're beautiful every day of course but-."

He interrupted himself by leaning down and took her mouth with his own. The kiss started slowly, but his tongue traced her bottom lip and when she opened her mouth it deepened. His hands cradled her waist, and Hermione's wrapped around his neck, her heels bringing her up to only a few inches shorter than him. When he pulled away, she ran a hand nervously down his face.

"You look pretty handsome yourself George." Her fingers twined in his hair by his missing ear and she kissed him again, this time pressing her body tightly into his before pulling away. She was pleased to feel his arousal against her and she fought the urge to squirm against it.

"How am I going to manage an entire day pretending we aren't doing this?" He groaned, resting his forehead on hers, causing Hermione to laugh. She kissed his cheek sweetly pulling away.

"I made you some tea," she said softly, "You should drink it before it gets cold." He took the hint and grabbed his own mug off the counter. He finished it in a few gulps and Hermione laughed at his eagerness.

"Come on then," he said slightly gruffly, "I've got to get you out of this house before I ravage you properly."

Hermione laughed as they made their way toward the fireplace and looked over her shoulder. "There will be plenty of time for that when we get back, provided you behave at the party."

He rolled his eyes. "Yes mum."

With a pinch of powder she stepped into the hearth ahead of him. "The Burrow" she said with a laugh, and George was swept from her gaze. When she saw the Weasley's living room she stepped out gracefully and Ginny leapt up from the chair where Molly had been pinning her hair.

"Hermione! You're here early, is George on his way?" Hermione nodded, and wiped a bit of soot from the hem of her dress while she turned.

"He should be right behind me." As she spoke the hearth glowed and a grinning George entered struggling with a large package. He almost knocked Hermione over with his eagerness to set the package down and Hermione found herself wondering where exactly he'd had that hidden before they had left.

"George!" Molly cooed throwing herself at George, who hastily passed the box to Hermione to hold his mother. Hermione set the package on the couch awkwardly and grinned at Ginny. She wore a silky white sleeveless dress, which brushed the ground in the back, but showed her pretty white flats, and her shins in the front. A gold beaded belt across her waist was the only adornment on the gown, and her red hair was pulled back around her face to show off a pair of amazing teardrop diamond and gold earrings. Catching Hermione's glance at them Ginny grinned, her right cheek dimpling.

"They were an engagement gift from Harry, he and Ron picked them out from some jewelry he had in his Gringotts vault."

"You look beautiful Gin," Hermione said honestly, pulling her friend in to hug her tightly.

"You look amazing too, did you do your hair yourself?" Hermione snorted in response.

"No, it's a charm I saw Parvati do once before a date… I don't think I got the back quite right, but it wasn't too hard."

Ginny gave Hermione one more squeeze before George snatched her up into a bear hug. "My turn!" She laughed and ruffled his hair, but allowed him to kiss her cheek loudly.

"Three of my favorite women," He said, wrapping his arms around his mother and Ginny, yet still somehow managing to shoot Hermione a meaningful look. She blushed, but was relieved that no one seemed to notice. Ginny was too busy telling George how he had to see what they had done with the backyard and Molly was glowing at the praise.

Hermione made her own way to the back yard, and was happy to see they'd beaten the crowd. Bill and Fleur were sitting at one of the tables with Charlie, and Harry, who was holding a tiny Victoire in his arms and looking content. Hermione was surprised at the transformation the backyard had taken in such a short time. A white gauzy tent covered three small golden tables with white clothes, and pretty blue flowers clustered as the centerpieces. Hermione smiled and made her way to them, placing a kiss on both Harry and Victoire's foreheads, and pulling Fleur and Bill into warm embraces.

"'Arry keep telling us zer is a surprise, but zat we must vait until everyone arrives." She pouted prettily at Harry and Hermione laughed.

"Harry, a surprise? Isn't an engagement party surprise enough?" She opened her eyes wide feigning innocence. "I mean, none of us really thought Ginny would say yes…" Harry groaned.

"Two nights with George and you've already turned into a prat. I don't know what we're going to do with the pair of you." Hermione put on a look of mock outrage and Bill let out a bark of laughter.

"You two are 'illarious." Fleur said with a tittering laugh. Hermione smiled at the beautiful witch, happy to see that marriage and motherhood had relaxed her.

Hermione settled on the chair next to Harry and held out her hands expectantly for the beautiful baby. Harry passed her over gently and Hermione rocked her gently while she slept.

"She's so beautiful," Hermione awed at the perfect bowed lips, and pale red curls.

"Even with the Weasley red hair," George teased, coming up behind Hermione to trace a finger across his niece's cheek before settling into the last chair at their table.

"She vill not 'ave red 'air," Fleur groused. "It is blonde, vith a 'int of red." Bill laughed and rested a hand on his wife's knee soothingly. The group stifled their chuckles and Harry announced Ron's arrival, the perfect distraction.

"Oh, good Ron and Hannah are here." Hermione turned to smile at the couple who had just entered the yard. Harry waved them over and Hermione watched Hannah's hand tighten on Ron's nervously.

"Alright Harry?" Ron called as they walked closer looking, Hermione thought begrudgingly, quite handsome in a new set of dress robes. Hannah wore a set of pale pink robes which highlighted the pretty pink in her cheeks. Her hair was loose about her shoulders, and she tucked it behind her ear nervously.

"Alright Ron," Harry rose and met Hannah and Ron halfway, pulling Hannah into a welcoming hug.

"Have you met Bill and Fleur yet?" Harry asked her kindly and she shook her head. The came over to the table and Hermione was grateful for the pressure of George on her left side, and the baby in her arms.

"Hello Hannah," Hermione said with a smile, "it's great to see you again."

Hannah smiled sweetly. "It's good to see you too Hermione. Her voice was timid as she leaned into the baby. "This must be Victoire, Ron's told me a ton about her." Hermione found that slightly hard to believe but Hermione nodded.

"'Mione," Ron said with a grin and Hermione shot him a nervous smile. "Hannah, this is my oldest brother Bill, and his wife Fleur, and-."

"The good looking one is his favorite brother George." George rose and shook Hannah's hand. "Nice to meet you Hannah."

She laughed and Ron rolled his eyes. "Sorry Han. George's a bit of a flirt." He pulled Hannah to him with an arm about her waist and shot George a mock glare.

Hannah smiled. And Fleur offered her an indifferent nod.

"Nice to meet you 'Annah" Bill smiled a bit more warmly and rose to shake her hand.

"It's nice to meet the girl Ron's been telling us about." Hermione tried to catch Fleur's eye and figure out why she was acting so aloof but gave up after a few moments.

"Your daughter is absolutely beautiful," Hannah said, offering it up almost as a question, but Fleur softened.

"Thank you, 'Annah." It was a start, but Ron rolled his eyes.

"Come on Hannah, I want you to meet Mum and Dad."

Ron pulled her off and Bill whispered something in Fleur's ear and she rolled her shoulders. Hermione thought that perhaps it was him telling her to be a bit more accepting. Welcoming, was not an emotion Fleur did well, although she had gotten better since Victoire had been born.

"How many people will be here today?" Hermione asked, while raising to hand a fussing Victorie to her father.

"Not too many, Gin and I wanted to keep it small. We're waiting on Neville and Luna, Charlie, Hagrid, Muriel, Kingsley, Dromeda and Teddy, and McGonagall."

"Just family," Ginny said in a dreamy voice so unlike herself. She came up behind Harry and wrapped her arms around his waist and Hermione's eyes narrowed.

"Ginny, could I have a moment?" She tugged Ginny's arm away from Harry and pulled her behind an old shed where the Weasley's kept their brooms.

"You two are getting married today aren't you?" Ginny grinned up at Hermione and Hermione's eyes filled with tears.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you 'Mione but we wanted it to be a surprise. That's why I was so happy to see your dress. I want, I want you to stand with me. I couldn't imagine anyone else by my side."

"Of course Gin," Hermione said reverently and wrapped her arms tightly around her friend. "Oh merlin," Hermione pulled back and wiped at her eyes. "This is so exciting."

"Don't say anything though. Just follow me and Dad once we leave. Harry's going to start giving a toast at the front. That's our cue."

Hermione nodded. "Alright, I'd better get you back before Harry thinks I've stolen his bride!"

"Hermione," Ginny laughed and wrapped her arm about her friends waist and they entered the party together. Neville, Luna, and Minerva had arrived while they spoke.

Hermione was filled with a nervous energy as she greeted her friends, and when at last Hagrid, Andromeda and Teddy had arrived, Harry made his way to the front of the tables. His hair was brushed down as best as could be expected, and he looked so happy Hermione wanted to cry. With a wave of his wand the glasses in front of them were bubbling with Champagne as the bottle at the center filled them.

"I have a quick toast to make," Harry started nervously. Hermione squeezed George's knee gently, and whispered to him that she'd be right back. He nodded, still listening to Harry and smiling, and Hermione quietly slipped toward the back with Ginny, who had summoned a small handful of blue hydrangeas from the bush in the yard. Hermione quickly slipped her wand from the hidden pocket in her dress and passed it to her friend. Ginny looked at her puzzled.

"Why would I want your wand?" Harry was thanking them all from coming in the front, so Hermione whispered quickly.

"Muggle tradition, old, new, borrowed, and blue, and put this in your shoe." She pulled a loose knut from her pocket and pressed it into her friend's palm. "And a half pence in your left shoe. It's a knut but I think it'll work."

"You've gone mad!" Ginny laughed, but with a roll of her eyes slipped the knut into her left flat, and clutched Hermione's wand in with her flowers.

"I expect that wand back, Ginevra."


"Ginny and I wanted to spend this day with our family more than anything else, and we knew that things like this have a habit of getting out of hand, and so we decided to surprise you all. Arthur, if you'll join Ginny back there, we were hoping you'd give her away." Ginny was smiling so hard Hermione thought she might explode. Molly's head whipped back so fast Hermione giggled.

"Now?" Molly cried, "You're getting married now?!"

Harry just grinned, "Would you like to bind us?" Molly gaped, and rose shakily to join Harry at the front of the group while Arthur, grinning exactly like Ginny made her way to the back. George was quiet, but everyone around them joined in a round of applause and cheers. Neville pressed his fingers to his mouth and whistled shrilly. Molly looked flustered, but George grinned at that.

"Are you coming up here or not mate?" Harry said stiffly to Ron and he grinned back.

"Alright," Ron grinned, and Hermione watched as he rose from Hannah's side and joined Harry at the front, and the two embraced with a laugh. She couldn't stop the wide smile that stretched her cheeks even if she had tried. She watched as Molly fussed at Harry's collar a bit before turning to face her daughter. Arthur, looking pleased, took his daughter's arm in his, kissing her hand gently. Hermione walked down first smiling at her two friends, and sparing a quick, secretive glance at George, who was quiet, but pleased.

When she'd reached the trio, she couldn't stop herself from kissing Harry's cheek, and squeezing his shoulder gently. Together they turned and watched as Ginny followed in Hermione's wake. She was radiant, her eyes misty, and grinning like her life depended on it. It seemed like she floated down the aisle, her movements so graceful. When she reached them, Arthur kissed her sweetly, before placing her hand in Harrys.

Molly beamed at the pair, and began to speak, her voice slightly gruff. Hermione didn't listen to the words, she was too focused on the love and happiness shining from Harry like a beacon. The ceremony was quick, and when Molly bid him to kiss the bride he grinned cheekily, and licked his lower lip. He pulled Ginny to him, and she laughed as he dipped her deeply, one hand cradling her head, and the other firm on her back. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity, and when Harry righted his bride, she was almost as red as Ron. Hermione wiped tears of joy from her cheeks, and laughed as the sky erupted in fireworks. George winked at her, as he slipped his wand back into his breast pocket. She waited her turn, and was thrilled when Harry and Ginny pulled both her and into their embrace.

"I love you." Hermione said softly, kissing the bride and groom each soundly.

"I'm married!" Ginny said almost surprised, and Harry laughed.

"Best not to forget that Love!" Hermione allowed herself to wash in the glow of their affection before Molly pulled them away. Hermione thought she heard the beginning of Molly's scolding before Ron's voice pulled her away. They still stood at the front of the group, and he'd turned a bit red about the ears at the attention.

"'Mione, can, can we talk for a bit? While everyone's busy?" Ron's voice was a bit weak, but his smile sincere. Hermione looked over to the table where Hannah sat, speaking with a Fleur who seemed a bit more welcoming. She turned back to Ron and grinned.

"Of course we can." Ron reached for her hand, but then as if thinking better of it, simply moved it into a sweeping gesture.

"Probably safest in the front, I'm sure Mum's gone a bit mad in the house." Hermione grinned, and walked before him, crossing to the front of the house quickly and quietly, making a point not to look behind her.

When they'd curved around the Burrow Hermione folded her hands behind her back and turned slowly to meet Ron. He scrubbed his hand against his nose nervously, and for a moment in Hermione's mind, he was eleven again, scrubbing at a spot of dirt.

"Did you know?" He asked, almost as if to pass the time.

"A bit before they started yes," Hermione grinned. "I am a bit cleverer than you though, so don't feel too sore about it."

He rolled his eyes, "I should have known that they'd do it like this I mean. Ginny's been flittering about all week."

"I'm afraid I haven't been a very good friend then, I hadn't really noticed." Hermione's heart felt heavy. If someone like Ron had noticed, she should be doubly disappointed in herself for being so unobservant.

"Don't be stupid 'Mione. I've just been around them more is all. I know you've been trying to give me space, but you don't have to you know." He shuffled his feet and Hermione waited for him to finish, knowing him well enough to stay silent, or he'd never start this conversation again.

"I won't lie, Hermione, it hurt when you left. Hurt me a lot more than I'd like to admit, but I know why you did it, even though I wish I didn't. I know that we weren't working anymore. That the fighting, and me being to daft to listen to what you needed… they just made both of us exhausted all the time. And what's worse, was that eventually we stopped fighting even. It was like we'd… given up on our friendship… and that was even worse. I don't want you to think that I didn't…that I don't love you, but you were right when you said it was in another way. I appreciate the space you've given me, but Hermione I miss my best friend. I know I'm moving on, and soon you will be as well, and that means it can't be the same as when we were a couple, but we've always been amazing at being mates haven't we? Isn't that worth fighting for?"

Hermione just stood there gaping. To say that Ron wasn't a fan of words would be a drastic understatement. Even when he'd turned into a complete git in fourth year he'd never taken that much breath to apologize. Hermione felt tears well in her eyes. He'd finally gotten it, finally heard her, and here he stood; the boy who had once been her best friend, standing in front of her a man, asking to go back to that. She couldn't speak, because for once Ron was the only one with the words. Instead she just nodded, trying not to cry because they both knew that would turn Ron into an awkward mess. Instead she pulled him into a hug, wrapping her arms around his neck and nodding again into his neck. He laughed and returned her hug with equal fervor.

When she pulled back Hermione wiped subtly at her cheeks and Ron groaned. "None of that now…"

She shoved his shoulder companionably. "I'm glad you brought Hannah today, she's absolutely lovely."

Ron's face got goofy, and Hermione laughed as he nodded. "Yeah she is isn't she?"

"She won't mind, us being friends I mean?" They had started walking companionably back toward the party but Ron shook his head empathetically.

"No, she was actually the one who told me to talk to you, said you might still not know how I felt."

"Smart too," Hermione teased. "Definitely too good for you."

Ron made eye contact with the pretty blonde across the lawn who smiled sweetly back at him. "Yeah," he sighed almost dreamily, "I've a habit of falling for that type." He shot her a significant look and she rolled her eyes, bumping his hip with hers.

"Made up have you?" Harry teased from behind them causing Hermione to jump and Ron to laugh at her.

"Good," Ginny said smiling, "Can't have our two favorite people spoiling our fun with their awkwardness." Hermione scoffed and Ginny tweaked her nose. "Here's your wand by the way, you ran off before I could pass it back. Silly muggle superstition," Hermione took the wand with a smile, and charmed Ginny's handful of white roses into a wreath around her head.

"There, now that you look so angelic you can hardly torment me anymore." The quartet laughed and made their way to rejoin the party. Hermione looked around for George and sighed when she found him lying on the grass charming golden and crimson bubbles for a toddler Teddy who laughed as he clapped them between his chubby fingers. He had a lazy grin on his face as he entertained Teddy, and she crouched down on the grass next to the pair.

"Hello you two," Hermione laughed, "Teddy is George prepping you for Gryffindor already?!" She shot George a teasing look and he shrugged his face sheepish.

"Uncca George make dem bubbles for me! Just for meeeeee!" Teddy screeched as he leapt for a larger bubble. Hermione laughed and George looked a bit embarrassed.

"Uncca George huh?" Hermione smiled and George winked back, "what can I say, he's adorable, and who wouldn't want to be his family?" Hermione snuck a quick look around, and seeing that there wasn't anyone watching, took George's hand in hers.

"Will you save me a dance later?" She asked, almost nervously.

"I'll give you all my dances if you'll have them," George whispered back, his voice gently, and his eyes meeting hers.

"Good," she grinned, slipping her hand away. He frowned at the loss and she grinned. "I should go, I'm not… I'm not quite ready for people to…"

George's eyes showed the hurt of her words only for a moment before he shrugged it away. "Of course, slow. I understand." He smiled at her. She ruffled both his hair, and Teddy's and then made her way back to the rest of the group. The rest of the day passed in a blur of dancing, and goblets of wine, laughter, and most of all, love.

Somehow Hermione's glass was never empty, and nothing could be more fun than this day. Hermione had danced with everyone except George at least once, Neville and Hagrid twice. In fact, at one point she and Neville had led the crowd in a lively jig, sung as a duet by them as they twirled about the floor. It wasn't until Harry pulled her into his arms that he shared a bit of a secret with her.

"He's charmed the goblets… you know that right 'Mione?" Harry's brow creased nervously and Hermione smacked her palm against his forehead to smooth the wrinkle out. "Bloody hell, Hermione!" Harry rubbed his forehead roughly and Hermione giggled.

"Sorry!" She laughed, "Was getting the wrinklies, winkle, wrinkles out!" Her own brow creased. "'m DRUNK!" She gasped, throwing a hand across her lips. "OH NO!"

Harry threw his head back and howled. "Hermione you really hadn't noticed?!"

"I only had one, one glass!" She whispered embarrassed.

"Don't worry, Hermione," Luna's voiced sing-songed from beside them as she danced with a slightly wobbly Neville, "Neville and I shall have to leave soon, as he's also a bit over indulged."

Neville shook his head. "Nope, Luna we'll never leave. This is really, really brilliant!" She just laughed and shook her head. "It really has been a pleasure to be here, Harry may many many blessings shine upon you and your long and fruitful marriage." She leaned Neville against Hermione to brush her lips across Harry and Hermione's cheeks. "We'll find Ginny and see ourselves out. Come along Neville," she intoned taking his hand sweetly. "We mustn't be rude." He nodded, and waved cheerily at them as Luna tugged him toward Ginny, who was giggling as Bill swung her up into the air by her waist light she was still a girl.

"Wow." Hermione said softly. "Rry, thank you for not letting me get bad as Neville."

"Er, right. Course, Hermione, wouldn't dream of it… Look there's George; you haven't danced with him yet have you?"

"NO!" Hermione said animatedly. "And he saved me one he promised."

Harry laughed and guided Hermione past Ginny, who blew Hermione a kiss as she passed. Hermione threw a promise to be back over her shoulder and Hermione thought she heard a 'not likely' from a laughing Harry behind her, but she couldn't be sure.

"George," Harry called, causing George to turn from an animated conversation with Hannah and Ron to smile at the pair of them. One look at Hermione and his grin slipped from his face. "As it's your fault Hermione can hardly walk, I'd say it's well past your turn to hold her up wouldn't you say?"

Hermione scoffed and pulled her arm from Harry's. "I can walk…" She stumbled a bit to disprove her point, but George caught her gracefully.

"Of course you can, Love." George reasoned, "But you did promise me a dance." Hermione nodded grinning happily and once she was firmly in his arms George spoke to Harry over her head. "We'll be dipping out after this Mr. Potter; I'm assuming I'll see you and my beautiful sister Mrs. Potter tomorrow morning at a breakfast?"

"I wouldn't hold your breath Mr. Weasley. But I think Mo-," Even Hermione wasn't too drunk to notice the way his face lit up as he corrected himself, "I think Mum's arranged a dinner for tomorrow."

George nodded, clasping his hand at Harry's shoulder. "I've never been more proud to call a man my brother-."

"OY!" Ron called out and George shushed him away with a wave of his hand.

The tempo of the music changed into a slow crooning melody, and George slipped Hermione's hands about his neck, and his own large arms encircled her neck. He moved slowly, more of a sway than an actual dance, but the way his thumbs were rubbing gently across the small of her back was driving Hermione slowly mad. She used her arms to pull her body closer to George's fitting her face gently into his neck.

With his arms around her, everything else blocked out, until it was just the two of them, moving to the sound of their own heartbeats. When the song ended, Hermione pulled back gently, to meet George's eyes. She wanted nothing more than to kiss him in that moment, and the way his honey eyes clouded with lust, he was thinking exactly the same thing. She rose up onto her tiptoes and tilted her head. In that moment she didn't care who was watching, if she didn't kiss him, she would die, right there on the Burrow's backyard. Just before she could slip her eyes closed she felt the familiar crack of disapperation. The jolt made her sway, but not as much as the passionate kiss the two of them shared as they arrived back at the flat did.

She was lost. Lost in the sensation of his hands buried in her hair, and how good he felt beneath her lips. She moaned, pressing them tighter together, and she felt his body respond beneath her. He moved her, slipping his hands down her curves, pulling her tighter to him still as he cradled the back of her thighs, wrapping her around him with deep breath. She locked her ankles and felt him walking, moving them toward the bedroom as he kissed her. In what seemed like no time at all, he laid her gently on the bed, smoothing her hair and pulling away from her. She tried to move her face back up to kiss him again but he pulled from her reach, settling instead to lead his forehead against hers.

"Nee, you have no idea how much I want to make love to you right now."

She rocked her hips and he groaned as she smirked, "I think I have a pretty good…"

"No," he said softly. "Hermione when we do this, it's going to be amazing, so amazing that neither one of us is going to regret it, nor neither of us," he kissed her gently on the lips, "is going to be drunk."

Hermione threw her head dramatically back on the bed and sighed deeply. But when she smiled back up at him, all she could think about was how amazing he was. "Will you hold me until I fall asleep?" She asked softly her voice almost childlike.

George grinned wickedly down at her. "Hermione, I'll hold you as long as you'll have me." He rolled over and she curled into the crook of his shoulder. He ran his fingers gently over her hair quietly and before they knew it, they were both lost to the oblivion of sleep.

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