Videl barely paid attention to her chemistry teacher's lecture on ionic bonds and their formations. Right now her mind was still trying to process the fact that Lime Carriage was her new classmate, and that Gohan of all people knew the international superstar. There were few people Videl could honestly say she liked, and fewer still she looked up to. But out of all the camera hogging self-important celebrities of the world, she had to say that Lime had been one of the few she had a great amount of respect for.

The girl was her age and had reached her status out of her own talent and drive, something Videl sometimes felt she had not. It was true that her skills as a martial artists made her one of the most gifted fighters in the world, and probably the most capable of her age group, but the police would have never let her start her work as a crime fighter had it not been her father's name. Being the daughter of the world champion that had defeated the monster that had threatened humanity with Armageddon had a way of paving the road for you, something Videl did not always appreciate. The conspirators of the world that whispered how her father was a fraud and the people that generally disliked anyone who had done the world a favor and constantly sought to find something flawed with heroes did not need any more ammunition to slander her with.

But beyond simply achieving success off her own merits, Lime never seemed to bask in or even enjoy the limelight she had found herself in. The singer was polite and cheerful in front of the camera whenever they did manage to corner her, but more often than not they only got footage of her fleeing the paparazzi that hounded her every step since her ascension into the ranks of being a world idol. Every one of her songs had been a hit that had reached the top of the list and often stayed hovering near the top long after other catchy tunes would have faded away to obscurity. The lyrics were well written and thoughtful, and more often than not resonated with Videl with Lime's recurring theme of loss and sorrow and desire to find and be herself once more. She was a talented musician, seemingly skilled with a variety of instruments which she often played herself at her concerts, rarely being off key in her performance even while singing; a rather rare talent amongst todays' big name artists who either lip-synced their songs while doing some flashy choreographed dance routine, or the ones that sounded nothing like their auto tuned selves on disc when performing live.

Erasa had dragged Videl off to see Lime's debut movie One Last Dance which had made billions around the globe. At first the crime fighter had been adamant against going to see another ridiculous dance movie with her friend (she hated Step UP and the half dozen sequels and rip-offs Erasa had dragged her to go see), but had finally caved in when Erasa had begged her with her arms around her ankles out in the streets in front of dozens of people. Much to her surprise the movie had actually had a decent plot which would have made it a winner already, but combined with Lime's talent as a dancer and the catchy music half of which were releases form Lime's second album, had skyrocketed the movie into the top 5 most grossing box-office hits of all time, overshadowed only by three other giant money makers.

While all those achievements certainly would have been impressive on their own, what really made Videl admire Lime had been her active participation in the information campaign "Real Women Have Curves". While most other female celebrities seemed to take every chance possible to pose for the camera and show off as much skin as possible, Lime seemed to be outside this trend, dressing modestly (well for celebrities anyways), and having never accepted any offers to do any modeling endorsements even though the money that would have brought in most likely would have tripled her income. So it was a surprise to many when she was in the lineup for the campaign against the use of photo altering technology in advertisement, more specifically targeting the feminine figure. The lineup had consisted of half a dozen famous women lined up together in their undergarments and posing together to show off their natural bodies rather than the often impossibly thin and curvy doctored photos being pumped out in advertisement and fashion magazines. Lime was the youngest in the lineup, but had stood next to Bulma Briefs herself, smiling that dazzling smile that had become iconic to the young singer.

Videl wholeheartedly agreed with the campaign, and had even been contacted by the agency at one point offering a spot on the lineup, but she had been too shy to even think about parading herself in front of the camera in her undies even if she thought it was great idea. In a way Videl had envied Lime's courage to put herself on display to try to help improve the world. Throwing yourself head first into danger to protect others was arguably much more dangerous, but to Videl, baring your body like that for the world to see took more guts than running headfirst into gunfire. And while fighting crime made sure the citizens of Satan City could sleep easier at night protecting the couple million that lived in the city named after the world savior, the information campaign impacted girls and women around the world a number counted in the billions.

Chewing on her pencil she glanced over at Sharpner who still had a glazed look and a goofy smile on his face which had not left since Gohan had introduced them to Lime and he had gotten a hand shake from the girl. Videl rolled her eyes as her friend let out another dreamy sigh, glassy eyes staring blankly at the front of the class. No doubt the blonde was off in his own little fantasy world at the moment.

Glancing at the board, Videl was alarmed to find it filled with alien looking symbols and equations, and more so when the teacher reached for the eraser to make more room. Scrambling to copy down what was left intact on the whiteboard, Videl cursed her wandering mind. Her lack of vigilance in note taking would cost her when the test came up.

'Though I can just ask Gohan to tutor me I suppose.'

Her writing hand which had begun to cramp from her scribbling paused as she considered her thought. She had always gone to Erasa for tutoring when a subject was too hard to understand, ditzy though her friend may act, she could also switch onto lecture mode and sound like a teacher when she had to. Well a teacher that punctuated her statements with giggles and strange analogies that seemed to always go back to sex and body parts. Gohan was much calmer and seemed to have an ocean of patience when explaining concepts outside of her understanding, and managed to make even the most mystifying concepts easy to comprehend no matter how little time he had.

During third period in Lit Honors, Videl couldn't help but notice how much more open and outgoing the dark haired teen seemed now that Lime was sitting next to him. The two had spent most of the period whispering to one another and passing notes, and had even broken out into a paper ball flicking war at one point. Gohan not paying attention in class wasn't anything new, the boy seemed to know everything before it was taught, but usually he was doodling away quietly in the corner, not snickering away after blowing a spitball at someone.

Videl tried to ignore the slight tightening feeling in her chest as she recalled Gohan leaning forward and whispering into her ear. Heat built up in her stomach and blossomed on her face even now as she recalled how his warm breath had caressed her ear and brushed against the nape of her neck.

'Oh this is not happening. No no no no no. Not happening. Just imagining it. All in my head.'

But much as she might tell herself otherwise, all her bodily signs pointed at the same thing. She had a crush on Gohan. Videl had done an admirable job of fighting off those feeling and the thoughts that alluded to her attraction these past few months since she had gotten to know the boy, but even she couldn't explain away the irrational annoyance she had felt when Gohan and Lime had their heads together whispering away in soft tones in the back corner of the literature classroom.

Looking back up again, Videl found that the text on the board had done a Houdini and vanished.

"All right class, I hope you've been paying attention! We'll be having a quiz on the material I just covered tomorrow, so review your notes!"

Staring down at the relatively blank page in front of her filled with a few lines of unintelligible scribbles, Videl fought back a groan. She was so screwed. Glancing over at Sharpner who had finally broken out of his stupor and who looked rather alarmed at the teacher's announcement, she fought back a sigh. She wasn't going to get any help there.

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