Chapter One - F-Father?

Dying... Is only one way to escape reality and be forced into oblivion. It's a sense of piece... A sense of getting away from your troubles and finally ending it. That's something I wish would've happened to me, but like always... Someone stops me, however that surprised even me. I awoke with blinding lights stinging my eyes making me close them once again. Annoying beeps echoed throughout the room with clicks of footsteps rushing outside the door. I groaned softly hoping I was alone, however... I wasn't.

A discusted sigh was heard in the room, right next to me. I knew that sigh anywhere, from the man that torments me every night and day. I can never get away from it... No matter how much I tried. I opened my eyes slowly to find him, my "father" sitting next to me with a glare glued on his face, his hands gripped tightly acrossed his chest. "So... Tried to end it did you?" He asked in a low menacing voice, he was the only thing in this world I feared more than myself. I stared at him wide eyed and started to tremble. "You'll wish your plan succeed when we get home..." He growled and glared even more as he got up from his seat and left my room.

I have never feared for my life more than at that moment, but I knew how to take these things. For it was a daily routine for the youngest Sabaku, the hated child. Bowing my head I closed my eyes and pictured a normal life, with a normal mother... Father, and siblings that would love me and care for me as if I were an equal. However I was not, I will never be an equal in their eyes. Wrapping my Shukaku colored tail around my body and tilting my ears against my head I pouted.

I am Gaara, Sabaku No Gaara. I live here in Suna, my father is the Kazekage of my land. Since birth I am able to show a tail and ears, sometimes whiskers when I become to emotional, most the times I like to keep them out but I am able to hide them with great concentration My father makes me keep them out when we are home, I am a slave... A pet for him to abuse and use as he sees fit...

Laying in the hospital bed was heaven for me... Although I knew they would kick me out soon, so I beat them to it. Getting up with a stumble over my own feet I got dressed in the little clothing that was given to me. A light blush crept up on my cheeks, whoever brought me here must have forgotten my outside clothes... Sliding the little piece of fabric through my legs I looked at myself, just some red panties were snug against my hip bones. I hated wearing this, it was like a uniform I had to wear to show I was trash. Luckily for me, there was a jacket lying on the counter. Naturally I took it, sliding it onto my shoulders and tying the straps tight against my slim figure. I really needed to eat something, or I wouldn't last much longer.

Since I was able to control only a small amount of sand at a time, I was slowly able to make a small hole on the side of the building. Enough to allow myself through it to the other side. Once that was accomplished I left to the only place I could go to... Home.

Getting home wasn't that difficult it was trying to not be seen by the public that proved to be hard. Sighing softly as I entered through the back door, softly shutting it behind me trying to not be heard. However, like always he knew I would try something like this and so I felt a big hand harshly land on my shoulder and I froze. My tail shot straight up as well as my ears, scared to death. "Gaara..." He growled low and fierce in my ear. "Y-yes?" I asked in my low and scared tone. "I see you've escaped from the hospital... Did you fear that they would kick a monster out?" He growled even lower as he said monster. Trembling under his hand I couldn't help but tear up, I nodded and bit my lip trying very hard to keep my emotions away. "Get up to my room and get in your position... I'll be up there shortly..."

Nodding and wanting to get away as quickly as possible I scrambled upstairs and into my fathers room dreading what was to come. Stripping off the jacket and folding it neatly on the floor I crawled on the blood stained floor in the corner of the room. This was my punishing corner, where I tried to kill myself at... It was still bloodied for I was unable to clean it yet. Placing my head on the floor with my hands behind my back, wrists crossed and on my knees I waited. My tail curling around my waist and my ears flattening against my head.

The noise I wish to never hear was heard, the door to this room opened. There were more than one pair of foot steps however and I feared he gathered my siblings in an attempt to punish both them and of course myself. A crack against the floor made me twitch as my father held a whip, his favorite whip full of little spikes that would leave deep scars in my pale skin. I tensed as the whip grazed down on my skin, I wanted to howl out in pain but knew that's what he wanted. I heard him growl when I didn't scream after the fifth time he lashed at me. Tears were streaming down my cheeks, I assumed he was satisfied with just that for I heard him chuckle low. "Temari!" He yelled scaring the teen.

"Y-yes father?" she studdered stepping forward. "Here." My ears fell flat almost trying to morphed with my hair. A lash ripped across my already bloodied skin and I could no longer hold it in, a scream irrupted from my sealed lips. "AHH!" As I yelled you could hear father laugh in excitement and joy at my pain. However you could hear Temari in pain as she struck my back and Kankuro's sharp intake of breath each time I was hit. "Again!" He yelled and forced my older sister to strike me once again, hitting right on my spine making me tilt my head back and collapse to the ground.

Breaking my pose from being punished resulted in more punishment that I did not need nor want. I knew this but was unable to stay still, my mouth was open with a silent scream trying to force it's way out. Father chuckled and patted his sister on the head dismissing her, I lay there eyes distant and fading. I didn't want to go unconscious knowing my father would do terrible things to try and wake me. However I couldn't fight it anymore, the loss of blood draining from my already weak body, I passed out.

I awoke to a pull on my nipples, as well as a stinging sensation. A vibration in places I didn't want vibrations. Sliding my eye lids up to see where I was, but knowing the while time. It was a place he always made me come to when he wanted... Some alone time with me. It was a secret room in the basement that no one knew about. Before he sealed most of my powers he made me create this room. He said it would be a safe room in case something ever happened to him and my siblings... I was only a child back then so I knew nothing of what to come. Clanks echoed through the room from the chains around my neck, wrists and ankles. I heard a shuffle of feet to the right of me and I looked towards it.

"Gaara... You've been a bad boy today." He chuckled holding a kunai and a cock ring. "I-I'm so-" I began to apologize but I guess he didn't like that to much because he swung the kunai near me, scratching from my left eye all the way down to my chin. I inhaled a sharp take of breath sounding like a hiss. "Do not speak unless I address you, monster." He spat at me. This time I did not talk, instead I glared at the floor cursing him in my mind. She smiled evilly and yanked on my chains making me stand. I groaned due to the pain in my back, I knew he didn't clean me up and just waited for me to bleed and hoping I would die from the loss of blood. I could die, as long as it was by his hands and his alone.

Guiding me to the bed in the room he sat down pulling me onto his lap. I now straddled my father, and we were about to commit an act that no father and son should do. He started lightly kissing at my neck... In a loving and caring way. Wiggling the vibrator that he shoved up my anus while I was unconscious I moaned out when he pulled it out of me, before my hole could close a little he shoved his cock right in fiercely "Ah!" I moaned and grasped at his shoulders trying to get used to the feel of him. He purposely put a smaller vibrator in so that I would still bleed some, and bleed I did.

Before I could even get used to his length and size he began moving, pulling his member out then back in in a fierce way. Bouncing me up and down on his cock, unable to do anything but moan and groan as the blood from my back and little hole mix making for the lube. Tears streamed down my cheeks as he began to growl. "Who's your master you little freak?!"

"Y-you are!" I cried hoping that this would end soon. He smirked and grabbed my hips tightly slamming me down hard on his member, the hole thing inside me all the way to the base. I arched my back my mouth opened wide with another silent scream. "Scream for me." He growled low in my ear digging his claws into the cuts on my back. I screamed at the pain and he was satisfied. He continued to slam me onto his cock and I was feeling close to release, of course he knew this as he slid the cock ring onto my member. I groaned at the fact I couldn't release all that was built up. He never let me cum, he left me to suffer in the house that was forever his... Like I was forever his.

He slid me off of him and forced me to my knees slapping his dick against my cheek. "Suck me off Gaara." He panted faintly. He knew I hated this and that I had one of the worse gag reflexes. I gulped as dry saliva tried to run down my throat. "Now." He commanded and I knew I had to obey if I ever wanted to see the light of day again. Slowly I opened my mouth and licked the tip. I was "rewarded" by him grasping my hair tightly and shoving his cock deep into my throat. "Nhh!" I tried to scream but only resorted to vibrating my mouth making him want more. Forcing me to bob my head on his member he tightened his hold, wanting me to suck and use my tongue properly. My eyes burned from all the tears that fell as I complied and started to suck as I bobbed my head up and down his length faster. Grasping the base with my left hand I started to pump, hard and fast. I heard him groan and tighten his hold, then in a split second he shoved my head down his length as far as it could go, then he shoved me down further and came deep in my throat. I gagged but was forced to swallow all of it. "Ahh~" He sighed and pushed me away from him, my lifeless body lied on the floor. He stepped on me as he passed and left through the secret door.

Curling up and hugging my legs close I broke down and cried harder than ever before wishing my life would be over and done with.

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