Chapter Five - Helpless

A twitching young blonde headed male was standing in front of the Third, a proud and michevous smile plastered on his whiskered face. "Ojii-san~" He rang out with ease at the disrespecting name toward the Hokage. "What ya call me in here for neh?" His smile widened at the thought that came to mind in turn his eyes got big and sparkly. "Oh! Do you have a special s-rank mission for me?!" His grin got impossibly bigger, the Third just sighed with a smirk and a shake of his head he spoke, "No Naruto. Although this is a mission. Some of the Sand nin have come to our land for our ade. And I have decided to help them out. Our village will protect them, your job is to show them around the village and tend to their needs. Understand? You will also act as the youngest ones' body guard." The Third commanded with such ease, knowing that in only a few moments the blonde will create a ruckus. "WHAT?! Why do I have to play with some other village kids?!" He pouted, crossing his arms across his chest in defiling annoyance.

"You will also be staying with them, in turn they will live right next door to you." The Third smiled as he gestered for the door to be opened. Pre-teen Naruto looked to the door, as his eyes widened in disbelief to what was really happening. "I have to look after them? By myself?" He pouted pointing to the young teens before him. "This is Temari, she is the oldest among them." Smiled the Third as the young four ponytailed blonde stepped foreward with her all knowing eyes and proud aura. "Hello." She spoke, as if she were the princess of a country. Naruto just nodded in her general direction. "Next is Kankuro." Said the third, as Kankuro stepped forward with a smaller male tightly gripping at his side. "Yo." Said the young brunette haired male, his squinted eyes smiled at him. Naruto smiled slightly back and nodded as well. "Finally, the youngest and one you will be protecting the most, is Gaara." At this said person peeked his frightened teal eyes from behind his bigger brothers shadow. Naruto's eyes widened some at the fear deep within. "But Third, how can I protect them when you know I have problems of my own." Naruto's eyes widened as he slapped his hands to his mouth. "What?" The Third said angrily. "Who's doing it Naruto. You must tell me." Getting up and walking to the boy, but said boy just shook his head and stepped back. "I-it's nothing I said nothing!" Running to the male Kankuro he hid behind him along side Gaara. "Come one Gaara," He smiled brightly. "I know a place you might like." And with that the young blonde took Gaara's small hand in his and ran for it.

"Naruto wait-!" Yelled the Third extending his hand out to nothingness as Naruto was already out the door with Gaara panting at his heels.

Now in the town, Gaara's small legs could no longer keep him up nor keep up with the blond male in front of him. tripping over a small piece of rock he collapsed to the ground. "Whoa!" Naruto exclaimed and turned around looking at the red head. "You ok?" He asked pushing some of the red strands from the pale face covered in dirt. Hurt teal eyes met with the bright captivising azure ones. "M'fine." Gaara rasped out trying with all his might to stand. "Here." Naruto smiled kneeling down for Gaara to climb on his back. He blushed some and lifted high enough to wrap his slender arms around the blonde's neck, said blonde hoisted Gaara up and locked his arms with Gaara's legs. "There!" He exclaimed and began to run down the dirt road.

Finally they were at the destination Naruto wanted to show Gaara. Gaara expected it to be a tresured place, one of hiding or some matter of the like, but he looked forward and saw a small Ramen stand. "What's this?" He asked although he already new the answer. "This is Ichiraku Ramen! The BEST Ramen in all of Konoha, in the WORLD for that matter." He smiled wide walking through the opening and placed Gaara on one of the stools. He then sat down next to the red head obviously excited as he twitched and thumped his foot against the concrete flooring. "Oi Naruto!" The owner smiled, greeting his favorite customer. "Who you got there?" Turning his squinted eyes to Gaara, said male blushed and hid behind the small locks as he looked down. "This is Gaara! I'm watching over him for a while hehe."

"Hn, Nice to meet you Gaara-kun. What would you both like?"

"Miso Ramen!" Naruto smiled brightly catching Gaara's undying attention. "And for your friend?"

"I don't think he's had ramen before, so he'll have the same as me." The smiled stayed on his face as the male pumped his fists, "Yosh! Alright wait one moment!" And then he started to go a little crazy with the ramen things that neigther Gaara nor Naruto understood very well. "So Gaara," The blonde started and turned his body to said male. "Hn?" Gaara asked, then his eyes widened some and flinched when Naruto moved his hand to Gaara's cheek. "What's wrong?" Naruto asked sliding his hand down to Gaara's chin lifting it so that he would look him in the eyes.

Although Gaara had a different idea, looking to the side averting his eyes. "Oi! Gaara! Look at me." Naruto pouted trying to get the red heads attention. Finally after Naruto got tired of waiting for the red head he glared slightly, and commanded Gaara look him in the eyes in which he complied. Frightened teal eyes once again met confused azure ones. "Gaara?" Naruto asked rubbing his cheek softly.

"Alright! Here are your orders!" The owner smiled placing two big bowls of ramen in front of the pre-teens. "AH!" Naruto smiled and clapped his hands together making Gaara flinch noticably. However the blonde didn't pay much attention for all he could think about was devouring the delicious food in front of him. "THANK YOU FOR THE FOOD." He exclaimed breaking his chop sticks and imediately grabbing some noodles and shoving them in his mouth. "Mmmh! So. Good!" He then turned his attention to the other person. "What's wrong?" Tilting his head some he looked at Gaara then to the ramen in front of him.

"How..." Gaara began biting his bottom lip almost to the point it started to bleed. "Oh here," Naruto smiled grabbing a pair of chop sticks and breaking them for Gaara, he then gave them to the red head. "Eat it with these, obviously."

Gaara nodded and copied Naruto's way of holding them. Although when he was about to grab some noodles one fell out of his hand, in turn making the other also fling out. "Tch.."

"Oi, Gaara~ Don't you know how to hold chopsticks?" Naruto again tilted his head and slurrped some noodles into his mouth and extended his hand out to show the red head. Said red head shook his head. "I forgot." Frowning he tried again. "How do you just forget?"

"Well, This is one of the first meals I will be eating... In a long time." Dipping his head down he was finally able to get a noodle in his mouth from the crooked chopsticks. "Whaaat?" Naruto questioned as he tilted the bowl and drank the juices at spilled over the rim and into his awaiting cavern.

"Food, wasn't something I was graced with growing up." A sideways glance to the blonde in awe at the speed in which he ate. Then a loud noise made him flinch again. "Oh? I was kinda the same. Until I was able to go to the academy." He then took the chopsticks from Gaara's hand and lifted a few noodles. "Here." He said nodding for Gaara to take the bite. A blush formed at his cheeks and he opened his mouth to take the noodles before him. "Mhh. This is good." He commented and faintly graced Naruto with a small smile. "Glad you also think so."

Just as they had their small moment, it came crashing down as a force was met with Naruto's head. "OW!" He yelled and grabbed his head where the hit was issued. "How dare you take Gaara from us!" A deep voice growled, Naruto peeked through slitted eyes as he saw Kankuro with his fist to his side and Temari cheking Gaara as if he harmed him. "Oi, I was taking him out to explore the town!" Naruto pouted. "Ya know, you should take us as well!" Kankuro exclaimed again as Temari sighed softly hugging Gaara close.

"Kankuro calm down, Gaara's not hurt." Said male slurrped at the juices from the bowl as Naruto had just done. Temari watching in facination. "Is it good?" She asked, Gaara in turn nodded placing the bowl down. "I'm full." He blushed some, Naruto looked at the bowl and was depressed when he saw that only a few noodles were missing and some juice. "You're not gonna finish?" He asked as Gaara extended his arms for Kankruo to pick him up, in which he obliged allowing the younger male to wrap his arms around his neck giving him a piggy back ride. Shaking his head he looked at Naruto. "Thanks for the food."

"Ah, hold up, I need to walk with you guys." Naruto sighed and finished Gaara's meal and paid Teuchi. "Come again!" Teuchi smiled and waved. "Sure will!" Naruto smiled and ran up to catch up to the sand nin's rushed pace. Gaara's eyes were drooping, but he willed himself to stay awake. However, the lack of peaceful sleep took it's toll, and with Shukaku sealed so tight that he was able to sleep, he closed his eyes and relaxed against his big brothers back falling into a deep slumber.

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