Yet another one-Shot. Songfic-ish. Depressing, short yet bittersweet. Enjoy! :)

Since you've been away I've been down and lonely

Cold couldn't even begin to describe how he felt right now. Cold was an understatement of the highest degree.

Since you've been away I've been thinking of you

Piercing, cold, freezing rain could only describe how he felt right now, burning his already flamed flesh with every drop. Oddly enough, that's what was falling on him as he sat on his stoop that bleak, deary November night.

Trying to understand The reason you left me

Frozen, bone-chilling, muscle-destroying opaque slush from the heavens, making his misery more and more painful by the second, wishing to evaporate into the depression and wisp into the air, fleeting from the Earth for eons, never to arrive again in his lifetime.

But it couldn't.

What were you going through?

At the moment however, a certain blond-haired friend of his sat next to him, holding an umbrella over his head.


Tell me why the road turns

He turned to look at her, his usually bright green eyes filled with joy and unbridled wisdom currently murky and dark, as if a paintbrush had painted over his normal demeanor in black and gray with a spot of green barely there.

"Hey, Helga."

As I look around I see things that remind me

The two sat in silence, listening to the wind huffing, puffing, circling around them with the greatest force imaginable.

"I uh, heard what happened with your grandpa."

An almost invisible tear ran down his cheek, indistinguible from the countless raindrops falling. A deep, heartbroken sigh emerged from him, confirming her deepest pain.

"I'm sorry."

Sometimes I've wondered

"I-I's not your fault." his voice cracked, tears and hours of not using it cracked it. Straining not to cry, "D-Don't worry."

Helga patted him on the back, lightly tapping it as if he was porcelain, and could break at any second.

I feel so broken hearted

"I'm here for you, football head." she whispered, her true undiluted feelings seeping though the best friend demeanor, "I care."

Cold clothes yet a warm body embraced her, a silent thank you of sorts for being there for him when her needed it.

There was so much you gave me

"I Love you."

Yeah, I'm aware that the song wasn't very appropriate (If you can guess it). And a cliffhanger of sorts. But screw it, I'm sleepy.

Yup, that was terrible. Right there. But considering I'm writing this at midnight when I'm supposed to be finishing my essay or sleeping, I guess it's ok.

Adios, mi Amigas! :)

(God, I must be tired. Trying to speak Spanish)