The next morning, Rose slept later than she ever had before, not even bothering to roll out of bed until the sun hit her face. She went into the kitchen, expecting it to be a ghost town.

Jack was at the stove, cooking bacon without a shirt. Mr. Callahan was at the table, reading the paper and sipping his coffee.

"What?" Rose said, rubbing her eyes.

"Good morning" Mr. Callahan said.

"Sleep well?" Jack asked.

Rose blinked several times.

"Am I dreaming?"

"Nope" Her father said, getting up. "We took the day off and decided to celebrate your birthday early. If you feel up to it."

"Um, sureā€¦" Rose said, tentatively hugging her father as he came over. When he left, she walked over to her brother, who was suddenly incredibly interested in the bacon.

"Put a shirt on, ya hoodlum" Rose said, punching her brother on the shoulder with her good hand before going to sit down. Jack smiled, then went to dig in one of the drawers, pulling out one of Rose's old hand sewn aprons and putting it on.

Rose spewed orange juice over the table in the sight of her eighteen year old brother in a frilly pink apron that barely covered his chest. Jack chuckled, returning to his bacon as Rose howled with laughter.

A knock sounded at the door, and Action crept in, followed by what Rose guessed were Tony and Baby John. She instantly felt shy, wiping up the orange juice on the table and blushing.

"Boys, this is my kid sister, Rose. You look out for her, you hear?" Jack growled, hiding the apron behind his back and instantly falling into his Diesel persona. Action and Tony avoided Rose's eyes, but John smiled and crept slightly closer to her. Rose liked his eyes. They were a nice blue. Not as nice as her Puerto Rican's though.

"You boys look hungry." Rose said, breaking off her thoughts before they went too far. She went to the fridge and got out a loaf of bread and some milk. They took the food shyly.

"Well, what would you like to do today, Rose?" Their father said after they ate in silence for a while.

"I don't know." Rose replied, perplexed.

"I was thinking we could take her to go see the new picture that's out. She's never seen one, and I haven't been in a while." John spoke up.

"Picture?" Rose asked.

"Y'know, film? Your brother's talkin' about the new one with that hot rod in it." Action said.

"Paul Newman." Baby John said quietly.

"That's it. Boy is he slick." Action replied.

Rose shrugged. "Alright. Sounds like a time, when?"

Jack took the paper from their father and searched for the showtimes.

"If we hurry, we can make the 11:00. Or, we can take Rose out for a treat and hit the 1:00." Jack said. Everyone looked at Rose, who blushed.

"What's the treat entail?" She asked, surprised to find herself embarassed.

"I was thinking you'd get to pick out your birthday gift from dad and I, then we'd all go to Doc's for a coke." Jack replied. Their Father and the other boys nodded their approval.

"Um... All right then. I don't know why you're making such a fuss, Jack. It's just another birthday." Rose said in assent.

"I always do something nice for my little sister on her birthday." Jack lied with a wink. Rose frowned.

"I could tell your friends some of the things you've done on my birthday, Jack Callahan. But you're lucky i'm a right proper lady and won't." Rose said snarkily as she got up from the table and went to her room to dress.

"A right firecracker you've got there, Diesel..." Action said. Tony nodded.

"But she's right about one thing..." Jack sighed.

"That she's a right proper lady?" Baby John asked, immediately blushing when the others looked at him.

"Never you fellas mind." Jack said, giving Baby John a noogie. "Let's just take the lady out and have a day."