Her hand groped the nightstand for the alarm clock, blaring loudly. She attempted to press the snooze button, but accidentally nicked the off button instead and knocked her her glasses off as well. With a quick glance at the time and a groan, Amelia forced herself out of bed. The sound of Gustav Holst's Jupiter rang through the apartment in an attempt to wake herself up. As the rain started to fall faster, she started to move faster as well. The London Underground would be busier than normal because of the rain, and if she wanted to get to work on time, she would have to leave early to beat the masses. With a black pencil skirt, white blouse, blue cardigan, and a black coat, Amelia rushed out the flat and down the stairs of her building hoping to get to work on time.

As she shambled into the historic underground of her new place of work, her long, curly brown hair was almost completely dry. Her black oxfords led the way towards the coat rack closest to her desk, allowing her to discard her coat.

"Good morning Amelia," a voice said behind her.

"George, good morning," she smiled, turning towards her desk.

"So how bad was the tube?" He questioned, following her.

"Horrid. Swarms of people who are in nasty moods from the rain," she answered.

She moved quickly to stow he purse in her desk and turn around to face the man she was conversing with. George was a man of average height, with a bit of a gut. His black hair looked to be thinning, but he still held a smile on his face.

"I assume a nice hot early grey would put you in a cheery mood," he hinted, nudging her with his elbow.

"Actually yes, I would love nothing more. I think that'll be one thing that salvages my morning," Amelia grinned.

George was basically my mentor, the only father figure in my life. He knew this and always tried to help when he could.

"So how is Julie?" Amelia asked curiously.

"Her tenth birthday is coming up. All she talks about is either wanting a pony or a cell phone," he laughed, leading the way towards the closest kitchenette.

"I say get her involved with tech at a young age. It's a magnificent field to be in," she added.

As the neared towards the kitchenette her steps started to slow down. Grinning, George pulled her to his stride.

"It's just Q," he whispered to her, flashing her a suggestive smile.

"Shut up George," she murmured.

George stood off to the side and watched as she attempted to be graceful.

"Good morning Amelia," Q greeted.

"Good Morning Q," she replied quietly, keeping her eyes to her task at hand.

The kettle boiled as Amelia searched the cupboards for an Earl Grey tea bag. After a brief search, she came up empty handed and left to settle with something else.

"I think I took the last Earl Grey. Sorry," Q apologized, startling her.

"That's alright. I'll just have this today," Amelia responded, her mood becoming a bit somber.

Without even looking at the tea bag, she opened the pouch and slipped it into a mug. As if on cue, the shrill siren of the kettle went off in the kitchenette. Q moved towards the kettle and poured his cup, quickly dashing away as soon as he set the kettle down.

"We'll that was adorable," George smirked as he sauntered into the kitchenette.

"That was not adorable, it was a bit awkward," she cantered, pouring the boiling water into the mug I front of her.

"So, what are you drinking?" He inquired.

"Uh, peppermint. At least the morning won't be too bad," Amelia thought out loud.

"Right we'll, we should hurry up. We wouldn't want the Quatermaster disappointed with us for being tardy," he quipped.

All Amelia could do is send him a dirty look as they hurried back to the Quatermaster Branch office.

The two spent the rest of the work day at their respective desks busy with the work set out for them. As the workday came to an end Amelia's workload hadn't let up.

"Are you planning on leaving anytime soon?" George inquired.

He was ready to go with his coat and hat already on and briefcase in hand.

"No, I still have quite a bit of code to go through. Hopefully when I'm done the rush hour will be over the traffic on the tube will be lighter," Amelia replied, forcing a smile.

"Chin up, you won't be alone and tomorrow is Saturday," he told her in hopes of a real smile finding its way to her face.

"I suppose your right. I'll see you on Monday then. Have a good weekend," she responded, focusing back on the screen in front of her.

"You too," he said, briskly walking towards the hall way to leave the underground quarters of MI6.

From the front of the room that Amelia was in sat another, running over the same lines of code over and over only to be frustrated with the results. In an attempt to clear his mind, Q left the findings and strode out for a quick walk. Before he was completely clear of the desk groupings he had noticed a familiar coat still on the rack next to his; causing the corners of his mouth to curve into a smile.

She broke her attention away from her monitor and closed her eyes. Amelia let out a sigh and ran a hand through her curls. As she was about to return to her tedious work she noticed a new mug on her desk with a note underneath it.

Sorry again that I took the last one this morning. - Q

After reading the note she couldn't help but smile, taking the hot cup of Early Grey into her hands. Unknown to her, Q had see the smile and couldn't help but smile himself.

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