Breaking Wonderland: Though the Looking Glass

BTAS (Batman Animated Series)

(Series 3 of Breaking Wonderland:) Mad Hatter is back in Arkham and Alice is out and about in Gotham. Will Jervis be able to stay in Arkham or will something or someone persuade him otherwise.

This is my third Arc of Breaking Wonderland series. First being Breaking Wonderland and second being Breaking Wonderland: Alice in Chains. So yes this is not just a sequel but a Triology.. so far. So I HIGHLY recommend readers to read the first two fan fictions first before moving on with this one. Because you'll be completely lost and that's the reason why. OKAY! Well not that that's over I hope you enjoy my third. Reviews of all types are favorable, thanks.

Chapter 1: Confusion

The sound of loud buzzing rang out of a small modern alarm clock. A dark skinned woman sat up as she reached for her alarm. She pressed the button as she muffled a yawn. She moaned as she got out of bed and stretched her neck which ached. She made her way towards the bathroom. She turned on the faucet as she brought out a face wash. She started to gently rub her face with the silky white cream. Suddenly her cell phone started ringing. She sighed annoyed at the fact someone was calling so early in the morning. She bent down and rinsed her face, splashing water gently rubbing her hands against her skin. The phone continued to persistently ring. She dried her face quickly and rushed over toward the phone.

"Yes?" the woman answered irately.

"Amanda, have you seen the news? Is your TV on?" a co-worker's voice asked, his tone was hinting that it was urgent.

"No... hold on," Amanda said as she reached for her remote and turned on her room's televisions. She switched it quickly to the local news as she sat on the edge of the bed.

The light of the TV flashed upon her face as the news anchor spoke.

"It seems Batman was busy yesterday as not one but three of Arkham's notorious criminals was captured yesterday. It included a great number of hostages which involved a cruise ship and a young woman who was found in an old dog food factory-"

A few weeks later a blonde woman with wide blue eyes sat in front of a wooden desk, which belonged to her therapist, Dr. Amanda Richardson. There was an awkward silence between the two as Dr. Richardson wrote vigorously on her notepad. The blonde woman looked down towards her side trying hard not to grind her teeth as she gripped onto her armrests tightly.

"Alice..." Dr. Richardson addressed as she looked up at her seriously. Alice sat there quietly as she looked up at Dr. Richardson briefly. "Alice? Are you listening to me?" Dr. Richardson tried again. Alice looked up her eyes bright, slightly glossy.

"Yes, I'm listening," Alice said meekly. The girl had an unusual high pitch voice with a slight nasal like squeak.

"You seem very stand-offish lately, ever since that day you were taken hostage. Yet you refuse to disclose much information on the events that happened that day," Dr. Richardson tried her best to talk softly. "Alice if we ever want to make any real progress you need to be honest and open with me," she tried once again. Alice turned her head and looked away.

"It's just... I know what you're going to say," Alice finally responded. Her face expression sadden. "You want to ask me about what happened but I've told you already. I was taken captured by the Scarecrow and he had me tied up and wrapped me in chains hovering above some strange liquid," Alice said strongly. Dr. Richardson sat back trying hard not to get irritated.

"Yes, you've told me that already, however, it was stated on the police report that you were found by Batman, you were embracing the Mad Hatter, Alice," Dr. Richardson spoke clearly. "Why were you hugging him?" she asked again seriously. Alice closed her eyes as she sighed, she was quiet for a moment before she opened them once again.

"He saved me," Alice replied simply. "He saved me from the Scarecrow and I was grateful," Alice clarified.

"The last time I checked people don't just suddenly hug and forgive someone who tried to brainwash them two years ago. Why the sudden change of heart? What are you not telling me Alice," Dr. Richardson pushed. Alice let out a small high pitch moan, she was torn. Alice didn't want to admit that she had feelings for Jervis Tetch even though he is the Mad Hatter and he may not be legally sane. She knew if she divulged that she would be seeing Dr. Richardson twice a week instead of only once. Though a part of Alice wanted to give in, make her peace and wish for the best for the upcoming therapy sessions.

"It's just..." she started. "I mean... I just reacted," Alice let out. "I mean I was really flattered that someone would go face to face with Scarecrow, risking their life for me. It made me feel special," Alice rambled amazed of the words that came out of her mouth. Yes it was true she did feel special and worthy and yet that was not the real reason why she hugged him. She had managed to keep the truth hidden from Dr. Richardson and she felt quite pleased with herself.

"Perhaps in his eyes you are special, though that doesn't excuse the fact that he's a dangerous man," Dr. Richardson spoke as she wrote down on her notepad. "Perhaps it's time that you've considered broadening your horizons," Dr. Richardson steered. Alice tilted her head confused.

"What do you mean?" she questioned.

"Remember a while back, I suggested you to start courting, seeing other men, to help you get over Billy," Dr. Richardson inspected Alice, contemplating her reaction. The corner of Alice's mouth twitched lightly.

"Yes," Alice replied.

"Well perhaps you may have over-reacted when Mad Hatter came to your rescue. Though, it's dangerous to give Mad Hatter the illusion of you having feelings for him. He may take it the wrong way. If you had taken my suggestion about dating when I first mentioned it, you may have not over-reacted, leaving you in the predicament you're in now. Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you, Alice?" Dr. Richardson eyed Alice seriously. Alice wanted to stand up and yell at Dr. Richardson's face stating that she does in fact have feelings for him and she doesn't care what she or anyone else thinks. Though instead she just nodded. "What I'm saying Alice is that well you may very well be in danger. If Mad Hatter ever breaks out of Arkham again you may have reason to worry," Dr. Richardson added. Alice did her best to look worried, as she let out a big over done frown. A part of her wanted to start laughing knowing how silly she must looked at the moment but didn't.

"I understand Dr. Richardson," Alice simply responded.

"Good, I'm just concerned for your safety, Alice," Dr. Richardson said as she brought out a piece of chocolate and handed it to Alice. "I'll see you next week," Dr. Richardson said as she gathered her belongings. Alice unwrapped her chocolate as she exited the office. She threw the wrapper in the trash and hurriedly made her way out.

Alice made her way toward the monorail, walking casually, humming to herself. She felt nervous wondering how long before Dr. Richardson would find out about the truth of what really happened. The truth of how Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy tricked her into thinking they were Arkham staff, and taking their advice, or all the moments she shared with Jervis. Alice was tired of being lied too, especially by the notorious criminals and inmates of Arkham. Alice decided to head toward the public library she needed to do some research.

-Yep the first few chapters probably going to be small and slow as usual gradually getting longer, stay tuned-