Breaking Wonderland: Though the Looking Glass

BTAS (Batman Animated Series)

(Sequel to Breaking Wonderland: Alice in Chains) Mad Hatter is back in Arkham and Alice is out and about in Gotham. Will Jervis be able to stay in Arkham or will something or someone persuade him otherwise.

Slow Chapter, Sorry bout that.

Chapter 14: A Taste

Dick placed down the phone. He had just finished informing his associates that he needed to postpone his trip back home until a few more days. He closed his eyes it was a long time since he felt this guilty.

The Bat Signal shined in the night sky as Batman made his way towards Commissioner Gordon.

"Alone tonight?" Commissioner Gordon asked.

"For the time being," Batman smirked. Commissioner Gordon sighed.

"Been busy finding most of Arhkam's inmates. However, the notorious ones... well they're hiding out pretty good," Commissioner Gordon commented.

"I'm going to busy the following weeks," Batman acknowledged. "They show... they always do," Batman said surely.

"Yeah I know," Commissioner agreed. Batman took out a chemical chart from the sample he took out off of Nightwings boots. "What's this?" Commissioner asked.

"It's part of a water sample. Chemicals found in ocean water have been found in Alice's apartment. Also her pet is gone, when it's a indoor pet and no signs of burglary or open windows before that" Batman said.

"Yeah Bullock told me he ran into you guys there," Commissioner remembered.

"It's not much proof, however there's something not right about Alice's disappearance," Batman said as he started to turn.

"I know..." Commissioner replied looking down at the chart. "This might able to keep the search for her for a couple of more days. Though after that we can't afford to keep our resources on a search party," Commissioner said though Batman was already gone.

Alice sat on the wooden floor, waiting silently in the dark, as she played with Dinah with a key and string. The moon would peek through the clouds and shine beams of light within the window, bringing in light in oddly timed waves. She needed to keep Dinah occupied or Jervis' mice might end up as snacks for Dinah. A sound of a car pulling up made Alice nervous the engine rolled to stop and soon the sound of car door opening and closing meant that Jervis recovery of his car went well. The sound of steps and a jiggle of a key and the door unlocked. The handle turned and door creaked open.

"I'm back Alice..." he paused. "Why are you sitting here in the dark?" he asked suddenly. He closed the door and flipped the switch. The light shinned and Jervis' apartment looked his typical place. He turned to lock the door, all six locks he had bolted on. Alice stood up and smiled.

"I'm glad everything went okay," Alice said with a smile. "I was keeping Dinah entertained, while you were gone," she continued as she placed the string and key by a small table by a chair. Jervis sighed as he looked down at his pet mice. He really liked his mice though Alice's cat might get the best of them one day and he knew it.

"I know," he sighed as he leaned over and closed the curtains. Dinah walked under the small table and curled herself up and started purring.

"So..." Alice started feeling awkward. Jervis turned red as he stared back at Alice. At last he was with Alice, finally the girl of his dreams in his home, happy and not brainwashed. But now that she was here, he honestly didn't know what to do nor how to act, he was increasingly becoming nervous.

"Uhh," he let out as she rubbed his arm. Alice giggled for a bit and turned.

"How about some dinner," Alice suggested.

"Dinner sounds absolutely lovely," he said excited finally as the ice was broken. Jervis placed down his keys on the table by the door and followed Alice across the room. Alice made her way to the fridge and opened it. Jervis closed his eyes as the fridge was nearly empty. He immediately turned red as Alice's face reflected her thoughts. "Oh boy," she said as she closed it. "I guess you weren't expecting guest," she said as she made her way to his cabinets. She opened them and found some moldy bread, a tipped over cereal box, and brand new mayonnaise. Alice's face expression once again reflected her thoughts as she tried hard not to look back. Jervis squished his eyes he was too embarrassed to look as she made her way and opened the rest. Eventually she found something as she let out an excited, "Ah-ha!"

"Look you have some rice and a can of mixed veggies," Alice said happily. Jervis opened his eyes, honestly surprised she found edible food. She brought out a pot filled it with water turned on the stove and started boiling the rice. She grabbed a plate and covered it using it as a lid. Jervis scratched the back of his head letting out a long sigh.

"I must admit I'm a bit...embarrassed...I'm sorry I don't have any food to provide you," he rambled. "I swear! I'll buy some more tomorrow at the crack of dawn," he added quickly. Alice laughed.

"It's alright, Jervis," Alice said lightly until her eyes widen as she rushed across the room. "Dinah no!" she yelled as she grabbed her kitten that was leaning against the terrarium where the mice was held. She grabbed Dinah and smacked her hard on the paw. "No no no, Dinah! Bad!" she scolded. This time she turned red as she frowned.

"I'm sorry Jervis, Dinah's been well..." she didn't know how to tell him dying to eat your mice in a nice way. Jervis grabbed a box and placed it on top of the terrarium, leaving a small slit so they could still breathe.

"There...settled," he said happily.

"That's a relief," Alice said as she placed Dinah down again. Jervis let out a small sigh staring at Alice. Alice looked up and smiled back as she looked away nervously turning a light shade of pink. She placed her hands behind her back and started twisting.

"Alice... I.." he started and pushed his bangs back as he looked away nervously. Suddenly hollowed thumps of footsteps made Jervis looked back at Alice who was only inches away as she leaped at him kissing him passionately, wrapping her arms around his neck. His eyes widen stepping back losing his balance as he looked around for anything to hold on to keep him from not falling. His hand made contact with something painful. His eyes darted towards the pain, it was the corner of the table where his mice was on top of. Then suddenly he felt his car keys as he kept stepping back grasping onto the table. Though the constant dancing of Alice's tongue with his was increasingly making him lose all train of rational thought. His body temperature had risen. His body felt heavy and his breath deepened. He banged against the door and jumped a bit before closing his eyes giving in to the moment. Finally Alice unwrapped her arms and stepped slowly back opening her soft blue eyes. Jervis opened his gulping his face crimson.

"I'm sorry," she breathed out. "I don't know what came over me..." she apologized taking another step back. He cleared his throat as he pushed himself off the door.

"It''s quite... oh what am I saying?" he scolded himself and grabbed her cheeks returning the favor. Alice squeaked in shock for moment before throwing her arms around his neck once again. He tried to let go of her cheeks yet they were stuck between her arms that wrapped around his neck. Though after some determination they pulled out of Alice's grasp. What am I doing? It's like I lost all control of bodily movement. He thought as he noticed where his hands were moving to. The sound of the plate breaking suddenly tore them apart. They both looked to see what happened. The plate that was covering the pot of rice was now on the floor shattered. Water was boiling out of the pot causing a mess around the stove.

"Oh shoot," Alice let out as she rushed to the stove and lowered the temperature. Jervis shook his head turning increasingly red as he sat down on his chair increasingly getting nervous. He grabbed a pillow quickly and placed it on his lap. Alice pulled out a spoon and stirred the rice. She let out a long sigh. "The rice is halfway done," she said turning back around and leaned up against the counter. Alice hummed to herself as she finished cooking her meal. Minutes later she brought two bowels filled them with rice placed the mixed vegetables on top of them and placed them on the table. She brought out some spoons and and glasses and poured themselves some orange juice as that's all there was in the fridge. "Dinner's ready!" Alice announced happily. Jervis smiled and made his way toward the table. His stomach growled as he smelt the food. It was actually satisfying or perhaps he was just really hungry.

Alice sat across him as they ate. She was smiling the whole time as she scooped into her dinner. Jervis coughed his mind was still on kissing and he didn't know how to get his brain to change wavelengths.

"Is it okay if I turned on the news?" Alice asked as she looked at him expectantly.

"Sure go on right ahead, my dear," he exhaled happily. Finally something to keep his mind off from kissing and other things his body wanted to do. Alice walked forward and turned on the television.

"It's been almost twenty four hours since the bombing incident at the Gala, and while most people are okay with some minor injuries. Other are still hospitalized but in stable condition," the news anchor reported. Jervis started to feel his appetite slipping as he started to quickly stuff the rest of the food in his mouth, before it left completely. Alice kept eating calmly as she stared at the screen. "However, there is still no news on the missing woman, Alice Pleasance who has been seen with Gotham's Mystery Bachelor on the newspapers just days ago," she continued. This time Alice's spoon started to raise a lot slower than the last. "Only a shoe was found this morning and it still might be possible that young woman who fell out of the boat, may have never made it shore," the anchor said simply. Both Jervis and Alice dropped their spoons.

"I think it's best if I turn it off," Jervis said as he walked over and turned it off quickly. Alice stared into space quietly. Jervis made a nervous face as he walked up to Alice slowly. "Alice, my dear are you alright?" he asked. Alice just blinked, it was as if she was under a microchip again. "Alice..." he said placing a hand on her shoulder. Alice jerked startled as she stood up.

"I'm alright... I'm just tired," she said grabbing their bowls and taking them to the sink. Jervis stared at Alice he knew she wasn't alright but he didn't know how to console her in this situation. Don't worry Alice I'm sure they'll know you're not dead? He gulped there was nothing he could say to make her feel better. She washed the dishes silently as Jervis played with his mice making them run in circles in a line. Alice giggled as she saw Jervis play with his mice. He turned a bright shade of red as he took off his mind controlling headband. "I forgot my nightgown," Alice said sadly as she looked off toward the side sheepishly. His eyes widen.

"I-I uhh," he paused trying to get a grip of himself. He shook his head. "Of course sleepwear!" he bellowed out loud to himself. Alice looked at him strangely as he walked across the room and toward one his drawers. He opened the top one his eyes searching, his mind racing. He didn't have a nightgown. He didn't even have an extra set of pajamas either. What was he going to give her? He brought out a white business button up blouse and turned. "This... is all I have," he said sadly. Alice titled her head and frowned.

"It's okay," she said sweetly as she took the blouse. She made her way toward the bathroom closing the door. Jervis gulped this was his first night with Alice in his apartment. He needed to decide where to sleep, his mind wandered toward... dirtier thoughts but he shook them away. He needed to be a gentleman, he couldn't risk blowing his shot with Alice now. He grabbed a pillow and a extra sheet off his bed. He brought them to the his chair and sat down. He curled himself up hugging his pillow as he leaned against it. It's going to be a long night.