Breaking Wonderland: Though the Looking Glass

BTAS (Batman Animated Series)

(Sequel to Breaking Wonderland: Alice in Chains) Mad Hatter is back in Arkham and Alice is out and about in Gotham. Will Jervis be able to stay in Arkham or will something or someone persuade him otherwise.

Chapter 6: Snap Shot

Alice sat across Dick in a fancy restaurant. It felt like she was on a date with Billy all over again. Which was strange because Dick had a lot of Billy's good traits. She sighed wondering why Billy could have been more like Dick.

"What's wrong?" Dick asked as he took a bite out of his roast beef. Alice looked down.

"I don't know... I just can't place it," she said looking at her sparkling white wine. Dick perked a brow, his face expression made it obvious that he didn't believe her. Alice rolled her eyes and sighed. "Okay well-" she elongated. Dick grabbed his wine and took a big swallow."You remind me a lot like my late husband Billy," she said honestly. Dick gulped then started coughing. Alice's eyes widen with concern. "Are you alright?" she asked. Dick nodded.

"Yeah- sorry about that," he said taking a deep breath. "I'm alright," he reassured. Alice smiled. "Billy, huh?" Dick asked. Alice nodded. "Is it okay if I ask how so?" he questioned. Alice shrunk in her chair becoming uncomfortable.

"Well you remind me of him, when we first started dating," Alice began, her voice was higher pitch than usual. "He was so nice and caring," she continued. "Then some days well- he wasn't so much," she added with a shrug. Dick nodded.

"Well, that's too bad, he didn't realize what he had," Dick said sincerely. Alice blushed with such a compliment.

"So how long are you going to be in Gotham?" she asked curiously. Dick stayed quiet.

"Just a little after Wayne's Gala," he said as a matter of fact.

"Oh," Alice said sadly. Dick frowned feeling sympathetic.

"Its... just I work someplace else," he added. Alice nodded, not looking any better. "I mean it's not easy what I do for a living and well it doesn't give me a lot of personal time," he spoke solemnly. Alice continued to look down. "I hope I-" he paused. He didn't know what to say. He did really like Alice, she was a nice girl but he didn't have serious feelings for her. "Alice, I like you. You're a nice girl but times like these they don't come very often for me," he said looking sad. "So for the time being can we try make the best of it," he said sadly. Alice was quiet for a while, her face expression sad. But then she let out a long sigh and smiled.

"I understand," she started. "It must be hard having a job that requires so much of your time. It must be really important," she said, admired by his honesty. Dick blushed before smiling himself.

"Thanks," he said happily. Alice smiled as she took a sip of wine.

"It's no problem really," she consoled. "I'm glad you're honest with me. It's really hard to find men with your virtue," she admired. Dick blushed a deep crimson he wasn't very good at handling compliments.

"So ready for that Gala?" Dick asked changing the subject to something lighter. Alice inhaled.

"Not really," she replied, her tone full of angst.

"Really, why not?" he asked interested.

"Oh, well where to begin," she paused. "Well, first off I don't even have a dress for it, nor shoes," she added. "Secondly I don't even know how to dance that well. I mean what do you even dance at a Gala?" she asked seriously. Dick's face went blank.

"I think a waltz," he said unsure. Alice sighed and Dick chuckled.

"Don't worry it won't be too bad," he reassured.

"Yeah but-" she started.

"And don't worry about the dress or shoes, I'll get you some," he said. Alice's eyes widen.

"Really?" she asked seriously.

"Sure, I got friends in high places," he reminded. Alice chuckled because she knew it was true.

It was a dark and silent night, the stars were out and the crickets chirped. Near the outskirts of town laid a quiet circus tent. Only a few performer's were out near a bonfire drinking as they chat merrily with one another. The person who was wearing a trench coat walked quietly passed them ignoring them as if they weren't there. The shadowy figure made their way toward a well decorated trailer and knocked loudly. The door swung open and a woman with blue eyes and blonde pigtails was inside looking outside confused. Her eyes widen as she saw the the person at her door, she smiled.

"Red?" she asked and the shadowy figure nodded. "Come on in!" Harley squealed happily as she moved aside letting Ivy come in the small dimly lit trailer. Harley closed the door happy to see her red-headed friend.

"Doing well?" Ivy asked as she examined the trailer. Harley shrugged.

"I'm doing okay," Harley replied.

"Good," she said as she took off her coat and made herself comfortable.

"So, why the late night visit?" Harley asked as she grabbed her drink and turned off her radio. Ivy smirked.

"Oh, just wondering what you've been up to," Ivy replied casually. Harley smiled.

"Awe, so you do care, Red!" Harley said happily as she ran toward Ivy and gave her a tight squeeze. Ivy half hugged her back, with a small smile.

"Well someone has too," Ivy said bitterly. Harley sat across from Ivy.

"Hey my puddin' cares! He's just... in Arkham... alone and pitiful and very upset with me," Harley added.

"Well what did you expect you're the reason why he's back in Arkham," Ivy said seriously. Harley frowned.

"I know..." Harley replied dully. "That's why I'm just letting Mr. J cool off a bit," Harley said with a half shrug. Ivy perked a brow.

"You're planning on breaking him out aren't you?" Ivy asked though it was more a like a comment.

"Yep!" Harley replied happily. "I at least owe him that much!" Ivy rolled her eyes.

"Change of subject," Ivy started. "I thought you might be interested in our little project Alice," Ivy continued enthusiastically. Harley's eyes widen.

"Really? How is our little gal?" Harley asked. Ivy scoffed as she pulled out a photo and tossed it on the table near her. Harley leaned over as she titled her head to get a better look. It was a picture of Dick and Alice eating at a fancy restaurant. Harley's jaw dropped.

"You're kiddin'?" Harley asked. Ivy shook her head.

"Took the picture myself," Ivy said impressed with herself. Harley titled her head even more.

"Wow... he's good lookin'," Harley let out. Ivy rolled her eyes.

"That's all you have to say?" Ivy scolded. Harley giggled.

"Well it's true! Hubba hubba!" Harley replied. Then she took a better look at the picture, a memory flashed in her head. "Wait a sec-" Harley observed. "I think I saw them here a few days ago!" Harley revealed. Ivy furrowed her brows.

"What do you mean?" Ivy asked.

"They were here in the big top!" Harley yelled. Ivy looked confused. "I was one of the acrobats in the show," Harley added. Ivy nodded, but still looked confused.

"And so?" Ivy finally urged. Harley sat back and crossed her arms.

"That's it," she said simply. Ivy scoffed.

"So what are we going to do? All that time and work we did planning to get those two together, are we going to let it all go down the drain?" Ivy asked Harley who pursed her lips.

"Nope," Harley said as she stood up and refilled her drink with something stronger. "Want one?" Harley offered and Ivy shook her head. "How 'bout we break Jervis out too," Harley suggested. Ivy coughed.

"What do you mean?" Ivy asked. Harley shrugged and sat across Ivy again.

"Well when we break out puddin' we'll break out Jervy too," Harley replied. Ivy looked off toward the side for a moment.

"What if he doesn't want to come with us?" Ivy asked. "I mean he might still be angry with us," Ivy pointed out. Harley frowned.

"Hmmm," she thought. "Oooh ooh I know!" she said excitedly. Ivy gave her, her undivided attention. "We'll give him a reason to escape," Harley said with a devious grin. Ivy grinned too, understanding where she was going. "Plus he doesn't need to know we're the ones behind the break out," Harley added.

"Well if we break out the Joker he'll obviously think we're the ones behind it," Ivy pointed out. Harley stayed quiet.

"Oh yeah," she said sadly. Ivy suddenly grabbed Harley's drink and took a big swallow. Harley's eyes widen. "Hey!" she said playfully. Ivy smirked, then so did Harley. "Next time Red say yes, won't ya'," Harley teased.

"Well maybe we might have to help other inmates as well," Ivy started. Harley tilted her head.

"You mean?" Harley asked.

"Yes a mass break out, chaotic and messy," Ivy mused. Harley's smile broaden.

"Sounds like fun," Harley replied with a huge smile.

Ivy made her way towards the Gotham's Post it was a newspaper that she knew the Asylum got every morning. It wasn't hard to get passed security though it was hard to get the writer of Gotham's Most Eligible Bachelors to publish the article and post the picture. Though after some rough persuasion she got the writer to publish it, and post the article every day of that week. Just in case he didn't see it the following days.

Meanwhile Harley had the guts to contact the Joker. Who was still very upset with her though after sneaking in a few of his favorite toys and hinting of vacation some time in the near future. Joker replied back, with a smiley face. Even the Joker knew when to seemingly shut his mouth when it came to Harley. Ivy and Harley stayed up late the next following nights planning for their remarkable break out. Arkham wouldn't even know what hit them.