The Adventures of Jack and Bunnymund

Here's the 8th set! :D Hope you guys like them!

Put the Caffeine down Jack

Walking through Warren, Bunnymund found Jack sitting near a few pine trees with a completely spaced out expression and a lopsided grin on his lovely face.

"Jack, you alright?" he asked, a bit cautiously.

Jack turned to face his boyfriend with a wide smile, "The pine trees are waving at me."

"You need to lay off the caffeine Frostbite." Bunnymund said as he bent down and threw Jack over his shoulder and began to walk back to his hut.

"Hi trees!"


Bunnymund was at North's work shop, but he was feeling very uneasy. He left Jack all by himself at Warren and he had this bad feeling crawling up his spine.

Sure enough, one of his eggs dashed towards him with a message from Jack, it read…

'Jackasaurus has found a new a new cave to eat all the Easter eggs he has captured!'

Sighing heavily, Bunnymund turned to North, "Sorry North, I'mma have to come back later, I need to get Jack away from Red Bull and out from under the bed."

Vampires and Hitler

Jack and Bunnymund were getting ready to go to bed one night in Warren. Jack cuddled against his Kangaroo's side and clutched some of the fur on the Pooka's chest. Bunnymund wrapped an arm around the winter spirits lithe figure and closed his eyes, ready to welcome sleep.

"Hey Kangaroo?"


"Why didn't Edward and the Cullen's just kill Hitler?"

"You need to stop watching Twilight with Tooth."

Jack and the Zoo

Bunnymund was cleaning his armor when Jack walked in and sat on his lap, initiating a cuddle fest.

Bunnymund kissed the top of Jack's snowy colored hair, and sighed happily. Jack nuzzled his face in the Pooka's warm fur and tightened his hold around the warrior rabbit's neck.

Jack suddenly remembered what he was here for in the first place and shifted so he can look at his boyfriend's face.

"Oh! I got banned from the zoo today."


Feeling Majestic

Bunnymund returned to Warren after a long day of delivering Easter to the children of the world.

He expected Jack to be there but instead found 7 empty cans of Monster and candy wrappers along with a note that read…

'Going to the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago, if I don't survive I want to thank you for the candy. I am majestic.'

Bunnymund sighed heavily and walked out once more to retrieve Jack.

Best Boyfriend Once More

The four Guardians were seated around the dining table, enjoying a nice hearty breakfast and chatting with one another, that's when a groggy looking Jack entered the area.

"Oh! So you found him! Good job Bunny!" Tooth exclaimed, happy to see that the winter spirit survived the Gay Pride Parade.

"Yup…" Jack said, he clambered over to Bunnymund and plopped himself down on the warrior rabbit's lap.

"Thanks for finding me and bringing me home, and putting me in bed. The pillow fort you built around me is appreciated too!" he said, laying his head down on the Pooka's should and pressing a kiss to the side of his neck.

Bunnymund just chuckled, kissing Jack's head softly.

Bird Watching

"There is NOTHING better than watching a kid being chased by an emu."

Bunnymund just rolled his eyes and returned to painting his eggs.

Hit the Jackpot

Bunnymund came over to the North Pole by request of Jack, who said he wanted to talk to the Pooka about something important.

"North, you know where Jack is?" the warrior rabbit asked as he approached the jolly swordsman.

"I think he's in his room"

"Thanks mate," hopping his way to Jack's room, he knocked and the snow spirit answered the door.

Kissing the snow spirit as a greeting before speaking "So what did you—"he cut himself off when Jack began to strip his clothes off.

"You honestly thought I wanted you to come over to talk?"


That's all for now folks! Don't worry there will be more!